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Lots of Heart


Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Enix
Release date: (JP) March 29, 2003
Platform(s): GBA

Believe it or not, there are other games besides Pokemon that involve breeding unique creatures for battle. One such series is Dragon Quest Monsters (previously titled Dragon Warrior Monsters in North America and Europe), a spin-off of the hugely popular in Japan Dragon Quest series, featuring hundreds of monsters originally found in the main entries. Unlike Pokemon however, Dragon Quest Monsters doesn't offer the option to breed monsters; it forces you to. In order to create powerful enough parties to combat the...


A Hidden Gem In Need Of More Polish

The good:

- More of the battling, breeding and exploring that fans of the series have grown to love.
- Has an overall surprising uniqueness to it.
- Interesting new Caravan and Reforming systems for a fresh new spin on strategy.
- Heaps of human party members to recruit to fight alongside your monsters.
- Pleasant and effective graphics.
- One of the first Dragon Quest Monsters games to actually contain a plot (though not an especially complex one).
- Has aged very well both graphically and gameplay-wise.

The bad:

- Never released outside of Japan and so very difficult to play and enjoy without any knowledge of Japanese or an English fan translation.
- The rations system heavily constricts gameplay early on in the game and may alienate less persistent players.
- Dialogue is awkward and confusing in places.
- The rate at which enemy difficulty rises is sporadic and jumpy instead of a smooth and stable progression.
- Somewhat lacking on the content side of things.


Another successful combination of classic RPG elements with the addictive monster collecting and combining craze manifests itself once more in Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart. This style of capture-and-cook-'em game-play is old news by now, but let's not allow that to stop us from taking a moment to revisit one of the little-known but stalwart pioneers of the genre.

The third installment of the Dragon Quest Monsters series, Caravan Heart sees the player in the shoes of silent protagonist Kiefer (re-nameable) - Prince of Gran Estard and a sufferer of the common affliction known as boredo...

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