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Training at the Pumpkin Patch
First of all I started this at lvl 12 wizard using a staff with light attacks.

Head over to ammitvale pumpkin patch. The Pumpkin slice monsters give 128 exp each (135 hp), and the ravens give 90 exp each (32 hp). if you kill all of the monsters including the boss (A big "Pumpkin slice monster" with 183 hp named Gourdking, he mainly hits in the 20's and 30's but can spike for 100+) There is a healing glowing pumpkin that you can go to on the way threw the patches, to heal before the fight or just when you fell like it. You will get 2540 exp total, and 64 gold just to let you know. You can bring a pet with 2 helpers (Valencia, Artix, with my dragon is what I've been doing) to help you finish up quicker.