DragonFable Tips

The most OP class in DF
Okay so I was checking out some random stuff on the travel map and I came across probably the BEST CLASS IN DRAGONFABLE! Seriously, try this.

Okay so first you have to be a Rouge with a Dragon Amulet. Go to the Travel Map and go to the Anomaly (it's in the big dark-purple patch in the near-bottom right corner). Keep going left until you find 2 guys standing in front of a giant tree or something like that. Talk to them and visit the Spire. Then take the RIGHT hand staircase and make your way right until you see a door. Walk up to it and it should have an option that says "Cryptic". Click this and talk to the guy you see in the room. Do the quest he has to become a cryptic. You have to fight 3 bosses in a row so make sure you have your best armor and weapons equipped (Rolith helps very well, FYI). After you finish, talk to him again and click "Become a Cryptic". You should now be able to equip the Cryptic armor!

With this armor, you have your basic Rouge abilities, but with different animations. However, in battle, you will notice that every turn without using Final, you get 5 points of Paranoia. This is what makes the armor way OP. With every point of Paranoia, you get bonus critical damage. However, if you use final you will lose all your paranoia points, but final will get MAJORLY increased damage since Final is a guaranteed critical with 100% damage. With this, I found the PERFECT move combo to use against ANY BOSS! Here it is:

Illusion > Basic attack > Rapid > Illusionary Veil > Basic attack > Final (if boss isn't dead yet, repeat)

Here is an explanation of this move order:
Illusion gives major defense while you build up Paranoia
Basic attack and Rapid does good damage and builds up more Paranoia
Illusionaty Veil gives defence when Illusion runs out, plus gives +30 critical damage for Final, and still builds Paranoia
Singular Basic attack is for damage and that last bit of Paranoia
And to ensure your kill, Final. This takes the 25 points of Paranoia you've built with your other abilities to majorly increase critical damage. And since Final is a guaranteed critical with 100% damage, you can add your +30 from Illusionary Veil and the Paranoia points for a stupendous attack.
I am a level 55, and this does over 1500 damage almost every time. If you aren't a Rouge, there are the other Anomaly Classes you can do, too! If you're a Mage, take the middle tent-like path. If you're a Warrior, take the left staircase. I don't know if the other classes have Paranoia too, but you should still get them just in case.

If you've made it this far, I thank you. I made this very long and descriptive for your convenience, and if you took the time to read all of it, it makes me feel nice that I was able to help another person somewhere in the world with my details. Thanks again for reading my trick to being ridiculously OP in DF! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />