DragonFable Tips

The Dragon Egg Saga
The Dragon Egg Saga starts immediately when you begin a new character. It has the name: Prologue, A Hero is Bored.
There comes a dragon. When you think you need to fight him, Twilly and The Priestress, or something like that, comes over the dragon with a black box. The dragon goes away. You need to follow the Priestress and she got attacked by a gorillaphant (i hate this names...)! Twilly wants to help but got knocked out. Offer him to help and he joins your party. Fight the gorillaphant. Go to Oaklore and do some quests to level up. When you think you're high enough, travel to Falconreach. You see Zorbak and he summons a bear you need to fight. Beat the bear (duh). You also need to fight Hydra's, which are hard but when you have an energy weapon, its going easily. (Tip: Beat the little ones first. She does more damage then the big one). After that you are in Falconreach. Go to Twilly and he says The Priestress is attacked. Do the quest and you will be facing Drakath and two Darkwolf Thug's. After you beat them the Black Dragon Box is stolen by a Sneevil. Go back to Falconreach.

Go to Robina, you can go to her by talking to Twilly. You need to do 2 simple quests and she gives you the Black Dragon Box (She has it because she prisoned the Sneevil). BUT... Drakath takes wrath and you need to fight him (theres also a monster named Krakhim). After that, you see the box is... EMPTY!!
The Sneevil dumped the Dragon Egg on the Sneevil Dumpsite *gasp*.

Go to Valencia (Go to the very east of Falconreach until you see a sign with That 'a way). She knows the way to the Sneevil Dumpsite. Go there. There are some hard monsters but are you high enough level it should be easy (there is a healing pad halfway). When you discover the Dragon Egg, a big bird takes it from you. Complete the quest.

By Valencia, she says the bird is named a Vultragon and you need to beat him for the egg. Beat the little Vultragons and make your way through the door maze. Beat the Vultragon and there are 5 Dragon Eggs. Complete the quest.
Go to Twilly.

After you speaked with Twilly go to Warlic.

Warlic says you need to go into the tent. After you fried one egg, there are only 4 eggs left. Warlic needs some regrets to find out which egg is real. First, go to The Mage Tower. You can come there speaking with Warlic. Beat all monsters and get The Tome.
Talk to Warlic. He says you need a Bag of Fire Yarn. Go to Fire Cave (to the north and then take the right path). By the fork, go up. You will find the bag. Go back to Warlic. He says he also needs a Bag of Indestructible Litter. Go to Earth Cave (east and then north). Defeat Stone Head and go back to Warlic *gasp*. This time he needs a Bag of Salmon. This one is easy, go east, then south and you come by a waterfall, under the waterfall is the Bag of Salmon. Head back to Warlic (again). Now you need the last regret, which is also easy. A Bag of Wind-nip. Go north and take the left path. There will be an enormous floating island you can't enter, but in the south corner there is the last bag. Go back to Warlic (agian, again and again). Choose 'The Summoning'. Warlic summons a Doomkitten which can see which one is the Dragon Egg. After she is glowing fight her. She is extremely hard, because can do a triple attack and can hit max. in the 40. After you beat her, you got the real Egg. Yippie... BUT... you're not done yet. Go to Twilly and do the quest, The Secret Cave. When you're there go all the way right and you come by a dragon. You can choose you're own egg. Go outside the cave. Talk to Twilly again and he says you're egg is hatching (Drakath and Sepulchure's egg is also hatching. Now you're done!!!! Go to Lady Celestia (the Priestress) and you can elementize you're dragon. When you have a Dragon Amulet, you can give your dragon a name and you can customize it. If you don't have a Dragon Amulet. You have a Baby Dragon and you can buy food for it, so the dragon earns stat points. The Dragon hits always 9 with his normal attack ( the flame breath). After some stat points he can learn more attacks!!!

Happy playing with your dragon!!!!!!!