Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King review
Dragon Quest 8 Review

The good:

-Excellent Grahpics For The Ps2 -Huge World Map -Nice Anime Look to the game -Alchemy Pot Allows you to make your own items

The bad:

-Music is nice, but not that great -Buying Weapons and Amour is Diffucult -Game itself is hard as hell -Annoying British Accents


Graphics: 5/5 This game looks great for a ps2 title. This is the best Cell-Shaded Graphics I have ever seen. The World Map and the Environments you go to is also very detailed and is simply beautiful. The Character Design is great, and Akira (DBZ guy) made the main hero look a lot like Goku. (From the clothes to the Spiky Hair look when you at full Tension. Anyhow, these graphics are amazing Music: 3.5/5 Yeah the music is okay, but not okay, the music is in a short loop, which got me mad since Square has some really good Video game music. Also, the Voice acting is good, but the British accents were driving me crazy. I can't stand that, also, it frustrates me more that the main hero is a mute Gameplay: 5/5 This is were the game shines. The game play is old school RPG, so your not getting any Junction system, or Xenesaga's battle system, your getting Old school, take turn fighting. Which i like a most, since most RPGs now are so confusing to learn. In battle, you have attack, abilities, spells, defend, item and Charge. There is also the alchemy pot which allows you to make your own items, but can take a long time till the item is complete. but i like it. Also, this game is hard as hell, from the random battles to the boss battles, which makes me like the game even more So, in the end, if you love Rpgs like me. then this is a must have, if you don't like RPgs, but you like Dragon ball, try it out, if you don't like any of these, then you should consider renting it. I loved the game and I'm sure you would to

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