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Thyton's Shadow of the Wind quest(s)
In the Shadow of the Wind village, one of Thyton-sensai's Random Quests is to get some scrolls back from the pirates. He says they tried to use mechanical monkeys or something before. If you got the right quest, you'll be in a room with 3 doors and with Unlucky Pirates standing in front of the doors. Pick the middle door. Fight the pirate and enter the 2nd room. Then pick the 3rd door (on the right) and fight the pirate to enter the Boss Room in two tries. Any other method takes at least four tries to get through (although I'm sure it gives you more exp for fighting more Unlucky Pirates!). To complete the quest fight the boss and return to Thyton-sensai with a scroll (use to upgrade Ninja Armor).
Gives a little gold and from a tiny bit to a lot of exp (depending on how many doors nyou had to get through before the Boss Room). Als gives 1 scroll to upgrade Ninja Armor.