Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Shop FAQ v0.5
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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Shop FAQ

by LordMaChao   Updated to v0.5 on
Dragon ball Z: Budokai
Shop FAQ
Copyrighted 2003
By: LordMaChao
Version 0.5

I. Intro
II. Copyright
III. Version info
IV. Capsule table
-Special capsules
-Physical capsules
-Support capsules
-Gamble and Recommended capsules
V. Tips
VI. Thanks

Hello to anyone reading this. In this FAQ I will be telling you every 
capsules price and give you a few tips. So if you are having any trouble 
getting any capsules or you just want to know them all don't hesitate to 
look here.

---Copyright info---
This FAQ is copyright and is not to be duplicated, edited, stolen, sold, or 
put on a website unless I grant permission through e-mail. If I do find this 
FAQ copied onto your site, I will take legal action to ensure that you will 
never do anything of that sort again. If you would like to put this FAQ on 
your site, please e-mail me before doing anything. If I do not reply 
immediately, please do not just put it up on your site. I will respond 
eventually. I don't really check my email too often. If you want to ask to 
use this FAQ my email address is lordmachao@hotmail.com. Remember email me 
first or your legs will be broken! Maybe not but you will owe me some money.

---Version info---

-Version 0.5: This is my first edition of this FAQ. I will most likely add 
more tips and correct some spelling errors in my next update. If you have 
any suggestions on what should be added or see any mistakes email me at 

---Capsule table---
Well first off let me tell you what a capsule is. The capsules allow you to 
make a character or customize them as you see fit, adding more then one of a 
capsule increase its effect and allows you to get strongest in a certain 
aspect. You will also find that there are capsules that can tip any fight in 
your favor and actually help you during a match. Here is the list or common, 
uncommon, rare, and very rare of the three kind of capsules.

-----Special Capsules ( color = red):
Bomber DX ------------------------- 1,000z
Break Cannon ---------------------- 1,000z
Dodoria Beam----------------------- 1,000z
Double Sunday---------------------- 1,000z
Kamehameha (Yamcha)---------------- 1,000z
Ki Blast Cannon-------------------- 1,000z
King Kai Fist x2------------------- 1,000z
King Kai Fist x5------------------- 1,000z
Monster Form----------------------- 1,000z
Saturday Crush--------------------- 1,000z
Second Form------------------------ 1,000z

Buster Cannon--------------------- 2000z
Death Beam------------------------ 2000z
Destructo Disk-------------------- 2000z
Destructive Wave------------------ 2000z
Dodompa--------------------------- 2000z
Dynamite Kick--------------------- 2000z
Energy Field (#17)---------------- 2000z
Energy Field (#18)---------------- 2000z
Final Form------------------------ 2000z
Finish Buster--------------------- 2000z
Galick Cannon--------------------- 2000z
High Tension---------------------- 2000z
Kamehameha (Cell)----------------- 2000z
Kamehameha (Goku)----------------- 2000z
Kamehameha (Kid Gohan)------------ 2000z
Kamehameha (Krillin)-------------- 2000z
Kamehameha (Teen Gohan)----------- 2000z
King Kai Fist x10----------------- 2000z
Light Grenade--------------------- 2000z
Masenko--------------------------- 2000z
Milky Cannon---------------------- 2000z
Perfect Form---------------------- 2000z
Photon Shot----------------------- 2000z
Possibility Cannon---------------- 2000z
Power Blitz (#17)----------------- 2000z
Power Blitz (#18)----------------- 2000z
Recoome Eraser Gun---------------- 2000z
Rocket Punch---------------------- 2000z
Special Fighting Pose 1----------- 2000z
Special Fighting Pose 2----------- 2000z
Special Fighting Pose 3----------- 2000z
Special Fighting Pose 4----------- 2000z
Sync with Nail---------------------2000z
Super Saiyan (Teen Gohan)--------- 2000z
Super Saiyan (Trunks)------------- 2000z
Unlock Potential (Kid Gohan)------ 2000z
Unlock Potential (Krillin)-------- 2000z
Wolf Fang Fist-------------------- 2000z

Big Bang Attack------------------- 4000z
Body Change----------------------- 4000z
Burning Attack-------------------- 4000z
Death Ball------------------------ 4000z
Final Flash----------------------- 4000z
Fuse With Kami-------------------- 4000z
Hell Flash------------------------ 4000z
Hellzone Grenade------------------ 4000z
Justice Punch----------------------4000z
Life Drain------------------------ 4000z
Perfect Form (Power-Weighted)----- 4000z
Present For You------------------- 4000z
Recoome Bomber-------------------- 4000z
Satan Special--------------------- 4000z
Special Beam Cannon--------------- 4000z
Spirit Bomb (Cell)---------------- 4000z
Spirit Bomb (Goku)---------------- 4000z
Super Kamehameha------------------ 4000z
Super Saiyan 2-------------------- 4000z
Super Saiyan (Goku)--------------- 4000z
Super Saiyan (Vegeta)------------- 4000z
Super Trunks---------------------- 4000z
Super Trunks 2-------------------- 4000z
Super Vegeta---------------------- 4000z
Volleyball Fist------------------- 4000z
Warp Kamehameha------------------- 4000z

-Very rare: Nothing here.

-----Physical Capsules (color = blue):
Berserk Fist----------------------- 1000z
Blast Attack----------------------- 1000z
Breakstorm------------------------- 1000z
Buster Swing (#17)----------------- 1000z
Buster Swing (#18)----------------- 1000z
Continuous Kamehameha-------- ------1000z
Continuous Ki Blast Wave----------- 1000z
Cybernetic Pain-------------------- 1000z
Cybernetic Radar (Cell)------------ 1000z
Day Crush-------------------------- 1000z
Demon Roundhouse------------------- 1000z
Devil Crush------------------------ 1000z
Dodoria Big Blaster---------------- 1000z
Dodoria Typhoon-------------------- 1000z
Dodoria Ultra Spike---------------- 1000z
Domination Blast------------------- 1000z
Dragonthrow------------------------ 1000z
Dynamite Monday-------------------- 1000z
Energy Burst----------------------- 1000z
Evil Dance------------------------- 1000z
Exciting Year---------------------- 1000z
Extra Graceful Cannon-------------- 1000z
Fierce Ranma (Piccolo)------------- 1000z
Fierce Ranma (Teen Gohan)---------- 1000z
Finishing Splash------------------- 1000z
Final Bash------------------------- 1000z
Frieza Nightmare------------------- 1000z
Giant Attack----------------------- 1000z
Ginyu Special---------------------- 1000z
Ginyu Strike----------------------- 1000z
High Speed Hammer------------------ 1000z
Hurricane Kick--------------------- 1000z
Hyper Elegant Magnum--------------- 1000z
Instant Killquick (Piccolo)-------- 1000z
Instant Killquick (Teen Gohan)----- 1000z
Jackhammer (Krillin)--------------- 1000z
Jackhammer (Teen Gohan)------------ 1000z
Jackhammer Fist-------------------- 1000z
Jackhammer Fist Slash-------------- 1000z
Justice Carnival------------------- 1000z
Justice Dynamite------------------- 1000z
Justice Finisher------------------- 1000z
Justice Flash---------------------- 1000z
Killer Ball------------------------ 1000z
Killing Neck Throw----------------- 1000z
Killquick-------------------------- 1000z
Lasso------------------------------ 1000z
Machinegun Fist-------------------- 1000z
Megaton Throw---------------------- 1000z
Meteor Break (Trunks)-------------- 1000z
Meteor Break (Vegeta)-------------- 1000z
Meteor Crush----------------------- 1000z
Meteor Flash----------------------- 1000z
Missing Screw---------------------- 1000z
Negative Power Rain---------------- 1000z
Nose Dive Crash-------------------- 1000z
Parmesan Shower-------------------- 1000z
Power Break------------------------ 1000z
Power Falling Star (#17)----------- 1000z
Power Falling Star (#18)----------- 1000z
Power Strike (#17)----------------- 1000z
Power Strike (#18)----------------- 1000z
Processed Power Crush-------------- 1000z
Rapid Fall Slash------------------- 1000z
Recoome Buster Magnum-------------- 1000z
Recoome Hyper Swing---------------- 1000z
Recoome Max Vulcan----------------- 1000z
Rolling Crush---------------------- 1000z
Satan Critical Attack-------------- 1000z
Satan Miracle Bomber--------------- 1000z
Satan Ultra Dynamite--------------- 1000z
Super Beautiful Arrow-------------- 1000z
Super Dragon Fist------------------ 1000z
Tiger Jackhammer------------------- 1000z
Ultimate Attack (Cell)------------- 1000z
Weekly Special--------------------- 1000z
Wolf Fang Blast-------------------- 1000z
Wolf Slice Fist-------------------- 1000z
Zanku Fist (Goku)------------------ 1000z
Zanku Fist (Krillin)--------------- 1000z

-Uncommon: Nothing here.

-Rare: Nothing here.

-Very rare: Nothing here.

-----Support skills (color = green):
General Vest------------------------- 1000z
Life Extract for 10------------------ 1000z
Normal Evil Tribe Uniform------------ 1000z
Normal Fiber Jacket----------------- 1000z
Old Style Armour--------------------- 1000z
Old Training Vest-------------------- 1000z
Special Coating---------------------- 1000z

1/3 Senzu Bean----------------------- 6000z
Champion Belt------------------------ 2000z
Cheering----------------------------- 2000z
Evil Tibe Training Uniform----------- 2000z
Gero's Energy R&D-------------------- 2000z
Improved Special Coating------------- 2000z
Life Extract for 100----------------- 2000z
Mixed Blood Power-------------------- 2000z
Moon Light--------------------------- 2000z
Quality Fiber Jacket----------------- 2000z
Rage!-------------------------------- 2000z
Rit Armour--------------------------- 2000z
Serious!----------------------------- 2000z
Scouter------------------------------ 2000z
Super Kami Water--------------------- 2000z
Training Vest------------------------ 2000z
Viral Heart Disease------------------ 2000z
Wedding Vest------------------------- 2000z

Android's Barrier-------------------- 4000z
Cell's Barrier----------------------- 4000z
Cell's Regeneration------------------ 4000z
Evil Tribe Sturdy Uniform------------ 4000z
Gero's Deflection R&D---------------- 4000z
Ki Flash----------------------------- 4000z
Life Extract for 1000---------------- 4000z
Nanomachine-------------------------- 4000z
New Style Armor---------------------- 4000z
Potential---------------------------- 4000z
Rage!!------------------------------- 4000z
Saiyan Blood------------------------- 4000z
Saiyan Spirit------------------------ 4000z
Senzu Bean--------------------------- 10000z
Serious!!---------------------------- 4000z
Sturdy Fiber Jacket------------------ 4000z
Sturdy Vest------------------------- 4000z
Super Holy Water--------------------- 4000z
Vaccine------------------------------ 4000z
World Champion Vest------------------ 4000z

-Very Rare:
Bulma Armour------------------------- 8000z
Evil Tribe Mystery------------------- 8000z
Frieza's Space Ship------------------ 12000z
Gero's Deflect-Back R&D-------------- 10000z
Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D---------- 8000z
High Tech Vest----------------------- 8000z
Improved Nanomachine----------------- 8000z
Life Extract for 10000--------------- 8000z
Mysterious Vest---------------------- 8000z
Mystery Fiber Jacket----------------- 8000z
Piccolo's Regeneration--------------- 8000z
Rage!!!------------------------------ 8000z
Serious!!!--------------------------- 8000z

-----Gamble and Recommended capsules:
These are all the above capsules. You can also get Dragon Balls in these two 
categories. I suggest you use the recommended spot though for you can see 
what you will get.


-Easy capsules:
This is how you easily get new capsules. Go into Mr. Popo's shop and check 
the recommended capsule spot. If its something you don't want well then just 
leave the shop and enter it again. The recommended spot will have a new 

-Easy money:
Customize either Krillin or Kid Gohan. Give them the Vaccine + Viral Heart 
Disease Combo. Your opponent will lose his health without being hit. Put the 
Round Time on 30 seconds, and enter the Advanced Tournament. Now all you 
have to do is Guard all the time and you'll win in most of the cases.

-Breakthrough for who ever you want:
Once you get all of the seven dragon balls save the game. Then check for who 
the three characters are that you can get the breakthrough capsule for. What 
you don't like them? Well then restart the game and then check for who the 
new people are.

Well I would like to thank Neoseeker for putting this FAQ up... I love you 
guys! As friends of course.