: : : : : : : How to gain EXP, money and powerful stuff. DA and no-DA holders :)

DragonFable Tips

How to gain EXP, money and powerful stuff. DA and no-DA holders :)
Hi, just thought that I should write down some of the things I know about DragonFable
Ok, here's first some hints and tips for people without DA:
2000-3000 EXP
To get alot of EXP and money you can go to the Crystal Caves. Go to the Falconreach Inn and ask for the map, press the "Crystal Caves" button. In this quest wind-weapons are very useful. At the end of the quest you get a crystal-shard. bring this to Warlic, and he will unlock a shop with quite cheap light-weapons. The EXP for this quest is 2000-3000 or so.

Another quest at the inn where you get 3000 EXP is one where you fight Ghosts. Just "talk" with Serenity and there will be a button with the word investigate. Halfway trough this quest you'll find a potions box where you can refill your potions. (Remember to check all the rooms trough the quest. In every room there will be a pair of ghosts.) The Ghosts are lvl 12, and so are the Wisps. In this quest Artix and a Light weapon are really useful.

4000-6000EXP and hidden shop for guardians
Go to the portal outside the Guaridian Tower in Falconreach. Travel to Willowshire. Even without DA you can do a quest here. Press the button called "The Tower" and go to the basement of the Guardian Tower. Here you'll find four different quests which will open a locked area. In here you can talk to a ghost, and he'll have a shop, which sadly only opens for guardians.

Hidden quests
Go to the Falconreach Townhall. You know, where you have a stat trainer. Go to the left. Here a annoying character named Damien will talk to you. Ignore him and walk to the bookshelf closest to Damien, a button with the text "Hit it" will show... so, just hit it and then begin the quest.
In this quest you'll find good helmets for lvl 12 and 22, if my memory's right.

Great helmets and block, parry and dodge stuff:
There's a new town called Dragesvard. In this town they have a helmet-store with great helmets.

If you're looking for more parry, block or dodge I know some things that may help.
In Falconreach theres a new guy called Galanoth. Go to him and then proceed to the Scavanger Hunt Shop. Here you can find a lvl 20 cape which (among alot of things) provides dodge and two helmets lvl 9 which provides block.

If you're a mage you can travel to Warlic and do some of the quests where you fight fairies and that sort of stuff (NOT the elemental quests!). You'll get alot of weapons which you can sell in any store afterwards. The weapons you should search for is called "Ebon Flame" (provides 3 parry) lvl 16 and "The WhirldWind" (provides 3 dodge)lvl 17.

Hints and tips for DA-holders

2000-3000 EXP and VERY useful capes and necklaces
Go to the portal outside the Guardian Tower in Falconreach. Travel to Willowshire and press the button "Gorgok?". Let the guardian explain and then just summon your dragon and fight him. Against Gorgok Energy is a very useful element. Gorgok has got a small resist agains immobility, but try anyway. Sometimes it work.
When you have defeated Gorgok you'll get 400 gold and 2000 EXP. But if you do the quest sometimes you can also gain a cape (lvl 21) which provides dodge and also gives alot of resistans against almost everything nature: wind, stone, nature, wood and so on. There's also a necklace (lvl 25) which's, like the cape, has a great resistance against alot of things ^^

Another great way to gain EXP and money is to do the quest "Something Fishy" at Osprey Cove. This will give you 3001 EXP and 300 gold.

Well... I think that's all... at the time being ^^
Hope u found something useful, and excuse my english if it's bad