Dragon Ball Z: Budokai review

The good:

Lots of characters, it follows like exactly in the DBZ shows, the controls are easy and it's a great fighting game.

The bad:

Some of it gets extremely easy.. I mean, REALLY easy(depending on how often you play though), some of it gets boring, and of course, if it's a fighting game, then its too boring with only one player.


For a first time Dragonball Z game, Budokai I must say is great. There are lots of modes to play, and you have the option of playing through a lot of different game modes. There is a story mode where you can play as the desired character and actually go through the entire DBZ storyline, you have a tournament mode, and there are also lots of other various methods of gameplay. Its fun to play because there are nice combos for every different character. That brings me to my next point, which is the gameplay itself.

Another, or should I say the main fun part about this game is the combo's and other type of attacks. You are available to do certain attacks, like a punch button several times and tehn hit the energy button, which would trigger a special attack. Other than that, most of the combos and gameplay is pretty damn boring. When you play it a few times, it gets tedious because its mostly the same thing over and over again. But anyways, the music is pretty boring anyways, so its nothing really spectacular.. But anyways, it's a great game to get because its really fin and addicting. I would recommend anyone to get it or anything because it's a great game, and its really, really fun if you're into the DBZ type of games.

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