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Dragon's Dogma FAQ/Walkthrough

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0.25 - Started out the guide, obtaining your first Pawn

Next Update (0.5) - Get further into the game, add controls, add classes section, add a Augmentation section and do some side quests


Hello and welcome to my Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough/FAQ. This guide will (I'm hoping) house every thing related to Capcom's new epic, Dragon's Dogma. The game has had me hyped for months and months until my order finally came a few days ago. From the day I got it, I have been typing out this guide and is one of the quickest I've done (even if it is only my 3rd guide). Of course, this guide will take some support and some motivation, but all I'm asking for is a recommendation. Just look up and click recommend, simple! There is also e-mails with suggestions, corrections or anything of the sort, just send me an e-mail I will take the time to read it and put it in the guide with credit where it is due.

Anyway, enough of me chatting away, lets get started with your adventure.

Dragon's Dogma Walkthrough/FAQ by Ultimate_Finale

When the menu screen loads up, you will be taken to a menu. The menu has 4 options, you can either start a new game, load your save, change the options or go to the Pawn community. Start a new game and go through the options until you get control of your character.


Don't worry if you wanted to make your character, this is just a tutorial level.

When you regain control, go into your inventory and equip the Torch. Go forward and smash the boxes along the way, I can't put what you get since the item drops are random for each playthrough, however you can expect some healing items and stamina potions. Keep going down the path until a red dragon appears in front of you and breathes fire on some soldiers. Wait for the explosion to end and then go up the path and you will encounter some Goblins. This is your first fight, you might want to take a while on these couple of Goblins to practise your combat and get a feel for the controls however they don't have a lot of health and will die in 3-4 hits. Once they're dead, go through the paths until you drop off the edge. Examine the Rift Stone and 2 Pawns will come and accompany you, these are just templates and you will get a Mage and a Strider. Carry onwards and you will come against some more Goblins. Go up the stairs and through the corridor until a small scene triggers. Once you regain control, go through corridors and enter the room with the soldier and Goblins. Take out all the Goblins before they kill the soldier and the soldier will follow you. Once you have taken them all out, keep going up the corridor until you encounter a Snow Harpy. These guys can be a real pain but if you press the Left Bumper/L1, you will open up some weapon skills. There is a skill called "Skyward Slash" which is does exactly what it says on the tin, slashes skyward. Another method, which isn't all that risky, is to jump and grab hold of their feet, this will bring them to the ground and open them up for attack.

Take out all the Snow Harpies and drop down, you will come up against the previous enemies at once. Just keep fighting the Harpies and Goblins until some soldiers open the door and kill off the remaining ones. If you're struggling with this then you can pick up the red barrels that are scattered around the area that you can pick up and throw at enemies, this will kill pretty much most enemies within the explosive radius. Go down the corridor until you reach another large area. Go to the door to your right and you will face your first boss.

Boss Fight: Chimera

This guy is pretty hard for your first boss, but with the enough strategy you can kill him pretty easily. The first thing that you will notice is that each part of the Chimera will act independently to one another, this means that each part has their own attacks. The Lion is the main damage dealer, he will charge at you and will swipe and bite at you if you get in range. The Goat uses spells that cause poison damage and basically de-buffs you and your Pawns. The Snake is like the Goat, except he doesn't de-buff you, instead he uses magic attacks like lightning to deal damage to you. This fight is basically a tutorial on climbing enemies and attacking.

The best way to take out this boss, while still staying safe, is to kill it in the following order: Snake > Goat > Lion. The reason for this is because each individual part has it's own health however they all share the same life bar. The Snake is the weakest part and has the lowest health, so run behind the Chimera, jump and grab onto the Snake. Once grabbed on, climb up until you reach the Snake's head, this is the weak point for this part, start slashing away while keeping an eye on your stamina because if you run out then you will fall off and start to recover which is a very painful experience. If you do run out of stamina and you have some stamina potions, use one to recover it without waiting. Once the Snake has been chopped off, you will start eyeing up the Goat's head. Just use the same process as the Snake but you will have to watch out for the Goat's de-buffs because he can still use them when you're on him. Once you have gotten rid of the Goat and the Snake, you will have one part left, the Lion. You will not need any climbing unless you still haven't got to grips (no pun intended) with climbing. Just slash away at his side or, if you are feeling heroic, slash his face. With you Pawn's help it won't take very long to kill the Chimera.

Upon defeating the Chimera, you will be rewarded with 7,700EXP and a cutscene to end the Prologue.


This is where you will create your character. I will update this section later but for now all I'm saying is just mess around with it and make a character you will like.

It's...It's the Dragon! (A.K.A: Here, take my heart)

When you have finished creating your character a scene will play with your character in it! A celebrity already. Anyway, watch the scene until you regain control of your character, of course, you probably already guessed by now but you will not win. No matter what you do you will just do 0 damage every time so don't bother trying. Just go into the Dragon's side and slash him a couple of times until you trigger a scene.

Once you have watched the opening scenes, you will become a graduated Arisen. When you finally regain control of your character, go towards the weapons and armour and examine them. You will have to decide which Vocation you want, I will not go into detail here but you can select either a Fighter, Mage or Strider. When you have decided, select the one you want and you will get your weapons depending on what Vocation you have selected. Collect the items in this room and go out into the corridor and you will trigger another cut scene. Once the scene has ended, go into the room to your right and collect the items in here, once done go through the front door.

Welcome to Cassardis

Go down the path until you reach an arch way. Just before the arch way is a house to your left, jump onto the barrier then drop down onto the porch near the house, there is chest in front of you which contains a Hamp. Go through the nearby door and go downstairs, you should see another door, this leads outside. Go right then left and then right until you see a large metal gate. Go towards the gate to trigger a scene, this scene will show you are tutorial Pawn called Rook. After the scene, turn around and go right. The first building on your left should have some stairs leading to some double doors. Enter this building and talk to Autella, she will sell you some Sundries, which are priced in the following table: