Dragon Ball GT Final Bout Cheats

Dragon Ball GT Final Bout cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Hamehameha Double damage
When you do the meteor fly until the flying limit and then do meteor 4
and then press right longer and then press the Triangle,x while pressing
the right and do not let the enemy hit the ground.and then.
press left,down,right,triangle quickly don't let the enemy hit the ground
do it and you will easily beat the game


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Alternate Costumes
Select your character by pressing Square + X + Circle in either Training or 2 Player Mode to have their second costume
Alternate Costumes
To wear alternate costumes, go to Training Mode or 2P Mode and simultaneously push SQUARE, X, CIRCLE while selecting a character.
battle SSJ4 Goku
to battle SSJ4 Goku, defeat Super Bebi on hadrest difficulty after him, you will battle SSJ4 Goku.
Bonus Fighters
Enter Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up at the title screen.
Bonus Fighters
At the title screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up. You should hear a sound to confirm the code. Now start the game and you should have six more fighters.
Cool Stuff To Do
Knock Away Blast-
square + circle
Kai Shield-
triangle + X
Power Up-
square + X
Counter Attack-
square + triangle + circle
L1 + D-Pad
for this trick it would be good to have a turbo controler. ok when you play with a character and he attaks you with a technique you will se down at the screen it will say counter. Well before it writes that word press triangle square circle at once and if you have a turbo controler is much easyier. If not press those really fast. Then after you counter pres square and triangle at once and again if you dont have a turbo press them fast.
Get everyone including SSJ4 Goku
At the main menu press right,left,down,up 3 times, triangle 9 times and X 5 times
How to get access to sound test
Hold all sholder buttons at the title screen but wait for a few seconds before entering it
Play As Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Activate the Bonus Characters code then press Triangle 10 times and Square 9 times.

(This may only work for the PAL version)
Play in Super Bebi's level
First beat the game with Gokou then after the credits at the title screen press triangle 5 times and X 9 times then you should get Gokou4. After that go to 2p mode and pick Gokou4 as 2p and pick whoever you want as 1p.
Random Tournament Mode Fighters
In the character screen at the tournament mode, press the Start button to randomly choose the characters to enter the tournament
All forms of Vegeta and Majin Buu have the ability to self destruct, this only works if you are close to your opponent, it does however take a lot of ki from you, to do it press the following

Forward, Back, Down, Up and then the fireball button
Sound Test
To enable Sound Test, press L1, L2, R1, R2 then Start at the title screen.
vegetos speical kick
press right,left,down,up,o but if on right and side press left,right,down,up,o.
vegetos teleport kick
press right,left,down,up,circle if on left but if on right press left,right,down,up.circle.
Wire Frame Characters
When selecting your character kepp Select held down until you start the fight. Your fighter should have a Wire Frame look.