Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Teen Gohan Character FAQ v1.0 - One eighty two
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: : : : Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Teen Gohan Character FAQ

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Teen Gohan Character FAQ

by One eighty two   Updated to v1.0 on
Teen Gohan FAQ
Author of FAQ: Adam (One eighty two)
Game: Dragonball Z: Budokai
System/Platform: Playstation 2
Copyright 2003 Adam Hritz

Version 1.0

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Table of Contents

I. Intro

II Controller Setups and Basic Controls

III. Basic Moves and Combos

IV. Death & Ultimate Moves

V. Capsules
           1.0 Ability Capsules
           2.0 Physical Capsules
           3.0 Support Capsules
           4.0 Breakthrough Capsule

VI. Custom Capsule Trays

VII. Secrets and Hints (Contains minor spoilers)

VIII. Thanks

IX. Outro


I. Intro

Ok people, this is my second FAQ. So far I like writing FAQs and I might 
write a few more for my other favorite characters in DBZ: Budokai. I decided
to write a Teen Gohan FAQ because I believe Gohan in general in underestimated
to a fairly high degree. He can be a very deadly warrior if used correctly,
and I want to help you people in your quest to be the second best Budokai
player ever. Why second best? Because, quite frankly, I'm the best ^_^
I'm kidding, I'm kidding! 

Anyway, enough with the lame jokes, on with the FAQ!

II. Controller Setups and Basic Controls

Here is the Standard Setup the game gives you:

X = Guard
Square = Punch
Triangle = Kick
Circle = Ki (Energy) Blast
R1 = P+K (Unblockable Strike)
R2 = P+G (Grab or Throw Technique)
L1 = Nothing
L2 = Nothing

Now here is my Custom Controller Setup:

X = Guard
Square = Punch
Triangle = Kick
Circle = Ki Blast
R1 = P+K
R2 = P+G
L1 = P+K+G (Causes character to transform)
L2 = P+K+G+E (Taunt-Causes opponent to lose 1 ki gauge)

The only reason I customized it this way is because it's easy to deal with in
Practice Mode and L1 and L2 were free to change.

III. Basic Moves and Combos

Punch- Any combination of only the punch button will give you a series of

Now we'll get into throwing in some directions

P+P+P+>P = A series of punches that ends with a quick but powerful palm 
strike that can come in handy when you're trying to knock your opponent
out of the ring.

P+>P+P = Causes decent damage but lacks in recovery time.

>P+P+P+P+P = A good combo that deals good damage and finishes by smacking
your opponent into the air.

P = A 2-Hit combo that is good for knocking back opponents.

R1 = The same above but Punches and sends the opponent horizontally.

K = A swift combo that's useful for knocking your opponent out of the ring

K+K+>K+K = A very good combo. VERY good. Only one setback- Your guard is
dropped if the last kick misses, but this isn't really that important if your 
opponent is blocking.

>K+K+K+K+K = Yes, 5 kicks in there. It finshes with a powerful kick that
launches your opponent across the ring. Again, very useful for causing

K = A short combo that sends your opponent away; however, it's only
useful in the air. Overall it isn't that great.

                   Takes 1 ki gauge.

Part B - The Ultimate Move

Super Kamehameha - One of the coolest moves in the whole game next to Meteor 
                   Break, Goku's Super Dragon Fist (When placed twice in the 
                   capsule tray), and Burning Attack. You must be a Super 
                   Saiyan 2 to execute this:
                   Pretty simple huh? This attack alone does 1,200 damage.
                   When placed twice on the capsule tray, it does 1,440.
                   Takes up 3 ki gauges. What more do I need to say?

V. Capsules

1.0 Ability Capsules

Super Saiyan - Gives you a 10% increase in attack and gives you an increase
               in speed. Your ki gauge must be at 4 to do this. When done,
               it slowly drains your ki gauge. It's actually way better to be
               a Super Saiyan because of the increase in stats . 
               Takes 1 capsule slot.

Super Saiyan 2 - Gives another 10% increase in attack and a boost in speed.
                This totals to a 20% increase in attack. Your ki gauge must be 
                at 5 to do this. Drains ki faster than Super Saiyan. 
                Takes 1 capsule slot.

Kamehameha - See Section 4

Super Kamehameha - See Section 4

2.0 Physical Capsules

Instant Killquick - A swift combo. Can be executed by pressing >P+P+K+K+E.
                    Takes 1 ki gauge.

High-Speed Hammer - I love these types of attacks. Gohan smashes the opponent
                    into the ground and fires 8 ki blasts at them. When placed
                    twice in the capsule tray, he will fire 16 blasts. 
                    Executed by pressing P+P+K+K+E. Takes 2 ki gauges.

Jackhammer -This is your throw attack. Press G+K (R2). Doesn't use
            any ki and is unblockable, so it's really useful if your 
            opponent keeps trying to guard.

Fierce Ranma - This is awesome. 21 hits if placed once, 41 if twice.  
               Executed with K+K+