Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku review
this game is dbz this should be good but its not :(

The good:

ummmmmmmm........got me

The bad:

Everything! This game doesnt have anything good. all gamers STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME IT WILL ONLY DISSAPOINT U. This game was waaaaaay to SHORT AND WAYYYYYYYY TO EASY! I could beat this in a day. U could hand this game to a 4 year old and I bet the four ear old will beat in 1 day. This game is also very unrealistic. U can get killed by overgrown crabs. Animal lovers will hate this game. u get 2 kill squirls and they dont even do anything 2 u. This game dosnt even have any useful items exept herbs. no weapons or armor. U cant even see ur stats. u only have 3 attacs


I would not reccomend this to anyone. Not even a hard core dbz fan. This game will only dissapoint u. This game has lame miniquests like finding an egg that a mother stupidly lost, or building a bridge out of stone so some guy can get across to land, or getting some wittle fwowlers so some nerd can give it to this girl he likes, or getting a kids stupid toy boat. these quests only last a minite. Just dont buy this game and do urself a favor.

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