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[edit] Background

Dragonball Final Bout is a fighting game based on the anime series Dragonball GT. This title features 17 characters from the Dragon Ball series. A "build up" mode allows your character to "level up" during the game so that he or she gets stronger.

[edit] Gameplay

Choose from 17 different characters from the Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT universe to battle with. Each character has their own unique attacks, such as Goku's Kamehameha Wave or Vegeta's Final Flash. You can also increase the power of each character by battling in Build Up mode. As you defeat each opponent, you'll earn EXP and level up to gain more power.

[edit] Features

  • Battle up to 17 Dragon Ball GT® and Dragon Ball Z®
  • Challenge up to 8 players in Tournament Mode
  • Take to the air at will – dare your foes on the ground or in the sky!
  • Heave simultaneous beam attacks and engage in fierce power struggles
  • Customize your character in Build Up mode

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Celes Leonhart
Jun 17, 09 6:32pm
I don't get this game's metascore...I remember it being absolutely nails in difficulty but still an awesome-round game. DragonBallGTFinalBout
SS 4 Baby Vegeta
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
I NEED THIS GAME THAT WAY I CAN BE SUPER BABY VEGETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DragonBallGTFinalBout
Apr 08, 05 11:30pm
Really a good game! DragonBallGTFinalBout
Super Vegeta
Jan 04, 05 1:39pm

Well thumbs for being able to play as ssj4 Goku and i really like the fact that you...

Nov 27, 04 11:40pm
added 3 new screenshots
Oct 31, 04 5:06am
Umm...............Good DragonBallGTFinalBout
Oct 25, 04 5:25pm

This is a simple thing, DBZ is a fighting genre, so this is a fighting game...
It may...

Goten Super Saiyan
Sep 12, 04 10:34am

This game has a huge amount of selection of characters. The game has a very cool...

Super Ned 4
Sep 09, 04 4:13pm
Jul 13, 04 6:01pm
DONT BUY THIS!!! DragonBallGTFinalBout
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  • North America: Feb 1, 1997
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