DragonFable Tips

GOLD and bag slots
Go to Robina the Hood. Then click on 'Bounty hunting' and recive the bounty hunting list. Go to the camp (from Robina left one up one) and enter. Whichever theif you get is random but there is a rumor that if you have your mouse on Vaz Striker's name when you start the quest you'll get him.... anyways do the quest until all of your extra bag slots are filled with the weapons from the quest. Teleport to your hometown or go to the weapons dealer in Falconreach. I prefer to trade in my hometown (Amityvale) but thats just me.... then sell all of those weapons and go back to Robina and do the quest again. This works very well for me- I only need to do it one more time and then I will have enough money for a DOOM dagger set^^