Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Frieza Character FAQ v1.2
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: : : : Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Frieza Character FAQ

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Frieza Character FAQ

by arseball   Updated to v1.2 on

Dragonball Z: Budokai

Frieza FAQ guide.


Version: 1.2




 About Frieza

Frieza is the Lord of the Universe. He is very powerful and is virtually unstopable. He is the son of King Cold.

To obtain Frieza, you must beat #8 - A Quiet But Fierce Battle.




Contents list:

1. Contact info/Creator info

2.Legal Disclaimer

3. Button Controls

4. Ability Capsules

5. Physical Capsule

6. Story Mode - When Frieza takes part.

7. World Tournament

8. Amendments

9. Thanks to...




1. Copyright of: arseball

Created by: arseball

Contact me: arseball@talk21.com

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If you spot an error in this FAQ please contact me and it will be amended with a thanks to you.




2. Legal disclaimer: Only Neoseeker.com may use and distribute this Trunks FAQ. You may print a copy of this guide for your own reference. Do not sell this FAQ or edit it to post on another website.

Frieza is a trademark of FUNimation



3. Button Controls


-> = Towards opponent

K = Kick - Default - Triangle

P = Punch - Square

E = Ki blast - Circle

G = Guard - X




4. Ability Capsules


Final Form - P+K+G - With 4 or more Ki Gauges

100% Final Form - P+K+G - With 5 or more Ki Gauges

Death Beam - P,P,P,P,E, or P,->,P,P,E, or ->,K,P,P,P - Uses 1, 2, 3 Ki Gauge respectively)

Death Ball - ->,P,P,P,K - Uses 3 Ki Gauges and can only be used after Final Form .



5. Physical Capsules



Frieza Nightmare - K,K,->,K,K,E - Uses 1 Ki Gauge and can be equipped twice.

Killer Ball - ->P,P,P,P - Uses 2 Ki Gauges.

Meteor Crush - P+G - Uses 0 Ki Gauges.

Evil Dance - ->,K,K,K,E - Uses 3 Ki Gauges and can be equipped twice.







6. Story Mode - When Frieza takes part.

Namekian Saga

#2 - Vegeta’s Attack!
#3 - Goku’s Arrival!
#4 - The Road to Super Saiyan
#5 - Frieza? Or Vegeta?
#6 - Goku’s Revival!
#7 - The Legendary Super Saiyan
#8 - A Quiet But Fierce Battle
Bonus - #9 - Raging Frieza
Bonus - #10 - The True Ruler - Alternate ending to the Frieza saga

Android Saga


#1 - A New Threat






7. World Tournament 


If you wish to use Frieza in the ‘World Tournament’ mode but having difficulty in beating it on any difficulty setting, try the following.

Equip your custom Frieza with the following:

Heart Virus
Frieza’s Spaceship

This will lower your opponents health rapidly, and because you have the antidote, you are unaffected. If by any chance you get knocked out, Frieza’s Spaceship will return you to full health and full Ki also with Frieza’s Spaceship, you get a brand new look - the Cyborg form, from the Trunks saga. 



8. Amendments

Added another episode when Frieza takes part, made combos more clear, added a little bio of Frieza.




9. Thanks to...

Akira Toriyama and FUNimation for producing Dragonball Z, Infogrames for making the game. This FAQ has nothing to do with Infogrames or FUNimation. Dragonball Z and Trunks are registered trademarks of FUNimation. Dragonball Z: Budokai is a registered trademark of Infogrames.