DragonFable Glitches

Double Armor
First of all, I used my Ninja Armor from the Shadow of the Wind Village plus my Ranger armor from the Sandsea. Second of all, the only way to stop the cheat is to close down the window then restart the game. Not totally restart, but...ya know what I mean.
Okay, first of all you put on the first layer of armor. My first layer was my ninja armor. Second, you put on your second layer of armor. Then you go out and do whatever. To change armors, go to the place where you got it and take it off. You will be wearing the second layer underneath. Im not entirely sure how this works as I discovered it completely by accident. I was trying to take off the Ninja Armor... only it got stuck on instead... this really wont help you level up or anything beyond the attributes of the particular armor but if you have plans that involve both sets it cuts down on traveling. I think this would work with three or more sets of armors but I havent tried it yet with more than two. Have fun!