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Secret locations, the BEST partners and Elemental Essences!
Hey everyone!
I'm Samreen and I am a FEMALE Dragonfable player. Yuhp. That's me.
Alrighty, so things which I see often asked around the internet are-

1. Which are the best partners?
2. How do you get Elemental Essences?
3. How do you get to Ravenloss?

Well, I am here to answer all of them, and more! Read on!

Okay so let's begin with the locations. The first thing I said was, "Where in Lore do you find Ravenloss?"

So you might have another question: "What IS Ravenloss?"

No fear, I'm here to every query you might have. Ravenloss is a sort of underworld city under Falconreach, and has one of the most awesome partners in the game (more on that later) as well as great exp and gold giving quests.

You must be hopping to get there right now! Well, it does NOT appear as a location when you want to Travel, there is another way to get there.

First, from the main part of Falconreach (where you find Twilly and the n00b Ash) Go down. Then go left. Then go left again. You will see a stream and a gateway in the upper side. Go through the gateway. Then go through the purple portal. You have arrived in Ravenloss!

Now, people also say, "I can't find Warlic! Where is he?" and some OTHER people answering, "Go through the portal and click Warlic's Zone." but the people say, "I can't FIND the portal!" but the OTHER people is already gone. But please, please note you do not have to use any portal and there is no place called Warlic's Zone.

To truly find Warlic you have to click the noticeboard when you arrive in Falconreach..There is a button called Travel. Click it, and then keep clicking all the blue and red dots until one says "Warlic's tent". Then go there, and you'll arrive in a place. There are two roads, right and left. Go right. You shall see a tent and a girl standing there. Talk to the girl and she'll offer to cast an illusion of Warlic. Then Warlic appears before your very eyes! Isn't that nice!

Done with the locations. Let's talk about those pesky Elemental Essences. So hard to find! But all you have to do is do one of Warlic's Random Quests to get ONE Elemental Essence. if you do TEN Random Quests, you get TEN Elemental Essences, one for each quest.

Finally, the partners.

The opinion on the "Best partner" varies from person to person, but I use
Tomix and Artix!

Tomix is a SoulWeaver you find in Ravenloss, and he is VERY powerful. He can attack in four kinds of ways, subtracting the basic attack. He usually inflicts between 40-70 damage each hit. Fun fact: He also has romantic feelings for a girl called Riadne (complete his quests and you'll find out who she is) Okay, now I'll tell you how to get him. First, do one of his quests. You don't have to kill anything. Do one of his quests and he will automatically be added on your team as "Friend A". Then abandon the quest by going back. You will find Tomix is still on your team!

Artix? Oh, most of you serious players already know him. He is the in-game alter ego of Dragonfable's creator, Adam. He has two attacks, but one is really powerful. The ordinary attack inflicts 5-35 damage, but his other attack, "Holy" hits four times and inflicts 42-150 damage each hit. How cool is that! If you are lucky enough if he hits 100 each of the four hits, you have 400 damage! You can find him in two or three ways, but the easiest way to obtain him is in this way.Go to The Necropolis (find it when you Travel) You'll see a guy standing there, click on him. Invite him.

That's it for now, until more cheats, bye!