Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Cell Character FAQ
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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Cell Character FAQ

by Lagunathemoron   Updated on
Dragonball Z: Budokai
Cell Character FAQ
By James "Lagunathemoron" Wardle
Started on 31/12/2002

Introduction: For the best Dragonball Z fighting game, 
there are around twenty-five characters. Gamefaqs only has 
a small number currently covered in the Characters FAQ 
section so I thought to lend a hand by covering Cell, one 
of my favorite characters in both the cartoon and the 
videogame. I will cover Cell's moves, how to win with him, 
his story mode "missions" and everything you need to know 
on becoming a Cell expert.


1)	Disclaimer
2)	Cell's basics
3)	Cell's moves
4)	Tournament Mode
5)	Story
6) FAQ
7)	Version History
8)	Credits
9)	 Contact

Disclaimer: I wrote this FAQ and I don't want anyone to rip 
off my hard work. If you want to have this on you're 
website, then please E mail me asking so, and if I give you 
permission, keep it updated often, I don't want people E 
mailing me with a question in the newer version of the 
walkthrough, and the F.A.Q has to REMAIN THE SAME! That 
means no name swapping, changing in writing. If you do, 
make sure you have a good lawyer. I have listed some DO'S 
and Don'ts here.


Print this F.A.Q, and use it for help.

E mail me if you have a question or tips which are NOT 
listed in here.

Direct friends here for help.


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If you E mail me with a question, please list the game you 
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you know) Also, please be specific with the questions / 
tips. Do not E mail me and say "How do you get past the 
thing near the thing" or questions already answered in the 
FAQ, chances are you'll be ignored as I get quite a few e 
mails about games per day.

This FAQ is copy write (C) James Wardle / Lagunathemoron

2) Cell's Basics

Cell is one of the last characters you can obtain. 
Unfortunately, this is a bad thing as he is an excellent 
all-round character and is an ideal first character for a 
first time game in Duel mode. His moves are quite easy to 
pull off and he does have a reasonable strength, defense, 
height and of course he has many forms, four (Or five 
including his super secret one). The only character which 
can stop Cell in this game is Gohan, and possibly Krillin. 
For these two characters are tiny, Cell's huge legs often 
make him kick and punch above the said characters. Cell 
should not have trouble on any of the other characters. 
Cell also has a two episode part of Story mode, just like 
Vegeta and Frieze have, please refer to Story missions for 
help on that. To unlock Cell you must defeat him in story 
mode as Gohan.

3) Cell's Moves

Button: Square
Damage: 75
Damage in form 2: 82
Damage in form 3: 90
Notes: Takes no Ki

Button: Square Square
Damage: 154
Damage in form 2: 169
Damage in form 3: 185
Notes: Takes no Ki

Button: Square Square Square
Damage: 227
Damage in form 2: 249
Damage in form 3: 273
Notes: Takes no Ki

Q. Punch
Button: Square Square Square Square
Damage: 194
Damage in form 2: 232
Damage in form 3: 354
Notes: Takes no Ki

Button: Triangle
Damage: 86
Damage in form 2: 94
Damage in form 3: 102
Notes: Takes no Ki

D. Kick
Button: Triangle Triangle
Damage: 165
Damage in form 2: 181
Damage in form 3: 198
Notes: Takes no Ki

T. Kick
Button: Triangle Triangle Triangle
Damage: 170
Damage in form 2: 267
Damage in form 3: 291
Notes: Takes no Ki

Q. Kick
Button: Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle
Damage: 379
Damage in form 2: 417
Damage in form 3: 455
Notes: Takes no Ki

Button: Square Square Square Square Circle
Damage: 150
Damage in form 2: 453
Damage in form 3: 360
Notes: Takes 1 Ki. Can also be done by five punches using 
an arrow on the first two and a kick and three punches

Spirit Bomb
Button: ->Square ->Square Square Triangle Circle
Damage: N/A
Damage in form 2: N/A
Damage in form 3: 1200 
Notes: Takes 3 ki. Unblockable. Must be used on form 3

Button: X
Damage: 0
Damage in form 2: 0
Damage in form 3: 0
Notes: Takes no Ki unless hit using it

Repel blast
Button X (Press when blast is coming towards character)
Damage: 100
Damage in form 2: 100
Damage in form 3: 100
Notes: Takes no ki
Button: X and Square (OR R2)
Damage: 200
Damage in form 2: 275
Damage in form 3: 300
Notes: Takes no Ki

Second Form
Button: Square, X and Triangle
Damage: N/A
Damage in form 2: N/A
Damage in form 3: N/A
Notes: Transforms to second stage Cell. Use when you have 3 

Third Form
Button: Square, X and Triangle
Damage: N/A
Damage in form 2: N/A
Damage in form 3: N/A
Notes: Transforms to third stage Cell. Use when you have 4 

Final Form
Button: Square, X and Triangle
Damage: N/A
Damage in form 2: N/A
Damage in form 3: N/A
Notes: Transforms to final stage Cell. Use when you have 5 

Ultimate Attack
Button: Square, Square, Triangle Circle
Damage: 476
Damage in form 2: 528
Damage in form 3: 572
Notes: Takes 1 Ki

Negative Power-Rain
Button: Triangle Triangle Triangle ->Triangle Cirlce
Damage: 400
Damage in form 2: 440
Damage in form 3: 480
Notes: Takes 2 Ki

Spin kick
Button: Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle ->Triangle
Damage: 400
Damage in form 2: 439
Damage in form 3: 497
Notes: Takes no Ki. Sends enemy in air

Button: Down and X
Damage: N/A
Damage in form 2: N/A
Damage in form 3: N/A
Notes: Dodges to get behind enemy. No Ki wasted.

4) Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode is tough, however using Cell it appears to 
be quite a chore. The best thing to do is to sneak a few 
attacks in which can gain you ki. Once you have five Ki's, 
I highly recommend going in to third stage, then using 
Cell's spirit bomb. This could know the other person out of 
the wing, or make them lose a bit of their health. One 
other way is to keep backing away from the rival and 
running and hitting triangle, or send an enemy in to the 
air and firing a Kamehameha at him or her. The essential 
trick to beating the tournament as Cell is to do ring outs, 
especially when coming to a powerful opponent such as Goku, 
Gohan or even Trunks.

5) Story Missions

He is the main villain in Budokai but this doesn't stop him 
from having two episodes. Cell gives us a tale of how he 
came from the future and why, to absorb Android 17 and his 
sister, Android 18. In the first battle, against Android 
16, you need to back away and avoid his projectile attacks, 
then head in with kicks and punches. You cannot archive 
other forms yet, but Lasso is a good move to use at this 
point. Next up is "Baldy" Krillin. He is actually quite 
easy and can be taken down in a few hits. After this you 
will have to fight the final boss of Dragonball Z: 
Budokai... YAMCHA! Now you are in Cell's "perfect" form, 
Yamcha is still tough. You need to keep away from him at 
all costs and only attack him when he comes towards you. He 
is quite tough, but not impossible.

6)Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Can you be Cellin
A) Yes and no. You can in story mode for the final boss, 
however you can not be Cellin in anything else.

Q) Can you be Cell J.r
A) No. You can only fight them in Story mode and Legend of 
Mr. Satan mode.

Q) Is Yamcha really the final boss?
A) Unofficially, yes he is. You fight Cell many times as 
Gohan but in the side-quest you must battle Yamcha as 

7) Version History

1.0 This is the first version of the FAQ. It includes 
everything there is to know.

8) Credits

James Wardle/Lagunathemoron - For writing this FAQ
CjayC - For posting it on Gamefaqs
NeoSeeker staff - For also hosting my FAQS after I gave 
them permission to post all my latest FAQs.