Dragon Ball Z: Sagas review
Dragon Ball Z: Sagas

The good:

.it's difffrent from the budokai series
.you can jump or fly
.when you beat the story mode you unlock ulternate costumes and hidden characters
.you fight characters that weren't in the budokai games
.pendulum mode let's you play parts of the story with a diffrent character

The bad:

.gets boring after a while
.can be completly beaten in one day
.only two ki blast attacks
.only two playable modes
.not that many characters


Well this game if fun at first,but then it can get very boring after you have beaten the story mode.You know when you start a game you usually get a into movie,well you don't this time,it just says press start and goes to the menu.if you want to learn the game controls go to tutorial mode.After you have learned what all the item are go to sagas mode.It starts off by showing you clips of the episode and then you start the story.You have to find various items to level up and z coins to buy new skills so you can advance in the game.After you have unlocked the ssj you will notice a bar that you will have to fiil to transform into a ssj,but to stay ssj you have to keep fighting your enemys.After you have beaten the story mode you will automatically unlock all the characters costumes,hidden characters,and Pendulum mode.Pendulum mode allows you to play the stories as any character that you want.After you have unlocked everything there is nothing else left to do except play the story mode over again or play pendulum mode with a friend.This game could have been alot better than it was and should have had a 1st player vs com or 2nd player vs com mode.Also if you were able to unlock villians and play there story it would have made this game a whole lot better than it is.

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