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Dragon's Dogma Equipment Guide v1.5 - Yuffie67
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Dragon's Dogma Equipment Guide

by Yuffie67   Updated to v1.5 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Dragon's Dogma on the PS3, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the XBOX360 version of the game.

++++++++ Dragon's Dogma +++++++++
Equipment List and Location Guide
Hello!  (Updated Jan - 2013)
Updated Several missing items, few spelling errors, 
added Hard Mode and Speed Run DLC Items

This Guide will Cover Both as Equipment List, 
and Common locations. 
It is Spilt into 2 sections. (soon if It needs it)

- Stuff will be listed in Order it appears in 
the Inventory and not ABC's Order. (Region 1, NA)
Some items are not, as there is only handful of them. 

- Names vary from Region to Region.

- English is not my 1st langange, So please report any major mistakes.

- Blank Locations often mean its vendor item and easy to find. 

- (EverFall Loot) Means check the Maps in FAQ's Section. 
Also Reffernce as "EF".
Maps by Other_Self

- Equipment Spelling Errors
Several items are spelled in a manner to fit the Game Menu Window. 
I Have left those Names as is, to avoid confusion. 

[===== INDEX =====]
[ATT] Outfits
[AUU] Weapons WIP
[AVV] Helm's and Head Gear
[AWW] Clothling and Chest Peices
[AXX] Arm Equipment
[AYY] Leg Clothing and Armor
[AZZ] Rings, Earring and Cloaks
[???] DLC Stuff WIP
[???] Item/Gear Common To A Location
[Buttom] Extra Stuff

[Repeat Section, non-check list with equipment hidden Levels and 
Str/Mag Stats]  WIP
[Credits] Credits and Info

Ctrl+F and use [???] codes to skip down. And "TOPBAR" to get back up.


[==== OUTFITS ====}
Did it really need a code? 
Outfits cover every slot but asscessory. 
Many of DLC Items can be Traded

[] Set of Fisherman's Garb (bought in Cassadris) 
[] Set of Fisherman's Garb Tatters (You start with this) 
[] Set if Prisoner's Rags (get sent to Jail)
[] Set of Lady's Garb (bought in Gran Soren from BlackCat)
[] Set of Servant's Garb (Duchess Room, Very Rare, Changing Panel)
[] Set of Salvation Robes (Chest in Catacombs 100%, 2nd Floor Castle)
[] Set of Royal Guard Armor (Duchess Quest, Stage 6) 
[] Jester Armor (DLC)
[] Nameless Armor Set (Julien Armor, DLC)
[] Duke's Garb (DLC (Free from Hard/Speed Run DLC)
[] Captian's Armor Set (DLC)
[] Set of Caretaker's Garb (Barnaby Outfit)Hard/Speed Run Free DLC)
[] Forest Tunic Set (Selene Outfit) (Hard/Speed Run Free DLC)


 ==== Weapons ====
Stuff to hit people with!

[] Iron Sword (Vendor)
[] Trusty Sword (Vendor)
[] Broadsword
[] Cutlass
[] Eden's Warden (Wategod's Altar and (Ancient Quarry) 
[] Tight Cinquedea
[] Undulant Sword
[] Caladbolg
[] Silver Raiper (Watch the Duel, don't help)
[] White Hawk's Talon (Ancient Quarry)
[] Bastard Sword
[] Almace
[] Crossed Cinquedea (Vendor and EF)
[] Dragon's DOgma (Red Dragon)
[] Carnation
[] Ascalon (Offline/Online Ur Dragon Drop)
[] Undulant Gold
[] Golden Bastard
[] Golden Rapier
[] Rusted Sword

--Mace & Clubs--
[] Mace
[] Thousand Troops (Ancient Quarry)
[] Obliteratrix (Ancient Quarry)
[] Bloodthirsty Beak
[] Morgenstern
[] Font of Fire (Soul FLayer, Ancient Quarry)
[] Ingot Club 
[] Thounsand Stings
[] Steel Beak (Soul Flayer)
[] Threaded Cudgel (Vendor & EF)
[] Dragon's Presence (EF)
[] ?? Red Dragon Item WIP
[] Totem Mace  (Online Ur Dragon Drop)
[] Golden Obliteratrix (Quest Award)
[] Golden Stings (Quest Award)
[] Beak of Gold (Quest Award)

-- 2 Handers (Warrior Weapons)
[] Two-Hander 
[] Steel Greatsword (Vendor and Sword at Tomb of Hero)
[] War Blade
[] Life Taker
[] Malignance
[] Thousandlimbs (Gutts Berserk Sword) (Ancient Quarry)
[] Flamberge
[] Ardent Will
[] Lancer's Sword (Taint Mountain, Chest up on ledge)
[] Gryphic Victory (quest award)
[] Cassardi Flamberge (Affinity Unlock) 
[] Saving Grace (Great Wall, and Tainted Mountain(Return), and EF)
[] Dragon's Bite (Red Dragon)
[] Wounded Heart (EF Vendor and EF Drop)
[] Dwells-In-Light (Online Ur-Dragon Drop)
[] Soultaker (Quest Award)
[] Golden Lance (Quest Award)
[] Gryphic Gold (Quest Award)
[] Rusted Greatsword (Sword in lower Cave, Hillfigure Knoll)
[] Judgement
[] Ferric Talon
[] Mounted Pale
[] Steel urchin 
[] Fiery Talon
[] Black Matter (Beast Cave Chest (small chance), BlueMoon Tower)
[] Chestcaver
[] Rooted Gloom
[] Triple Tooth (Soul Flayer)
[] Cyclips Sigil
[] Bloody Thistle (EF)
[] Angel's FIst (Online Ur-Dragon Drop)
[] Golden Pale (Quest Award)
[] Teeth of Gold (Quest Award)
[] Golden Cyclops Sigil (Quest Award)
[] Rusted Warhammer

-- Daggers
[] Criteria
[] Throatcutters
[] Stilettos
[] Scalding Razors
[] Signs of Valor (Hillfigure Knoll, Tip of Spear on Map)
[] Snag Daggers
[] Vouge Daggers
[] Crimson Teeth (Catacombs, (chest behind quest door) 
 Vendor late Game
[] Bardiche Daggers
[] Kunai (soul Flayer)
[] Galvanic Razors 
[] Divine Razors (Madeline Quest)
[] Chilling Razors
[] Dragon's Vein (Red Dragon)
[] Dragon's Pain (EF)
[] Heaven's Key (Offline/Online Ur-Dragon Drop
[] Golden Stilettos (Quest Award)
[] Snags of Gold (Quest Award)
[] Golden Bardiches (Quest Award)
[] Rusted Daggers

-- Staff (Mage, Magic ARcher and Mystic Knight)
[] Wooden Staff
[] Ironclad Staff
[] Crimson Glare
[] Favored Flower
[] Thunderclap
[] Unspoken Grace
[] Anchor To Heaven
[] Divine Axis
[] Cast Stone
[] Algid Bloom
[] Favored Canopy
[] Unfettered Claw
[] Dragon's Nous (Red Dragon)
[] Frigid Finger
[] Volant White (Offline/Online Ur-Dragon Drop)
[] Golden Grace (Quest Award)
[] Path to Heaven
[] Rusted Staff

--Sorc Staffs (Archistaff)
[] Common Archistaff
[] Grievous Horns
[] Favored Branches
[] Helical Archistaff
[] Frozen Tomorrow
[] Meniscus
[] Solar Numen
[] Stagnant Surge
[] Plucked Heart
[] Solar Providence 
[] Dragon's Wit (Red Dragon)
[] Dragons Risen 
[] Talarian White (online Ur-Dragon Drop)
[] Grievous Gold (Quest Award)
[] Golden Meniscus
[] Keen Dragon's Wit (Escort Rward, Head Lady at Abby-Wilted Forest)
[] Rusted Archistaff
-- Shields (Fighter, Assassin)
[] Round Shield
[] Pelta
[] Iron Shield
[] Feather-Light Pelta
[] Gran Soren Shield
[] Mark of the Chimera (East Witchwood & Vendor)
[] Scorched Pelta
[] Scarred Sentinel
[] Orilux Shield
[] Lustrous Targe (Escort Quest Award)
[] Dragon's Den (Vendor and EF)
[] Dragon's Aegis (Red Dragon)
[] Sable Sentinel
[] Lambent Shield (Online Ur-Dragon)
[] Rusted Shield

--Mystic Knight Shields 
[] Wooden Wall (Chest outside Witchwood, (By Cassardis)
[] Magick Buckler
[] Knight's Honor
[] Fine Magick Buckler
[] Wizard's Vizard (Kill Julien During Duel, Use Wakestone)
 Talk to him in Jail Later)
[] Blue Kite Shield 
[] Thunder Kite Shield
[] Angel's Sanctum
[] Dragon's Faith (Red Dragon)
[] Dark Buckler (EF vendor and Drop)
[] Lustrous Greatshield (Online Ur-Dragon Drop)
[] Rusted Magick Shield

--Short Bows (Strider and Assassin)
[] Shortbow
[] Sylvan Bow
[] Direwolf Bow (Several Chest) Witchwood, Arnest Castle
[] Fluted Bow (Soul Flayer) 
[] Hunter's Bow
[] Pleached Limbs
[] Stalwart Bow
[] Dragon's Rancor (Red Dragon)
[] Fey Whisper (EF Vendor and Chest)
[] Rusted Bow  

--Ranger LongBows
[] Reunforced Longbow (Vendor and AQ chest)
[] Bespoke Longbow (Witchwood)
[] Plain Longbow (Soul Flayer)
[] Veteran's Arc
[] Noble Limbs
[] Dragon's Blink (Red Dragon )
[] Savage Fang (EF Loot and Vendor)
[] Rusted Longbow

--Magic Archer Bows
[] Magian Crutch  
[] Master's Merle
[] Terminal Gyre (Soul Flayer and Bluemoon Tower)
[] Gimble Gyre
[] Herald's Helix
[] Dragon's Breath (Red Dragon)
[] Dragon's Quickening (EF Vendor)
[] Rusted Spellbow

 ====  Helm's and Head Gear  ====
Stuff you wear on your head! Duh!

[] Farewell Hood (Starter Pack DLC, and Cassadris after Stage 3 or 4) 
[] Leather Cap 
[] White Cap
[] Red Leather Cap
[] Clerical Cap
[] Circlet (Found Many Areas, Also Sold)
[] Leather Circlet (Encampment and Ohter Vendors)
[] Laurel Circlet (Later game Madeline)
[] Dragon Band (Taint Mountain Tower Chest, before Balista Scene)
[] Incognito Mask (Bandit Camp Chest in NE, Good Chance)
[] Guardian's Hood (Bandit Camp Chest in NE, Good Chance)
[] Bandit's Mask (Bandit Camp Chest in NE, Good Chance)
[] Gossip's Mask (Bandit Camp Chest in NE, Good Chance)
[] Twilight Mask (EF Loot)
[] Dragon Roar (EverFall Chest in ???? Chamber"
[] Silver Eyeglasses (Rift Crystal Vendor)
[] Gold Eyeglasses (Rift Crystal Vendor)
[] Black Eyeglasses (Rift Crystal Vendor) (Appear later game)
[] Red Eyeglasses (Rift Crystal Vendor) (Appear later Game)
[] Beowulf Mask (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Apollo Mask (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Siegfried Mask (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Saint George Mask (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Chain Coif
[] Horned Helm 
[] Barreled helm
[] Bronze Sallet
[] Iron helm
[] Gryphic Helm (BlueMoon Tower, (Mid/Late game Vendors)
[] Chimeric Armlet (Mid/Late game Vendors)
[] Meloirean Helm (vendors, Chest Loot, Windbluff Tower 
(Quest Key Req)
[] Steel Sallet (EverFall Loot)
[] Crimson Armet (EverFall Loot)
[] Grisly Skull (EverFall Loot)
[] Dragin Knight's Helm (EverFall Loot)
[] White Hawk Sallet (Acient Quarry) 
[] Leather Hood
[] Skulker's Mask
[] Red Leather Hood
[] Iron Headgear
[] Assassin's Mask
[] Loin-Lord's Helm 
[] Coupled Headgear
[] Golden Lion Helm (EF)
[] Faerie Hood (Vendor and Chests)
[] Feather Hood
[] Verdant Hood
[] Wizard's Helm
[] Twilight Hood
[] Crowned Hood
[] Archwizard's Helm
[] Autumn Hood
[] Sage's Hood (EF)
[] Cyclops Veil (Shadow Fort, Platform above Stairs)
[] Meloirean Cyclops Veil (Shadow Fort, Off Ledge in a Chest)
[] Lupine Veil (Shadow Fort)
[] Direwolf Veil 
[] Barbarian Cheif's Helm (EF)
[] Diadem (EF Item Vendor)
[] Summery Cowl
[] Sultry Cowl


==== Clothling and Chest Peices ===
Clothes and Chest Armors!

[] Plebian Shirt (Start with and Cassadris vendor)
[] Traveler's Shirt
[] Tunic
[] Bandages
[] Cassardi Shift (Starter DLC Pack, and later game unlock)
[] Fine Cassardi Shirt
[] Hemp Shirt
[] Linen Shirt
[] Quilted Jerkin
[] Cotton Tunic
[] Doublet
[] Braided Shirt
[] Light Outfit
[] Blessed Vest
[] Brigandine Jerkin
[] Forest Tunic 
[] Alchemick Vest
[] Hunter's Shirt
[] Gambeson
[] Swordman's Shirt (Ancient Quarry)
[] White Hawk Tunic (Ancient Quarry)
[] Abyssinal Outfit (Hard/Speed Run (Free) DLC
[] Leather Chestguard
[] Riveted Coat
[] Assembled Vest
[] Chain Mail 
[] Chain Mail Bracers 
[] Hard Leather Plate
[] Trooper Outfit (Its a Shirt)
[] Silver Chestplate (The Bikini Top)
[] Dragonleather Vest (Given by Dragon Forge (Person) before 
"Final Battle"
[] Faded vest (Cassadris)
[] Iron Vest
[] Silver Vest
[] Plated Coat
[] Bliaut
[] Lady's Corset (Female only)
[] Maiden's Camisole (Female only)
[] Noblewoman's Corset (Female only)
[] Mummer's Wear (Ground Clutter on ledge by Bloodwater Beach)
[] Golden Belt (EF)
[] Abyssinal Coat (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Skull Belts
[] Leather Jacket 
[] Leather Belts
[] Chestguard
[] Bone Plate Armor (Dripstone Cave)
[] BOne Armor (Dripstone Cave)
[] Sectional Armor
[] Leather Waistwrap
[] Hide Armor
[] Surcoat 
[] Scale Coat
[] Bronze Cuirass
[] Sectional Iron Plate
[] Gryphic Armor (Blue Moon Tower 100% Chest)
[] Grand Surcoat
[] Chimeric Half Plate
[] Meloirean Plate
[] Steel Cuirass
[] Royal Surcoat 
[] Divine Surcoat (EF Vendor and GreatWall Vendor (High AFF) 
[] Crimson Plate (EF)
[] Grisly Bone Armor (EF)
[] Swordsman's Plate (Ancient Quarry)
[] White Hawk Half-Plate (Ancient Quarry)
[] Bronze Lorica
[] Leather Protector
[] Hunter's Jacket
[] Padded Armor
[] Iron Lorica 
[] Red Leather Armor
[] Flutter Padding
[] Red Lion Padding
[] Lamellar Jacket 
[] Archer's Culottes (Tainted Mountian, 2nd set of Saruains, 
High up above you, Chest (good chance)
[] Golden Lion Padding (EF)
[] Shabby Robe
[] Healer's Robe
[] Scholar's Coat
[] Missionary's Robe
[] Magician's Surcoat
[] Dalmatica
[] Recluse's Robe
[] Sage's Robe
[] Animistic Robe
[] Cardinal Surcoat
[] Crimson Robe (EF Loot and Vendor)
[] Philosopher's Robe (EF Loot and vendor)
[] Matte Robe (EF Loot)
[] Red Dragon Scale (EF LOOT)
[] Dark Lorica (EF)
[] Frame Plate
[] Summery Pareo
[] Maiden's Petticoat
[] Sultry Pareo
[] Beserkin (EF) and Tainted Mountain. 


====  Arm Equipment  =======
Stuff Worn on the Arm silly!

[] Farewell Gloves (Starter DLC pack and Mid/Late game Unlock)
[] Wooden bands (Cassardis Vendor, Chest in Cassardis)
[] Talismanic Beads (Cassardis Vendor, Chest in Cassardis)
[] Funnybone Guards
[] Scholar's Bangle
[] Bronze Bangles
[] Tiger Bangle
[] Silver Bands
[] Runic Bangles
[] Jade Bangles
[] Alchemickal Bangles
[] Champion's Bangles (Str up) Great Wall vendor (High Affinity) 
[] Gleaming Bangles (Mag Up, EF Loot)
[] Golden Wristbands (EF Vendor)
[] Abyssinal Bracers (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Novice's Bracers
[] Bandit's Glove (Vendor and Bandit Camp Chest Loot)
[] Hand Covers (Vendor)
[] Leather Gloves 
[] Iron Bracers
[] Red Leather Glove
[] Iron Manicae
[] Assailant's Bracers (Chest in Blue Moon Tower)
[] Arm Crest 
[] Scarlet Hand Covers
[] Master's Bracers
[] Black Leather Gloves
[] Darkened Gloves
[] Grisly Bracers (EF)
[] Burnished Bracers (EF)
[] Swordman's Bracers (Ancient Quarry)
[] Scale Armguard
[] Bronze Gaunlets 
[] Iron Armguard
[] Gryphic Gauntlets (Bluemoon Tower)
[] Chimeric Gaunlets
[] Meloirean Armguard
[] Steel Gauntlets (EF)
[] Crimson Gauntlets (EF)
[] Shadow Gaunlets (EF) 
[] White Hawk Gaunlets (Ancient Quarry)
[] Assembled Sleeves 
[] Dragon Hide Bracers (EF)
[] Dragonscale Arm
[] Twilight Manicae (EF)



====   Leg/Shoe Clothing and Armor   ====
Stuff for your legs! 

[] Cloth Greaves (Starter Armor)
[] Short Pants (Vendor)
[] Traveler's Tights (Vendor)
[] Cotton Hosen (Vendor)
[] Leather bandings (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Cassardi Trousers (Mid/Late Game Unlock)
[] Fine Cassardi Hosen (Mid/Late Game Unlock)
[] Hemp Hosen (Vendor)
[] Worker's Pants (Vendor and Quest Reward)
[] Yellow Gaiters (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Brown Leathers 
[] Evening Tights 
[] Bandit Stalkers (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] urban Hosen
[] Denim Hosen
[] Twisted Leathers
[] Seeker Tights
[] Laborer's Breeches
[] Black Gaiters 
[] Huntsman's Trousers
[] Braided Hosen
[] Alchemickal Hosen
[] Swordsman's Pants (Ancient Quarry)
[] White Hawk Leggings (Ancient Quarry)
[] Half Chain Hsoen
[] Full Chain Hosen
[] Iron Bandings
[] Silver Hosen
[] Laced Leggings
[] Brown Laced Leggings 
[] White Stockings
[] Silk Lingerie (Female Bandit Fort Chest Average Chance 
   (3 chests in a row, Boss type chest) Duchess Bed (both)
[] Leather Shoes
[] Cassardi Greaves
[] Novice Breeches
[] Scholar's Boots
[] Dusk Shoes
[] Mage's Shoes
[] Over-Knee Boots
[] Scale Greaves
[] Wizard's Boots
[] Fine Over-Knee Boots
[] Gloaming Shoes
[] Red Over-Knee Boots
[] Dark Over-Knee Boots
[] Exotic High Boots (EF Loot and Vendor)
[] Abyssinal Greaves (Online Ur Dragon)
[] Steel-Toed Boots
[] Riveted Boots
[] Downcuffs & Cuisses
[] Iron Boots
[] Chainmail Skirt
[] Assembled Breeches
[] Striker's Greaves 
[] Thick Fur Greaves
[] Assassin's Breeches
[] Leather Ocreae
[] Grisly Greaves (EF Loot and Vendor)
[] Carmine Breeches (EF)
[] Swordman's Greaves (Ancient Quarry)
[] Budget Greaves
[] Metal Greaves
[] Iron Leg Guards
[] Battle greaves
[] Bronze Sabatons
[] Iron Cuisses
[] Gryphic Greaves (If You said BlueMoon Tower, you win!)
[] Chimeric Sabatons
[] Meloirean Greaves
[] Steel Sabatons (EF)
[] Molten Boots (Tainted Mountain Chest) 
[] Crimson Sabatons (EF)
[] Shadow Greaves (EF)
[] WHite Hawk Cuisses (Ancient Quarry)
[] Leather Cuisses
[] Fur & Cuisses
[] Nimble Cuisses
[] Superior Cuisses
[] Blue Longkilt (Cave near Bloodwater Beach)
[] Red Longkilt (Cave near Bloodwater Beach)
[] Purple Longkilt
[] Raptor Cuisses (Soulflayer Cave)
[] Royal Cuisses
[] Dragonbeards (EF)
[] Twilight Greaves (EF)
[] Holy Cuisses
[] Flame Skirt (Taint Mountain, Chest after you cross Bridge
During the Fight, Pawns often Pick it up)


====    Rings, Earring and Cloaks    ====
Oooo Shinie!

[] Farewell Cloak (Mid/Late game unlock and Starter Pack DLC)
[] Leather Cape (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Shed Cape (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Scholar's Cape (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Feather Cape (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Scarlet Cape
[] Dignified Cape
[] Ancient Cape (EF)
[] Magnanimous Cloak (Fornival Quest "Innocent")
[] Shoulder Cape (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Mahogany Cape (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Direwolf Cape (Witchwood Chest, Ok chance)
[] Knight's Mantle
[] Feral Cape 
[] Royal Mantle
[] Nebula Cape (EF)
[] Ebon Neck Wrap (Vendor and Early Chest loot 
(Beach outside Cassardis Chest)
[] Voilet Neck Wrap (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Harpy Cloak (Bluemoon Tower, and Mid-game Vendor)
[] Gryphic Cloak
[] Adventure's Cloak
[] Paladin's Mantle
[] Dragon Knight's Cloak (EF)
[] Alchemickal Cloak
[] Lordly Cloak (EF)
[] Swordman's Mantle (Ancient Quarry)
[] White Hawk Cape (Ancient Quarry)
[] Tattered Mantle (Tainted Mountian, And late game vendor)
[] Pauldron
[] Ogre Bone (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Baleful Nails (Vendor and Early Chest loot)
[] Barbed Nails 
[] Ring of Gules
[] Ring of Azure (Watergod's Altar)
[] Ring of Purpure
[] Ring of Sable 
[] Ring of Argent 
[] Ring of Ruby 
[] Ring of Amethyst 
[] Ring of Pearl (EF)
[] Ring of Onyx
[] Rose Ring
[] Iris Ring
[] Violet Ring
[] Cleansing Earring
[] Restless Earring
[] Nimble Earring
[] Free-Spoken Earring
[] Benevolent Earring
[] Sight Earring
[] Faithful Earring
[] Exuberant Earring
[] Stalwart Earring
[] Noble Earring
[] Harmonious Earring
[] Dignified Earring
[] Indomitable Earring 
[] Dragonblood (25% to most/all resist)  EF Loot)
[] Silver Ring
[] Golden Ring
[] Platinum Ring (RC vendor and Quest Reward, "Aslaam Escort")
[] Premium Earring (3mil Rift Crystals)

Non Rings, that are Rings listed in Special Section

[] Arisen's Bond,-- Used to Max Affinity with someone)
[] Wyrmking's Ring -- 15% reduce Spell Cast Time

Items & Gear Common To A Location (or Rare Chest Loot)


--Unusual Beach

--The Watergod's Altar--
Bronze Gear(Helm, Arms, Legs)
Eden's Warden (rare)
Ring of Purpure, Ring of Azure
Saurian Tactics vol.1
Surcoat, Light Outfit, Iron Boots, Battle Greaves
--Moonbit Pass

--Ancient Quarry


Mini-Combo List now has its own Guide on Gamefaqs. 
(or did, as they don't like 95% finished guides...)


===== Credits and Info =====
Me, Myself and I, and Future Users who fill in any blanks. 

This FAQ's is for Gamefaqs and Capcom-Unity
And all others who wish to use it.  No premission needed.

PM me on Gamefaqs/Gamestop (Enjelsama/MasterYuffie) 
For Questions or Add in. 

Thanks to Capcom for making Dragon's Dogma and letting me
Mod there for so long.  

Final Notes,  I'll update again soon.  (likely after Dark Arisen Release.