Dragon Seeds Cheats

Dragon Seeds cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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Acquiring Special Weapons/Shields
Some of the more powerful swords and reflectors can be bought at Ishuka's Junk Shop. There's a trick to catching him with these though. First, go to the regular weapons/shields shop. When you go to exit the shop, if the shopkeeper says, "Ishuka's been complaining. He says you don't visit him anymore", IMMEDIATELY go to Ishuka's Junk Shop on your next visit. He will have either a special sword or reflector to sell. Note that the special weapons he sells are always in the Large variety, which means that only Senior dragons can equip them.
Easy Money
First, make sure you have at least one dragon in your BioBank. Then, copy your Dragonseeds save data block onto a second memory card. Restart the game and enter the Trade option. Have your original file in Slot One and the copy in Slot Two. Next, trade the same dragon back and forth and have the copy file give you all its money, while you offer it no money in return. If you run out of cash on the copy file, erase it, then copy a new block from your original and do it all over again.
Extra Dragon Species
To unlock the Evil and Spirit dragon classes, simply win a WDC title with one of your own created dragons. They should appear as available selections in the cloning lab.
Start with the phrase the future is turning. Enter "Omega" as a case-sensitive name. Exit the clone lab, go to your apartment, and sleep for 30 days. Go to the nursery and you will have a super dragon
Reflector List
This is a complete list of all the reflectors you can acquire in the game. Note that this is only 39 out of 40 advertised shields, as one shield was omitted from the final game version.


Pot Lid
Arc Shield
Raft Guard
Corona Guard
Bronze Guard


Red Shield
T Reflector
K Reflector
Heavy Metal
Copper Guard
Cobalt Guard


Twin Dragon
Demon Guard
Moth Blood
Blue Crest
Spike Shield
Reflect Dark
Gun Metal
Beast Guard
Jaleco Guard
Xtal Guard
Talon Guard
Fang Guard
Spirit Guard
Secret Dragons
There are several secret dragons you can acquire from having certain game data blocks.

First, have a memory card with the appropriate game data block inserted into slot two. Then, go to the Memory Forest and go to the Capture a Wild Dragon option. The special pre-named dragon should always appear as the third one on the list.

The following is a complete list of the games you can get special dragons from.

Alundra / TWITCH
Bloody Roar / BLOOD
Brahma Force / BRAHMA
Cool Boarders 2 / DAFFY
Crash Bandicoot 2 / AUSSIE
Croc / GATOR
Dead Or Alive / SHOCK
Diablo / DEMON
Dynasty Warriors / WARRIOR
Final Fantasy 7 / SAVIOUR
Final Fantasy Tactics / STAMINA
Frogger / RIBBIT
Gran Turismo / GTX
Hot Shots Golf / BOGIE
Incredible Hulk / SMASH
Monster Rancher / CHAMP
Parappa The Rapper / RODNEY
Peak Performance / PIKE
Persona / REVEAL
Punky Skunk / PUNKY
Rampage World Tour / DESTROYER
Resident Evil 2 / ZOMBIE
Speed Racer / SPEED
Street Fighter EX / DRAGON
Tekken 3 IRON / FIST
Ten Pin Alley / STRIKE
Tetris Plus / PROFESSOR
Tobal No. 1 / FIGHTER
Tokyo Highway Battle / BANANA
Tomb Raider 2 / RAIDER
Wipeout XL / PRODIGY
Soft Reset
The soft reset in this game is a bit different than the trigger button/select/start method. To reset your game to the main menu without having to start your Playstation over again you must first unplug your controller from port one. A pause screen icon will show up. Plug the controller back in and you'll get a Continue/Quit option. Quit to stop playing your current game and return to the main title screen.
Special Dragons
Use these keywords to create dragons with exceptional abilities.

Armageddon Is Near / Fire Dragon
The Rock Is Shining / Special Attack Dragon
Life Is Beautiful / Powerful Dragon
The Egg Is Crying / High Wisdom Dragon
Life Is Alive / Powerful Dragon
The Power Is Eternal / High Statistic Dragon
Wild Dragon Statistics
When you go to the Memory Forest to capture wild dragons from the data on your memory card in memory card slot 2, there's a way to tell how powerful their stats will be. The name of each dragon will be WDC and then a number. The higher the number the more powerful they will be. Experiment with your memory card data. If you have multiple memory cards, shuffle the data around between cards and keep re-checking the Memory Forest to get different wild dragons to show up.