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: : : : Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Game Script

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Game Script

by TIDQ   Updated to v1.0 on
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                        iM8 iiMMM0BBBBBBBBBBBB0B@MMMMMM
       M0MMMMMMMMM   iMMM  i:;i@  .MB  ::.  7MMMMMMB, MMM@   MMMMMMMMMM
         WMMMMMMMM W,  MMS iiiiM:  ZM  r   MM0ii X8M aMM   @ 7MMMMMMM
          MMMMMMM  rM@ WMB ii::M.   MMMMX8MM   2 ,   @MM MM7  MMM7r 7
           aMM SMM S 8 aMS ii, a,  MMa M:MMM   M::..  MM,27i MMMi
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                  XM   rMMWr          M.           7MMMZ:  MM
                   ,MW  8MM2W ,  2M   i       BS  M MMM  ;MM
                      M;MMM r,  MMMMMMM02MMMMMMMM . MMMMMM
                        rMM,,;  MM ZMMMMMMMMa7MMS   MMM
                        @MM. r rMM           :MM7 .:MMM
                         ;M8 M ,MMi     8.M MM:M BMMZ
                           M M  MM           iMM X MM
                           MX M Mr ;0a2iSZMZS MM   M
                            Ma  MZa.   rMiS ,7M0 iM:
                             Mr  M .ZMMMZ2@X  M .Mr
                              M2 Mr:r     .X 7M M
                               M2 B.i;;;:,,:   M
                                MW .:  Z,,i. 2M
                                 MM    M    WM

                   D R A G O N   B A L L   Z   B U D O K A I

                                The Game Script
                         by TIDQ (Email at the bottom)

Table of Contents

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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Title Song Lyrics
3.0 Saiyan Story Mode
   3.1 Mysterious Alien Attack!!
   3.2 A Mutually Deadly Foe
   3.3 Saiyan Attack!!
   3.4 Goku's Quiet Fury
   3.5 Super Duel!
   3.6 Show Gohan's True Power!
   3.7 Vegeta, Saiyan Prince
4.0 Namekian Story Mode
   4.1 Let's Go To Namek!
   4.2 Vegeta's Attack!
   4.3 Goku's Arrival!
   4.4 The Road to Super Saiyan
   4.5 Frieza? Or Vegeta?
   4.6 Goku's Revival!
   4.7 The Legendary Super Saiyan
   4.8 A Quiet But Fierce Battle
   4.9 Raging Frieza
   4.10 The True Ruler
5.0 Android Story Mode
   5.1 A New Threat
   5.2 Super Saiyan Vegeta
   5.3 A Wicked Omen
   5.4 Sneaky Cell
   5.5 Vegeta's Confidence!
   5.6 Perfect Form Cell Complete!!
   5.7 Cell's game begins
   5.8 A Warrior Beyond Goky
   5.9 Gohan Explodes!!
   5.10 The Final Battle!!
   5.11 Aim For Perfect Form!
   5.12 A Cold-Blooded Assassin
6.0 Miscellany
   6.1 Legal Stuff
   6.2 Emailing Me
   6.3 Version History
   6.4 Special Thanks

&                             1.0 Introduction                                &

This FAQ is a transcribed game script of the major dialogue from the game
Dragon Ball Z Budokai for the Playstion 2. The purpose of this guide is to
serve as a quick and easy reference guide to that dialogue in pure text form.

This is NOT a FAQ to help answer gameplay questions. There are plenty of other
FAQs that do that really well. This FAQ will contain spoilers, obviously, so
be forewarned.

Because this is a word-for-word transcript, I will be referring to the
characters as their English-given names. So do not complain that I don't refer
to Hercule as "Mr. Satan" or anything of that nature. Your beef is with the
translators, not me.

The bulk of the text here is from the story mode, however I've also included
the lyrics to the title song, as simple as they may be, since they're in the
game as well. I realize that I do not have the text for "The Legend of
Hercule," but that's something I may or may not consider amending in the

I ask that people do not lift my guide or portions of my guide without asking
my permission or without giving me credit.

Also, please forgive me if there's a word or punctuation slightly off in some
places. The words go by rather quickly, and I've done the best I can.

Now, without further ado, I present the story of Dragon Ball Z Budokai.

&                            2.0 Title Song Lyrics                            &

"Rock the Dragon"
Music and Lyrics by Shuki Levy

Dragon Ball Z!

Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Dragon Ball Z!
Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Come get me!

Dragon Ball Z!

Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Dragon Ball Z!
Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Come get me!
Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Dragon Ball Z!
Dragon! Dragon! Rock the Dragon!
Come, a'come get me!

Dragon Ball Z!

Dragon Ball Z!

&                             3.0 Saiyan Story Mode                           &

3.1 Mysterious Alien Attack!!

Goku, the victor of many great battles, was out with his son, Gohan, to see his
comrades again.

(Nice to meet you Gohan. I'm Bulma.)

Suddenly, a creature from outer space appears, to announce an astounding fact.

Raditz: Ah, just the person I'm looking for... My name is Raditz.... I've come
to destroy this planet and you're going to help me. After all, that's what we
do, brother.. We are Saiyans!!

Goku was brought to his knees by the almighty power of the alien,
and Gohan was carried away... a prisoner.

Raditz: Well... What an unexpected surprise... I just stopped by to enjoy the
view... why are you idiots here?

Goku: You know why... Give me back my son, right now!

Raditz: Ha, ha ha ha ha! And what if I don't feel like it? Huh?... What are a
couple of puny runts like you going to do about it?

Goku: You might be stronger than I am, but that doesn't matter. There's no way
that I'll back down.

Raditz: You fools just don't get it, do you? I'll let you in on a secret...
This planet's history. Even if you beat me, there are two more powerful Saiyans
on their way.

Goku: That's just great. But I'll deal with you first... I have to save Gohan!

|Learn the controls!|

"Goku, can you defeat Raditz?"

Raditz: What?... How did you...?

Goku: Look at that...I got your tail! Piccolo... Do it!

Raditz: Please... Spare me Kakarot!.. You don't want to hurt your own brother,
do you?

Goku: No, that's enough! I'm nothing like you, Raditz! I'm not your brother.

Raditz: Please, let me go! If you do, I promise I'll leave this planet right

Piccolo: No, you can't listen to him, Goku! He's only telling lies!

Raditz: Please brother... I beg of you.

Piccolo: Goku! No!

Raditz: I can't believe you fell for that trick... Too bad... Now you're all
mine! Ha?!...Uuh?!

Gohan: Stop it!...Let Dad go!

Raditz: What?..No way!..Curse that kid! Hey!...Let go!

Goku: Piccolo!..Blast him! Do it now!

Piccolo: Good, at last!.. He's all mine!

|Hit the Special Beam Cannon!|
   To get hit by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, stay in the center of the
   screen! Rotate the left analog stick or right analog stick in the direction
   you want to go.

"Don't miss your chance! Watch Raditz's movements!"

Piccolo: This is it...I'll finish him! Special Beam Cannon!

Raditz: Uh...ya...got...me...

3.2 A Mutally Deadly Foe

In their last encounter, Goku barely managed to defeat his old enemy Piccolo in
an epic battle. Now, after some much needed time to recuperate, Goku has taken
his son Gohan on a visit to Turtle Island.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a strange spacecraft crash lands on planet
Earth, and Piccolo faces off against the mysterious alien on board.

Raditz: Ah, just the person I'm looking for... My name is Raditz.... I've come
to destroy this planet and you're going to help me. After all, that's what we
do, brother.. We are Saiyans!!

Goku refused to give in to Raditz' demands, so the Saiyan warrior kidnapped

Now, Goku and Piccolo must join forces in order to combat this new threat.

Raditz: Well... What an unexpected surprise... I just stopped by to enjoy the
view... why are you idiots here?

Goku: You know why... Give me back my son, right now!

Raditz: Ha, ha ha ha ha! And what if I don't feel like it? Huh?... What are a
couple of puny runts like you going to do about it?

Piccolo: Don't get too cocky. I don't think you could take both of us at

Raditz: You fools just don't get it, do you? I'll let you in on a secret...
This planet's history. Even if you beat me, there are two more powerful Saiyans
on their way.

Piccolo: Hah!...There's two more? No matter. I'll deal with you first, and by
the time they get here... I'll be ready.


"Knock out the Saiyans with Piccolo's power!"

Raditz: What?... How did you...?

Goku: Look at that...I got your tail! Piccolo... Do it!

Raditz: Please... Spare me Kakarot!.. You don't want to hurt your own brother,
do you?

Goku: No, that's enough! I'm nothing like you, Raditz! I'm not your brother.

Raditz: Please, let me go! If you do, I promise I'll leave this planet right

Piccolo: No, you can't listen to him, Goku! He's only telling lies!

Raditz: Please brother... I beg of you.

Piccolo: Goku! No!

Raditz: I can't believe you fell for that trick... Too bad... Now you're all
mine! Ha?!...Uuh?!

Gohan: Stop it!...Let Dad go!

Raditz: What?..No way!..Curse that kid! Hey!...Let go!

Goku: Piccolo!..Blast him! Do it now!

Piccolo: Good, at last!.. He's all mine! This is it. I just need a clear shot
at him. Of maybe... Both of them... Of course! Both of them!

|Gather Ki!|
   You need Ki to launch the Special Beam Cannon!!! Make circles with the left
analog stick or right analog stick within the time limit to gather Ki!

"Gather Ki before Goku loses his strength! NOW!"

This it it...I'll finish him!
Special Beam Cannon!


3.3 Saiyan Attack!!

Preparing for the Saiyans' inevitable attack, Piccolo spends his days training
with Gohan. But Gohan has a tough time keeping up with the determined Namek.

One year later the Saiyans finally arrive and begin their devastion of the

And in no time the two Saiyans have the Earth in the palm of their hands.

But the Earth's last defense, the Z Warriors, stand shoulder to shoulder ready
to thwart the attack.

Vegeta: Nappa let's find out how strong these fools really are... Prepare the

Nappa: Sure Vegeta, this should be good for a laugh.

Yamcha: Huh? What?

Tien: Yamcha!

Piccolo: So tell me why have you two decided to grave the Earth with your

Vegeta: A Namekian... Of course... you created the Dragon balls, didn't you?

Nappa: And that's why we're here, pal. Hand 'em over... We've got a lot more
Saibaimen, you know!

Ha!...All your Saibaimen do is give me a real pain in the neck. I'll finish
them off for good.

|Defeat all Saibaimen!|
   Saibaiman appearing one after another!! Fight your way through the waves
   of battles!

"Defeat all Saibaimen! Don't let your guard down!"

Nappa: Ah.. let's see who am I going to take down first? Ah! You rotten midget!
Get off me!

Chiaotzu: Goodbye... Tien... stay... alive.

Tien: Chaiotzu!

Nappa: Bah! That was so pathetic!

Tien: No Chiaotzu... Thank you my friend... You sacrificed yourself for me. I
won't let it be in vain!.. Blast cannon!

Krillin: Goku! Please help us!

Piccolo: He's stronger than he looks. How can I stop him?

All right, Now I can have some fun. I'll take out both of you at once.

Piccolo: I'm tired of all your talk!

Nappa: That does it... I'm gonna smash you into tiny pieces kid... Say goodbye!

Piccolo: Now.. Gohan.... Get... up... while... you... can...

Gohan: Piccolo! Please don't leave me!

Piccolo: Hey, kid... you'll have to take it from here... This is what we
trained for, isn't it? But promise me... stay alive...

3.4 Goku's Quiet Fury

After losing his life in a brutal battle against his brother Raditz, Goku finds
himself in the Other World.

Taking King Yama's advice, Goku travels the long, long road of Snake Way, in
search of the ruler of the Other World, King Kai.

Goku: There! That's it! That's the planet King Yama was talking about!

After the appropriate introductions, Goku found himself training on King Kai's

Six months later, the Saiyans finally land on Earth and begin their dreaded

Nappa: I can't wait to see Kakarot's face when he sees that his son has been
smashed into tiny pieces.

Gohan: The Nimbus Cloud?

Krillin: What?..Goku!?

Goku:Piccolo... Tien... Uh!.. Yamcha?!

Nappa: Hey Punk! That's not all... I got that other little friend of yours as

Goku: You didn't?! Chiaotzu?! No! That's it!


"Can you beat someone Piccolo and others couldn't beat?"

Nappa: Uh! Uh... Veg... Vegeta... I need your help! What! No! Vegeta? Vegeta!

Vegeta: You're a disgrace to all Saiyans! Goodbye!

Nappa: Vegeta!

3.5 Super Duel

Vegeta: Kakarot do you have any idea how lucky you are that a super-elite
warrior like myself has decided to let you have a fighting chance?

Goku: Hey thanks, but I don't expect a fair fight... it doesn't seem like your

Vegeta: There...I've let you speak your mind. Now let's begin, shall we?


"Will the King Kai Fist work?! Show Goku's true power!!"

Huh? What's this? You've matched my strength... I'm better than you are... I
am the strongest! An elite! There's no way I can be beaten! I'll prove it!!
Ha...Ha...Ha... You're quite the lucky one indeed. Now you're going to see me
transform. Ha! Nothing can save you now!

Goku: What in the world is this? What's this, huh? Another trick?

3.6 Show Gohan's True Power!

Vegeta: Don't you see Kakarot, you don't have a chance against me!

Goku: Whoa...What enormous energy. He sure is big... This'll be tough for sure,
but I'll be ready for him. I'll just have to give him everything I've got...
you big ape!

While Goku prepared to use the Spirit Bomb technique he learned from King Kai,
the giant ape Vegeta countered with an attack of his own!

Vegeta: And now...I'll crush you... It's been nice knowing you Kakarot! That
power level?...where?

Gohan: You let go of my Dad!

Vegeta: So, it's Kakarot's son. Oh how nice! Did you come to say goodbye to
your father, Sonny?

Krillin: Destructo Disc!

Vegeta: Well take a good look... Cause it'll be the last one you'll ever get!
Nice try... Your pathetic little friend won't catch me off guard, Kakarot.
I'm too smart for their tricks. No?... No! I don't believe it... You little
insect... How dare you...You're starting to make me very angry! You want to
play with me... Then let's play, boy!... Are you ready?!


"Goku's trapped! Vegeta's closing in! Gohan, defeat Vegeta!"

Krillin! OK! I've got the Spirit Bomb! I hope this works!

Vegeta: What the...?

Goku: Throw it back Gohan!.. You have to throw it back!

Gohan turns the tables on Vegeta, and brings him down hard! But with the
little energy he has left, Vegeta summons his spaceship hoping to make a hasty
retreat. His plan, escape Earth, and live to fight another day.

Vegeta: I'll be back... and next time I'll destroy them all...

Krillin: You're not going anywhere, Vegeta. I'll stop you!

Vegeta: Let me go! It've over you fool!

Krillin: It's not over yet!

Goku: No...wait... Krillin Stop... Please... Let Vegeta go... Look I know this
probably sounds crazy... but I want to challenge him again one day. I have to
do it... to prove it to myself that I can beat him. So please just let him
go... Please.

Vegeta: Consdier yourself lucky this time... But I will be back to destroy you
and all of your friends.

Krillin: Goku... When you two meet again... promise me you won't hold back.
You've got to use all of your power so that we can be rid of him once and for

Goku: Don't worry... I will, Krillin.

Preview: Hey everyone! Goku here! We've heard that there's another set of
Dragon balls on a planet called Namek! We're going to try to use them to bring
our dead friends back to life. Bulma and the others have gone on ahead to

Vegeta: All of you, stay out of my way.

Frieza: Ha ha ha! Those Dragon Balls are as good as mine. I will be immortal!

Next on Dragon Ball Z. "Let's Go to Namek!" I'll see you there!

3.7 Vegeta, Saiyan Prince

Vegeta: I know that the Dragon Balls can make any wish come true. I'll use them
for eternal life, and control the universe!

What! Look at those foolish Earthlings! How dare they get in my way? I'll let
Nappa take care of you first. One by one. They're all totally helpless!

What's this? Nappa's been beaten?! Kakarot! Your luck's run out... I don't know
what tricks you used on Nappa, but they won't work on me.

Vegeta: Nappa was a loyal servant, and a true warrior! You will suffer for what
you've done!

Goku: Are you crazy?! He would've been alright! You're the one who blew him up!

Vegeta: Silence! You ignorant fool! You know nothing of Saiyan pride!

|Take out Kakarot!|
   Get out of my war, Kakarot!!! I'll kill you!!!

"Winning doesn't recover Health! Watch out for the King Kai Fist!!"

Krillin: Goku!

Vegeta: You again? Let's see how yough you are... come on! Get down here,

|Get baldy!|
   Darn... My Health hasn't recovered yet... Outta my way, baldy!

"With constant battles, health won't recover..."

Gohan: What?!... Oh no Krillin!

Vegeta: If it isn't Kakarot's kid. You're just in time. Did you know you and
I are the only Saiyans left? Come on, let's join forces!

Gohan: Never...I'll never join you!

Vegeta: Too bad... What a shame... Now YOU DIE!

|Defeat Kakarot's kid!|
   Even Kakarot's kid showed up... I don't have much Health left, but it's
   more than enough for garbage like you!!!

"Health won't recover. Use the Gallick Cannon!"

Vegeta: You fool... You think I can't hear you back there! Sneaky, that's what
I like about you... Hey... Come on, join me!

Yajirobe: Now way, forget it! I'd have to be crazy! You'd just kill me like
your last partner!

Vegeta: I gave Nappa a noble warrior's death! It was what he deserved! He was a

&                            4.0 Namekian Story Mode                          &

4.1 Let's Go To Namek!

After a heated battle, the beaten Saiyan prince, Vegeta, escaped and Goku was
left badly injured.

Meanwhile, the Z-Fighters went to Kami's home planet, Namek, to find the
Dragon Balls and wish back their fallen friends.

But even though they landed safely... trouble wasn't too far behind.

Something terrible was about to rain down from the Namekian skies.

Krillin: That's a Saiyan spaceship!

Bulma quickly relayed a message to Master Roshi, on Earth, that Saiyan trouble
was beginning to brew.

While Goku received the healing power of the Senzu bean, Master Roshi informed
him of the bad news from Namek.

The Senzu Bean didn't take long and Goku was at full power once again.

Fearing the worst, Goku flew to Dr. Brief's laboratory to board the eccentric
scientist's spaceship.

All aboard! First stop...Namek!

Goku: Well, I had better start my training if I hope to stand a chance against
Vegeta. He's not going to be easy on me, so I've got to be twice as hard on
myself. I didn't expect to face him again so soon... but this time, I will be
ready for him.

|First Training!|
   Goku's hard training begins! Deflect-Back Vegeta's Ki Blast Wave 15 times!
   (To Deflect-Back, press the Guard button just before the Ki Blast Wave hits

"Beef up to King Kai Fist x2! Into the practice arena!"

King Kai: Goku? Are you there? Hello?

Goku: Huh? ...King Kai? Is that you King Kai?

King Kai: Ha ha ha! The one and only! Now Goku, listen, I'm send you a
telepathic message to warn you! There is something far more terrible than any
Saiyan waiting for you on Namek! At all costs, you must steer clear of this
creature, for he leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes. His name is
Frieza. And you must steer away from him.

Goku: All right. Well, I'll do my best to avoid him, but I don't think it'll
be easy.

|Second Training!|
   Activate Burst Mode 5 times! (To activate Burst Mode, press P and K as
   Vegeta attacks with a Power Punch.)

"Now multiply your King Kai Fist x5!"

Goku: Hyaa! It's Go time! Let's get down to business!

|Third Training!|
   You'll be on Namek soon! Use your little remaining Health to defeat the fake

"Put it all together! Watch your stamina and fight carefully!"

Goku: Yes! That was tough training. Ha! I bet I can take on any of King Kai's
techniques now!

4.2 Vegeta's Attack!

Vegeta had managed to make a very narrow escape from Earth. After recuperating
in the rejuvenation chamber on planet Frieza, he was ready to make plans for a
trip to Namek. His plans are about to change.

Vegeta: What do you want from me, Kuwi?

Kuwi: Well, it seems that Lord Frieza got impatient... He left...for the Dragon

Vegeta: WHAAAAAT?! I'll kill him!! Stop Frieza! Those Dragon Balls are mine!

Frieza: Hoo ha ha ha ha... That was far too easy.

Dodoria: YOU DIE!

Gohan: STOP!

Krillin: Gohan!... You've got to get out of here!

Krillin: I'll protect this Dragon Ball with my life.

The hotheaded Pricnce Vegeta managed to reclaim five of the Dragon Balls.
And happened onto another. Watch out, Krillin! There's a greedy Saiyan on your

Vegeta: Oh...This IS my lucky day.

Zarbon: Vegeta...I have you now.

Will Vegeta claim Krillin's Dragon Ball to make an even 6?
And what new threat is arriving in these spaceships?

Zarbon: I see you have a new partner, Vegeta. No matter. I will defeat you and
the little bald one and claim the Dragon Ball. Lord Frieza will be so pleased.

Vegeta: Ha! You've got to be kidding!

Zarbon: With or without him... I will take that Dragon Ball from you.

Vegeta: Come on, try it!

Zarbon: It's your funeral.


"Zarbon transformed!? Stand your ground!"

Vegeta: How very careless, Zarbon. Have you forgotten that a Saiyan increases
his strength after every battle?

Zarbond: I don't care how much your strength increases... No puny Saiyan can
match my power!

Vegeta: So, a "puny Saiyan" is it? You mock me! That's right...

Frieza: Heh... heh... heh... and here you are.

Recoome: Recoome!!

Burter: Burter!!

Jeice: Jeice!!

Guido: Guido!!

Ginyu: Ginyu!!

Together: WE ARE...!! ...THE GINYU FORCE!!

Frieza: Uh... yes... well... uh... terrific...

Vegeta: So, the Ginyu Force... Who goes first?

Recoome: Well... are you ready for me? Don't worry cause it'll be over very
soon, Vegeta. Master... Ginyu Fighter... Recoome... HA!


"The Ginyu Special Forces... Can you make it?"

Vegeta: Huh?!

Recoome: Hi! Please tell me that was not your best... Come on... I mean I'm
barely warmed up here. Now it's time to die... HA!

4.3 Goku's Arrival!

Krillin: Goku...hurry...

Gohan: Dad... we... need... you...

While Prince Vegeta went to Planet Namek to secure the Dragon Balls...

...Gohan and Krillin had Namekian business of their own.

They visited the creator of the Dragon Balls, Guru. The great sage revealed
their hidden powers...

But unfortunately, this Namekian soiree was about to have some iuninvited

Frieza and his bodyguards, known as the Ginyu force, had also landed and they
weren't leaving without the Dragon Balls.

Alongside Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan put up a valient effort. But they were no
match for the opposing power of the Ginyu Force.

Gohan: We can't let them win!!

Spaceship: Landing operations complete. Welcome to Planet Namek.

Goku: Gohan...Krillin... I know things aren't good... hold tight... I'm coming.
I can only hope my training will be enough.

Goku: You did very well, I'm proud... You fought hard. ...and now it's my turn.

Recoome: Fool! You think you can take on the Ginyu Force all by yourself?

Goku: Well, I'm going to give it a shot. ...you think you're ready for me?

Recoome: "Ready" for you? Oh, you crack me up. But enough of this comedy
routine. Let's finish this... Attack!


"Goku's back to full power! King Kai Fist x5!"

Recoome: H...How... no one's that strong...

Gohan: That was...incredible!

Krillin: Aa...amazing...! That was just...We couldn't even budge him! But Goku
just up and annihilated the guy.

Vegeta: No...! Not him! His power is incredible! Could he be the one?
Once every thousand years, a Super Saiyan is born! But... but it's not fair! It
should be me! I am the prince of all Saiyans! NO!!!

Ginyu: So, you've somehow managed to make it through my elite team! But now you
face Captain Ginyu! I am undefeated! Get ready to die!

Goku: Vegeta, you take the one on the left... all right? I know that you've
regained your strength since you lost your power earlier. And for our sake I
hope that'll be enough.

Vegeta: How did you know that?

Goku: Set! ...Go!

Vegeta: No thanks! I've got pressing business elsewhere. Those Dragon Balls
are mine!

Goku: Vegeta..!


"It's Captain Ginyu! How strong is he?"

Ginyu: No...could it be...a...a real Super-Saiyan?

Goku: We both know that you can't beat me, Ginyu. hear me?! And I'm tired of
this senseless fighting... so why don't you just give up?

Ginyu: But wait a minute...Super Saiyans are supposed to be the most powerful
fighters in the universe... That's right. So maybe you're not quite a
Super-Saiyan just yet. But I gotta admit you're a whole lot stronger than I
am, and you must know the old saying. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Goku: What are you doing?!

Ginyu: CHANGE!! Now!

Goku (Ginyu): Not bad at all. Kind'a cozy in here.

Ginyu (Goku): I've...I've found you...

Goku (Ginyu): So, you're still alive, are you? I should have smashed up my body

Vegeta: What, and spoil all the fun?

Goku (Ginyu): Vegeta!

Vegeta: Go ahead and finish this, Ginyu. I'll take care of the winner.

Goku (Ginyu): This won't take long. Remember, you're next, Vegeta!

|Take out Goku?!|
   Is Goku Ginyu? Or is Ginyu Goku? Control the body-switched Ginyu and take
   Goku down!

"Can you fight like this?! Use the enemy's Skills!!"

Vegeta: Say goodbye Ginyu! It's time to die!

Goku (Ginyu): CHANGE!

Ginyu (Goku): Now! It's my only chance!

Goku: I made it back...inside of me... ouch... but I've felt better.

4.4 The Road to Super Saiyan

Goku's last minute entry put an end to the Ginyu force... The elite soldiers
fell like dominos.

And Vegeta taught a few classes, himself, in this school of pain.

With Vegeta napping, Gohan and Krillin took the Dragon Balls, and with a little
aid from the Namek, Dende, they were able to make their wish.

Dragon: Your...wish is granted.

Piccolo: I'm home..? Yes, but how?

With Guru's passing, the Dragon Balls turned to stone and were left

But a Super-Saiyan might come in handy, when you're facing a furious Frieza.

Frieza: Well, well, well... I must say, Vegeta, this may be a first, but it's
far from a pleasure. I have been made a fool of, and I don't like it one
little bit!

Vegeta: Get used to it. I am well on my way to becoming a Super-Saiyan, Frieza.

Frieza: Hmm! For a little bug, you tell big lies. And I've had enough of it!


"Vegeta revived! Can he defeat Frieza?"

Frieza: Well well...Maybe you weren't lying after all... Impressive. But it's
time you learned what real power is. Watch closely, Vegeta! It's rare that I
transform anymore.

4.5 Frieza? Or Vegeta?

Faced with Frieza's monstrous transformation... Piccolo decided to merge with
the Namek hero, Nail, and combine their powers.

Piccolo: I'm here.

But Frieza's next transformation proved too much, even for Piccolo's new might!

Vegeta: Yes... That's it... Now I'll... truly become... A Super-Saiyan. My plan
really worked... I feel it... I AM the prince of all Saiyans!

Frieza: Now you shall see my ultimate power. More horrible than death.

Vegeta: Stay out of my way! this is between him and me!

Frieza: You sounds very sure of yourself... Did you drive yourself mad? I
wanted that pleasure.

Vegeta: You just keep smiling while you can, Frieza! This time... you face your
worst nightmare... I am a Super-Saiyan!

Frieza: Oh, please, you must be joking!


"Can Vegeta become a Super Saiyan?"

Vegeta: I'm coming for you Frieza! You can't run from me!

Frieza: Are you sure that you're a Super Saiyan, Vegeta? I don't know, it seems
rather unlikely.

Vegeta: What happened?

Vegeta: No... Th... This can't be my limit... But I..I'm a... I'M A SUPER
SAIYAN! Die Frieza!

Unable to face his greatest failure, the once proud Saiyan prince loses his
will to fight.

Frieza: Well, Super Saiyan, it's time to say goodnight. Great, what could it be
this time? Oh well... he'll be well disposed of soon enough? WHAT?

Vegeta: Frieza...your reign of terror has...ended. Now you must face a real...
ahh...real Super Saiyan.

Frieza: Now, Vegeta... I told you that I don't like your lies.

Goku: Vegeta... Frieza, you monster! You didn't have to do that! I don't
believe you. He was already down!

Vegeta: No. Kakarot...! You must feed off your emotions. It's the only way to
become... to become a Super Saiyan. Listen to me, Kakarot. Frieza destroyed our
planet... and all of the Saiyan people. He's very afraid of both of us, and our
possibilities... He knows... that you're becoming a Super-Saiyan... and you
must... de-...defeat him... or...or the proud Saiyan race... will end here.
Kakarot... please...please...

4.6 Goku's Revival!

While Goku spent some quality time in the rejuvenation chamber...

...Gohan and Krillin used the Dragon Balls to summon the dragon and wish
Piccolo back to life.

Piccolo: I'm home... Yes, but how?

But Frieza had his own wish to grant on this particular birthday.

Frieza: Got you! Next!

Goku: NO! It's amazing...I'm much stronger... I had no idea my power would
increase this much. HA! Don't worry. I'm coming, guys.

Frieza: So, come back for more have you? Some people just never learn, do they?

Goku: This ends here Frieza... in the name of all the Saiyans you've killed,
and for all the people of Namek, Your time has finally come. I'm going to
finish you!


"Full-powered King Kai Fist x10!"

Goku: If I don't stop Frieza... he'll ravage the... entire universe. One shot
left, the Spirit Bomb. I have to borrow the spirit of the Planet Namek... and
all of its creatures. Please, give me your strength!

Frieza: You really are a bothersome little pest. And I've had enough...! I'll
turn you... and this planet into dust!

Goku: It's time!

Frieza: WHAT...? NO! YOU... CAN'T... STOP... ME! NOOOOOOO!

4.7 The Legendary Super Saiyan

Goku: You did it dad!

Krillin: That was awesome, Goku! No it... it's... FRIEZA!

Frieza: You're dead... But I want to start with the little bald one first.

Goku: KRILLIN! No, not him, Frieza!

Krillin: GOKU...!

Goku: Enough! I can't allow you to do this anymore. And now Frieza, you are
going to pay! Gohan Get Piccolo and take him somewhere safe... Go on, son...
I'll take care of this monster once and for all. Now get going!!

Gohan: I see now... I understand, Dad... You've turned into a... a Super

Goku: He's taken innocent lives again and again... even my best friend Krillin.
It's over... Frieza!!!!


"It's the legendary Super Saiyan! Defeat Frieza!"

Frieza: Wh... what? Who... who are you?

Goku: So, you really don't recognize me? I am the hope of the universe, the
sworn protector of the planet Earth. I am the answer to all the beings
everywhere in pain who cry out for help. I ...am called Goku, and I am a
Super Saiyan!

Frieza: Curse you! Curse you, it can't be! Aaaaaaargh! I will not stand... for
this humiliation! But if that's how you want to play... prepare to meet your
doom, Saiyan!

4.8 A Quiet But Fierce Battle

Frieza: 85%... 90%! I'll show you all, who will reign supreme. Now witness
my true power! I will smash you into a million pieces, just like your puny

Goku: For what you did to Krillin... I'll never forgive you... I will avenge


"Frieza's power increased, too! What's next, Goku?"

Frieza: Ugh... uh... please spare... me, spare me please...please...uh.

Goku: After all those innocent lives you took, You want me to spare you? Why
should I give you the mercy you've never shown anyone?

I gave you some of my energy, so now you're on your own.

Frieza: Ugh...no... you cannot defeat me. I can't be beaten... I am the
strongest in the universe! I will finish you with my own hands, once and for

Frieza: You... prepare to die!

Goku: You fool!!!!

Goku: This has got to work. Start! Come on, start!!!

King Kai: I can't believe it... Frieza's spaceship... it's his final hope for

Yamcha: G... Goku...don't die...DON'T DIE!!!

Bulma: Aaa, I don't understand... Did he makie it out of there? Will he be

Vegeta: Why don't you use your brain a little?

Bulma: Wow... the Namekian dragon is rally THAT big?

Dragon: Speak...speak your wish.

Preview: Hi, Goku again. Well, we managed to escape from Namek somehow, but
but when we got back to Earth, there was a guy from the future waiting for us.

Trunks: Three years from now, Earth is going to be threatened by a pair of
Androids. You have to stop them.

Cell: Nothing will stop me from fulfilling my design! I am perfect!

Next time on Dragon Ball Z. "A New Threat." Huh? I'm going to die from a
Heart Virus?

4.9 Raging Frieza

Frieza: I will live forever... and I will rule the universe. So... Vegeta's
betrayed me. And that puny Earthling's gotten in my way. Well then... I'll send
the Ginyu Force to do some house cleaning. And I shall collect the remaining
Dragon Balls... heh heh heh heh.

Frieza: Eh? What's this? They beat me to it? They're not getting out of here.
I will show them real terror! I'll show them the wrath of Frieza!

Frieza: Quite impressive... You've smashed my dreams of immortality but this is
far from over. Now... You will pay. I'm going to exterminate you like
insects... But I'm going to do it one by one! Starting with you, little one...


"I don't have to use my full power. This is more than enough."

Piccolo: What... what have you done to Gohan? I will not let you get away with
this Frieza!


"Annoying! Stop it or you'll be sorry."

Frieza: All too easy... Now, Vegeta, let's see what you're made of.

Vegeta: You're starting to bore me... Is that all you've got?

Frieza: Hmmm... I don't know... do you think you're ready for my ultimate

Frieza: So Vegeta, can you feel your bones crushing under the weight of my

Vegeta: I think you dangerously underestimate your opponent. Obviously... it
looks like I'm going to have to give you a quick lesson.

Frieza: We'll see who's left standing.


"You're in luck! I'll grant you an instant death."

Frieza: That was fun... But there's nothing "Super" about you, Saiyan.

4.10 The True Ruler

Frieza: Well... looks like my work here is done.

Goku: Frieza! I...I...cannot... and will not let you get away with this any

Frieza: It can't be!... He's a Super Saiyan! Aaah... fool! Welcome to the last
fight you'll ever have!


"Cursed Super Saiyan! Take my power at 100%!!"

Frieza: Huh? What's this? Eh? Could it be? I wish you to grant me... ETERNAL

Dragon: Yes... as you wish.

Frieza: I'm bored with this part of the universe. I might as well spend my time
wisely and destroy the earthlings' precious blue planet.

&                             5.0 Android Story Mode                          &

5.1 A New Threat

One year has passed...

Frieza: We'll show those rotten Saiyans who's boss.

Trunks: Have you figured it out yet? Goku's not the only Saiyan... you're
looking at one right now.

A mysterious boy who claims to know Goku's future has appeared and revealed an
unexpected turn of events.

Trunks: Three years from now, you'll discover an android created by a scientist
named Dr. Gero. And... in one year... You, Goku, will die from a heart virus...
But I can help you.

As hard as it is to believe, this young boy named Trunks is the son of Bulma
and Vegeta. And he has traveled back in time from the future! Before returning
back to his own time, Trunks gave Goku some very potent heart medicine.

It has now been three years since that day.

Gero: Goku... You know... you don't stand a chance against us. We've been
watching you... we've seen all of your battles with with our spy robots.

Goku: Oh really?... Did you make sure to watch all of my battles on Planet

Gero: There was no need. We learned all we needed to learn from your scuffles
with Vegeta. You revealed all of your powers and techniques.

Goku: Maybe, but you've overlooked a very important detail... I'm stronger than
you think.

Gero: Well... it looks like you've managed to power up quite a bit, haven't
you? But... I can beat you at this level... and I know that 19 could take
you with his eyes closed.

Goku: All right... why don't you both get over here and we'll see how strong
you really are?!

|Don't give in to the disease!|
   Goku is losing his Health to the viral heart disease! Defeat Android #19
   before his Health reaches zero!

"Health keeps decreasing! Let's settle this now!"

Tien: What's wrong with Goku? He's doing great out there, but it looks like
he's in a lot of pain...

Gohan: My dad's sick... It's his heart... Help him.

Piccolo: His energy... he's stealing it!

Vegeta: If anyone's going to defeat Kakarot, it's me!.. So stay out of my way,
you robotic punk!

5.2 Super Saiyan Vegeta

Vegeta: You know, I can tell by watching your moves... You guys... aren't the
great fighters I heard you were.

Android 19: You're forgetting what we already know... aren't you?... We've
committed all of your moves to memory.

Vegeta: My powers cannot be measured... by such simple observations!

Krillin: What?! I can't believe it!... He's become a Super Saiyan!

Vegeta: The one thing I've always wanted, is to be the strongest fighter in the
universe! I suffered the most grueling training... Until... I realized my
limits as a fighter. The anger with myself swelled inside me, and woke my Super
Saiyan powers!

Gero: I think that's enough chit-chat for now. 19?... Our fight's not with him.
Get him out of our way.


"Behold the power of Super Saiyan Vegeta!"

Vegeta: Sit back... And watch my favorite move... My Big Bang Attack!

Dr. Gero hastily retreated to his laboratory in order to activate his

Krillin: No way... Aww...They're Gone.

Tien: But...to where?

Vegeta: I was here, ready to fight them, and they ignored me... I'll show them!

Vegeta: Where do you two morons, think you're running off to?!

Android 18: We're going to Goku's house... to kill him.

Vegeta: You'll have a hard time getting past me... When I'm done with you,
you'll be nothing but lawnmower parts.

Android 17: Those Saiyans and their blind overconfidence... Pride will always
be their greatest handicap in battle.

Vegeta: Why don't you put a cork in that big mouth of yours?!... I'll prove
that you're wrong.

Android 18: My turn...I'll do it.


"Defeat them with the Big Bang Attack!"

Vegeta: You're starting to irritate me. Are you going to put in any effort?!

Android 18: Oh, well... you're not that challenging.

Vegeta: What did you say?!

5.3 A Wicked Omen

Vegeta had finally transformed into a Super Saiyan! But unfortunately, he
wasn't strong enough to beat the newly awakened androids.

Cell: Be patient. 17 and 18 are just around the corner.

Kami: We need a more powerful warrior for this fight... We must become one.

Piccolo: Cell, you monster.

Cell: And you're the next one in line for this... The Namek, Piccolo.

Piccolo: You seem to think quite highly of yourself... knowing exactly who I
am. It's a pity... that you can be so powerful... yet so stupid!

Cell: So, I guess I was wrong about you. You're much more powerful than the
Piccolo I know of!

Piccolo: Happy to disappoint you.


"Goku's immobilized. Piccolo, fused with Kami, will fight!"

Piccolo: Just who do you think you are?

Cell: You can call me Cell... I'm an android from the future, and I've been
constructed from the cells of the strongest fighters on this planet.

Piccolo: But... Why?... Why did you come here from the future?

Cell: To absorb the energy of Androids 17 and 18. To absorb the energy from
all of humanity... And to finally reach my perfect state! Nothing is going to
get between me and the perfection I've come here to achieve! Certainly not you!
Solar Flare!

5.4 Sneaky Cell

While on the run from Piccolo, Cell's power increases with each person he

Chi-Chi: Goku, you're up! Are you okay?

Goku: Yeah, I'm feeling a lot better. But I can't win with my power level so
low... I'm taking Gohan to train with me. Bye... Chi-Chi.

The next day, there is a knock at the door.

Android 17: Hello... is Goku at home?

Android 17: You're dead if you don't start talking... Got it?

Piccolo: Your idle threats won't work on me.


"Androids are aiming for Goku! Piccolo will divert them!"

Android 17: I'm surprised someone as strong as you isn't an android. But...
unlike you, my power never decreases. I'm just getting started.

Piccolo: No! Cell!!

Cell: At last the day I've waited so long for is here... No one can stop me...
I will absorb Androids 17 and 18... And reach my final, perfection form!

5.5 Vegeta's Confidence!

Vegeta: I must become even more powerful. I must ascend past a Super Saiyan!
Stay out of my way, Kakarot.

Goku: Calm... down... I know of a great place to train.

Mr. Popo: Well, here we are. Who's going to go in first?

Goku: Let Vegeta and Trunks have a crack at it first.

Vegeta: That's a decision you may end up regretting.

Meanwhille, in an effort to become as strong as possible, and achieve his
perfect form, Cell undergoes yet another transformation.

Vegeta: Well, Kakarot, it doesn't look like there's any reason for you to get
involved at this point.

Goku: Yeah, you've trained well, Vegeta.

Vegeta: Of course.

Vegeta: So... you're Cell... Come with me. Now... I'm going to tear you limb
from limb.

Cell: You're gonna do that?... Look at you.

Vegeta: That's right... So watch carefully... while I wipe that horrible
smile... off that ugly face!


"Super Vegeta fight against powered-up Cell!"

4.6 Perfect Form Cell Complete!!

Vegeta: Tsk! Is that the limit to your strength? It seems worthless killing
something with such a low power level.

Cell: No! Why!? I need perfection... I must attain my perfect form!!

Vegeta: Well.. if you'd rather fight in your perfection form, then fine... I
can hardly wait for it... Go.

Cell: There she is. I've found her! Hold still, 18! Solar Flare!

Vegeta: As I thought... Your perfect form isn't much of a change, is it?

Cell: You... think so?... Then perhaps... You could help me warm up... if you
don't mind, that is.

Vegeta: Warm you up ?... With my abilities, you'll be scorched!

Cell: Let's begin.


"Super Vegeta's full-scale attack!! Is victory even possible?"

Vegeta: You fool... Is this a game to you?

Cell: Well... I told you, didn't I? This is a warm-up.

Vegeta: It's over now!

Cell: What's wrong?... Where's your strength? Where is your... pride?

Vegeta: No...No!!!

4.7 Cell's game begins

Tien: Goku, you're back!

Goku: Huh? I can feel the energy from Vegeta and Trunks... Good, so they must
still be alive... But I can also feel Cell's.

Goku and Gohan have finished their training in the hyperbolic time chamber.

But upon their emergence, they hear the news that Cell has achieved his
perfect form.

Cell: In ten days, I'm going to hold a martial arts tournament. I hope I'll be
treated to worthy adversaries.

Korin: So, Mr. Self-confident... Did you discover something of value in the
hyperbolic time chamber?

Goku: Sure did.

Hercule: Yaaaaah! Your world champion... Hercule will crush that Cell like he's
one of those peeled grapes! Yeah ha ha!

Krillin: Look at him... Could he be a bigger idiot?

After ten days of anticipation, the fateful day finally arrives.

Cell: I've looked forward to this... Goku... I hope you're ready.

Goku: Right... Let's get started.

Cell: Goku's the first to go down... Well, that's really too bad... I was
hoping I could save the best for last. Let's go.


"Goku! Fight with your full power!!"

Cell: You're fighting quite well... But both of our powers are decreasing.
You should eat some Senzu beans. That way... the match can continue to be a
great one.

Goku: I'm finished. I'm done fighting... I can see the depths of your power...
And Cell... I give this bout to you.

4.8 A Warrior Beyond Goku

Goku: This next round will probably be the last one of the tournament...
If you win it, Cell, there's no one left on this planet that can beat you.
Gohan, you're up next... Come on!

Piccolo: What?! Don't be foolish... If you couldn't defeat Cell, What makes you
think Gohan can do it?

Goku: Piccolo... Gohan possesses incredible powers the likes of which we've
never seen before. It was revealed to me for the first time in hyperbolic time
chamber. Now... Gohan... This is your chance to bring peace back to the world.

Gohan: Got it, dad... I'll do my best.

Cell: You're a conceited child... Full of nothing but fantasy. You might be
lucky, however. Because you'll probably be dead, well before you discover fear.


"Gohan's turn! Can Cell be defeated?!"

Gohan: Let's stop this... This senseless fighting is useless... I don't... I
don't want to fight anymore... I hate killing... As much as I hate you. I'm
starting to understand why dad said that only I could defeat you. Ever since I
was a child, I had trouble controlling my temper. Whenever I get angry, I get
in fights and I have no control over my powers, and I never stop until the
other person is incapable of fighting back... That's why... That's why Dad
wanted me to fight you.

Cell: That as a was very nice monologue. But you don't expect me to be scared,
after all... you are only a child. And just maybe... your little speech has
inspired me to anger you.

5.9 Gohan Explodes!!

While trying to infuriate Gohan, Cell delivers a devastating blow to Android

And the Cell Juniors join in on the fight, too.

Gohan: Stop! ...Stop it... stop the fighting!

Android 16: G... Gohan!

Gohan: Huh?.. Was that you?

Android 16: There is nothing wrong with fighting to bring about peace.
Free...free your spirit as your anger rises. I... I know how you feel. But you
can't hold back any longer.

Cell: Give your big mouth a rest... you factory recall.

Gohan: I can't hold it back... You guys are dead!

|Defeat all Cell Jrs!|
   Cell Jrs. appear one after another! Fight through the waves of battles!!

"The awakening of Super Saiyan 2! Destroy the Cell Jrs!"

Cell: You seem quite confident for a toddler... Do you actually think you
stand a chance against me?

Gohan: No question about it.


"Gohan bluffs! Cell gets serious! Don't drop your guard!"

This... this can't be... This is ridiculous. You're a CHILD!!!

I won't be beaten by a kid!

That's...18!... He just spit out 18!

Look...He's transforming back to his previous form.

I cannot accept this...

It's not TRUE!

What?! Oh no!

Cell: In sixty seconds my body will explode, and I'll be gone forever. But I'll
take you... and this entire planet with me!!

Goku: What am I going to do now?.. I can only think of one way to get him out
of here in time.

Goku: Goodbye, my friends.

Krillin: GOKU!

Goku: You did a great job son, but I have to take it from here.

Gohan: What? What are you doing?

Goku: Tell your mother... that I love her very much.

Goku: Sorry, King Kai, but this was the only place I could think to take this

Cell: NO!!!

Gohan: Father, no!!

5.10 The Final Battle!!

Piccolo: It can't be...

Yamcha: But how... how's it possible?

Cell: As long as the nucleus in my head is intact... My body can continue to
regenerate... And a nice benefit of this most recent re-birth, is... thanks to
the Saiyan cells in me, I grow stronger after every near-fatal injury.

Cell: Isn't that curious... Are you feeling okay?

Gohan: ...Sure... Good enough to avenge my dad... But I'm sure he'd rather be
taking care of you himself.

Cell: I doubt you know what you're up against this round, little man.


"Cell resurrected! Gohan, avenge Goku!"

Cell: I... I promise you this isn't over!

Trunks: ...un, no...

Vegeta: No... my only son. Cell!!

Cell: Stay out of my way, Vegeta! I'll end the suspense if you wish. Very soon,
you'll all be dead, along with your entire planet. What's wrong little warrior?
Has your incredible power died?

Gohan: I'm finished... There's no use in fighting back anymore.

Goku: Come on, Gohan! Don't give up! Use the pain of loss.

Gohan: Dad... Dad is that you? I... I can't see you. Are you there?

Goku: I'm not with you, son. I'm someplace else. But I want you to attack him
with the Kamehameha wave. That's the only thing I can think of that will lay
him out for sure.

Gohan: But... But Dad, I only have the use of one of my arms,
and... my energy level is less than half.

Goku: No, you can do it son! You just have to let go.

Gohan: I'll try it.

Goku: Look inside yourself. It's there you'll find the power you'll need.

Gohan: Yes.... Yes!! Ka... me... ha... me...

Cell: Time to die!!!

Gohan: HA!

Piccolo: No... Gohan... His energy has gotten... weaker.

Goku: Gohan! ...you mustn't be afraid! You still have enough power left to
finish him off!!! Just use the pain of loss!

Cell: You're dead!

Goku: Do it now!!!

Cell: It... can't be... I'm... perfect...!

Hey everyone. Goku here. King Kai's letting me talk from the Other World right
now, so I don't really have that long. I remember Bulma told me something a
long time ago, about how it seems like I always attract the bad guys. And when
you stop and think about it, in a way that's true. I think the world might just
be safer without me. So, I know it might be hard on Chi-Chi and Gohan, but
don't bother wishing me back to life. Don't worry. We'll meet again one day,
and I'll be waiting for you.


5.11 Aim For Perfect Form!

My name is Cell. I am an android who has come back in time from the future.

I need to absorb Androids 17 and 18 so I may become my perfect form and hold
absolute power...

Hmm?.. What is this? Possibly just the creatures I am seeking.

Rejoice, my friends, Once you allow me to absorb you, you will forever become
part... of the invincible and super being known as Cell.

Cell: Look... 17 accept the fact that you're mine... it's easier that way.

Android 17: You think I'm just going to sit back and let you absorb me? No way!

Android 16: I won't let you do it... Cell.

Android 17: What... what are you doing?

Cell: I offered you a peaceful solution, but I'll show no mercy to anyone who
gets in my way.


"Out of the way, Android #16! Or I'll destroy you..."

Cell: Now, there's no more of your annoying friends... to get in my way! It's
time... Time for you to say goodbye to this world.

Android 17: Let me go... Let me go!

Android 18: Uh-oh.

Cell: Please 18, don't run. You're all I have left to absorb before I can
become a perfect being. You should feel privileged.

Android 18: All I feel is disgusted.

Krillin: Wait! You want her, Cell? Then get through me!


"Impudent humans. I'll show you how powerful I've become."

Cell: Sorry 18... Your time is up.

Android 18: Not yet.

Krillin: Look out!

5.12 A Cold-Blooded Assassin

Cell: No, not you... What are you doing?! No!!

Yamcha: That freak is gonna pay for what he did to Krillin...
I swear... If it's the last thing I do!

Tien: He lost too much power... Yamcha, it's time to go.

Yamcha: I'll take care of this by myself.

Tien: Well, well... You seem confident.

Yamcha: Of course I am.

Cell: I'm not gonna let some punk like you walk all over me!

Yamcha: Just wait until you get a taste... of the legendary Wolf Fang's Fist!


"What?! Me losing against Yamcha?!"

Cell: Uha... ha... Give me a break... You can't send Yamcha to fight me all by
himself! It's just not fair!

Tien: Not so fast!

Cell: What? What is that?

Tien: It's my Tri-Beam!

Cell: I guess ten days... is just too long to wait for the tournament.

&                               6.0 Miscellany                                &

6.1 Legal Stuff

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explicit permission will be in a world of trouble, and I will find out if that
happens. Earthbound is the Copyright product of Nintendo. I am not in anyway
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I'd love to hear any commentary or questions about the Script. I can be reached
at tasteless@gmail.com

Again, there's no need to inform me about the Hercule mini-game. I know that
part isn't included. Also, don't bug me about small typos, no matter how many
you may find.

Do NOT ask me where to get a copy of the ROM. These emails will go straight 
into the trash.

6.3 Version History

11/17/05 - v1.0  First and complete version of the game script is submitted to

6.4 Special Thanks

Special Thanks goes out to Infogrames for making a great game and providing the
script which I have humbly ripped off.

Thanks also goes out to GameFAQs for being one of the greatest resources on
the internet.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Game Script (c) 2005 John "TIDQ" Robertson