Dragon Ball Z: Budokai review
Why I Love DBZ Games!


This is a simple thing, DBZ is a fighting genre, so this is a fighting game...
It was the reason why I got into fighting games, before it was Tekken games that left me feeling like I wanted more, like the story was meant to go on futher...
This just left me in awe...

.:: Graphics ::.

The graphics are a 3D style much like other games, the shading on them is very detailed, I really like the SSJ hair and how in the edit caps menu you can change where the sahdow is to see the attiention to detail they made to it instead of just having some blocks darker than others...


.:: Gameplay ::.

The story mode is not as long as I wanted to be as it ends at the Cell Saga instead of going into Buu or GT...
It keeps it going with the alternate storymodes where you can be the villian of each Saga, also you can go in an replay your favourite fights again without having to wade though all of the story like the final battle between Cell and SSJ2 Gohan


.:: Lifespan ::.

I beat this in under 3 days, but it was an enjoyable and quite long 3 days of non-stop playing, even after I beaat story mode I played it long after as the replay value was quite good and there was also a large tornement me and my friend Troy were doing between each other...


.:: Overall ::.

Unless you have a spare £40 to get Budokai 2 or 3 then get this instead, an instead classic shown by teh plattium status it was rewarded...


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