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[edit] Background

Players will be able to select from one of five different Dragon Ball Z characters, including Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku. The game begins with the anime series' Trunks saga and continues to the Cell saga, spanning about a third of the entire Dragon Ball Z storyline. Players will have to train their characters and complete various quests while traveling through 30 levels.

[edit] Features

  • Play as your favorite DBZ Characters
  • Ability to use a series of techniques including the Kamehameha and Super Saiyin
  • Many side-quests and very detailed environments and bosses
  • Play through your favorite DBZ momments and sagas

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Shawn Yasumara
Jun 29, 09 2:24pm
Trying to unlock Mr. Satan DragonBallZTheLegacyOfGoku2FutureShock
Apr 04, 09 12:28pm
Not as good as Buu's Fury but still fun. DragonBallZTheLegacyOfGoku2FutureShock
Sep 29, 06 10:56pm
Good, but Buus Fury is better DragonBallZTheLegacyOfGoku2FutureShock
Nov 30, 05 5:37am
awsome music and very enjoyable DragonBallZTheLegacyOfGoku2FutureShock
son gohan
Jan 15, 05 9:45pm

Man when I first heard of The Legacy of Goku game I bougt it and it wasn't as fun as I...

LZ Schneider
Jan 04, 05 5:48am

Well let's see, you can choose from Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks(my fav. on the DBZ anime....

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  • North America: Jun 17, 2003
  • Europe: Aug 1, 2003
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