DragonFable Tips

Can't get past Hydrahok and its Hydra Heads? No worries! Here's a simple guide on how to get past Hydrahok without even using a potion!

1. You're in the Oaklore Keep, right? Well, there's plenty of things to do here. Start by doing some of Sir Valence's Sneevil quests until you're level 4 or 5. Make sure you're keeping all the weapons that are for your class! (Mage- staffs, Warrior- swords, Rogue- daggers, although swords work too)

2. When you're finally the right level, go to the left of Sir Valence and talk to Sir Casm, who is next to the catapult. Click on Sir Jing's weapons and Sir Casm and Sir Vivor will explain to you the story of Sir Jing's powerful weapons. Accept their quest (make sure you are fully healed and have all your potions) and defeat all the minor elementals- Puddles, Shockwisps, and Thunderheads. Then climb the stairs.

3. You will be faced with 3 more elementals, these more powerful than the last ones. The Lightning Elemental in the middle is level 8, the Storm and Water Elementals are level 4. Defeat all of them (this is where you should be using your potions, not on the minors) and go to the chest in the middle.

4. Pick the weapon for your class. If you're a mage, take the staff. If you're a warrior, take the sword. If you're a rogue, take the dagger and sword, because a sword works for most of the abilities for a rogue as well as a dagger. They sell for zero gold, so be my guest and take the ones you don't need, but you're not going to get anything out of them. They all do the same amount of damage.

5.If you haven't yet, complete the Priestess's Quest by talking to Rolith and pressing the Priestess's Message. You will fight Drakath and his Darkwolf thugs. Kill the Darkwolves first, because then you'll take less damage each turn. Save your big attacks like Rapid or Double and Triple for Drakath. When you're done, the path to Falconreach will be unlocked. Heal with Rolith and continue.

6. Go along the path to Falconreach, you don't need to come back for healing at all unless you're a wimp. Go ahead and fight Hydrahok (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR SIR JING WEAPON EQUIPPED). Kill the Hydra Heads first, they do more damage than Hydrahok and have a lot less HP. You'll be dealing at least 24's, and at most somewhere around 40's or 50's. Add that to Rapid or Double or Triple, and you've got yourself a dead Hydrahok, and you didn't even use a Potion!

Hope this helped! Happy Fabling!