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This is definitely one of my favorite games of all time. Everything in this game seems like pure bliss to me. I first started playing this game when I was 5 years old and today I still play it frequently. This game was an incredible step-up from the previous DWs in almost all aspects, it took what made DW3 good and improved on them majorly.

The game is basically upgraded DW graphics. The grasslands, forest, mountains, and deserts look a little different but basically they are the same. The ocean also got a little makeover as well. Monsters form the previous ones look the same as well. The towns are vastly different from the last and each feels like its own area. Few improvements, but in the 8-bit era, there was little room for improvement for this game.

Music: 10
I loved the music from this game. Whether it was the battle music or even the overworld themes, I found myself humming them all the time. Some of the themes are extremely catchy. I loved the chapter 4 music as well as the final boos music as well.

Dragon Warriors have always been about gameplay over plot. While this game has a good plot itself, the gameplay is there and still top-notch. The one complaint everyone has about this game is the fact that you cannot control any character except the hero in chapter 5. To me this adds strategy and adds challenge to the game, especially when Cristo would cast Beat when he is on Defensive mode >.< One innovation to this game that I enjoyed was the wagon system. This let you carry more than 4 people at a time and you can switch party members in a middle of a fight. they can also jumpo out if your current party dies and finish off the battle for you. The magic system is basically the same as the previous DWs as you gain spells as you gain levels.

Story: 9.5
The plot for this game was great at this era of gaming. Basically without revealing any spoilers, the game is divided up into 5 chapters, the first four consisting of a different character, and the fifth chapter is the hero which all the characters of the first four chapters will join up with to combat a great evil. The way I explained it, it sounds horrible, but take my word for it, its a great plot. I'm still not tired of it today as I have replayed this game 10+ times since I first got it. This was the pinnacle of plots in NES RPGs.

Rent/Buy. Buy if you can find it, you will probably have to resort to emulation as your best chance though.

I felt this game was one of the most finely games ever made. I found more life to it than most of Square's RPGs today. You can tell a lot of work was put into this game while it was being made and in the end it was all worth it.
Final Score 10/10

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