Dragon's Lair 3D review
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The good:

Best Come-back of any classic game ever. The only game where cel-shading is done the way it should be.

The bad:

Waiting 20 years to fight the dragon with full control.


I don't really like 3rd-person games. The only I found so far is Tomb Raider and Max Payne, but now with dragons lair 3d... well... lets just say that this is a game you must own.

For the adults: remember the old levels from the very first DL??? There here again and without dissapointment. This is a must have reguardless what system you own... I'm running on a PC and.. WOW!!! You must have this game.

For the Kids: Read above.... Now, since you've sort of have a small taste of the crowd that is so wild about this game, you really should look into this. It's the classic tale of a Knight trying to rescue the princess from an evil dragon and then an evil wizard. Sound simple?? The concept is, but unlike any game you've ever played, this one was fully intended to be played like a movie but with full control. You must play this game or otherwise you'll miss out on a real experience that is worth years of story-telling and awe.

One of the very few games that is worth the money I paid and even more.... unlike other games on the market today.

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