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Dragon Warrior Monsters Walkthrough Final

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			This walkthrough was made by David Zabroki.
		This page is best when printed off the computer screen.
	If you still have problems please contamt me and I will send you a .doc 
					Updated 8/7/00
					 Version 2.0

I.	Introduction
II.	Storyline
III.	Monster Farm
IV.	Monster Family
V.	Monster Breeding
VI.	Gates
VII.	Arena Fights
VIII.	Rare Breeds

I.	Introduction
Dragon Warrior Monsters is a great game. What makes these games great is the 
story line
that goes along with it. Here your main goal is to get your sister back the 
kidnapper. To
get her back you must complete various levels, get different monsters, and 
breed them to
win the Starry Night Tournament. It is a lot simpler than the previous DW 
games. The
main difference is that you do not fight. You go around collecting monsters. 
Luring them
with meats. They join your group and you must train them, breed them, and 
feed them.

II.	Story Line
You start out in your bedroom sleeping. Your name is Terry and you wake up 
to your
find a monster kidnapping your sister, Mileyu. You follow and end up in the 
Kings Court
of Great Tree.

When you talk to the King he tells you to fight in the Starry Night 
Tournament and wish
your sister back. You agree. When you go to the Monster Farm. This is where 
all the
monsters are kept when they are not fighting.

You find that all the monsters escaped and the King's favorite monster is 
missing. You
agree to get him for him.

You can go to the Bazaar and get some treats. You can also look for little 
medals. Once
you collect a lot you can get eggs, or travel gates. There is one in the 
item merchants' pot,
and the Monster Farm has some medals in the left pot once and awhile. The 
rest are just

>From here on it is basic. You enter the travel doors in the basement and 
fight your way
through the levels collecting monsters and beating the bosses. There are 
several levels to
all of the rooms, so be patient.

How do you get monsters?
The monsters that you fight need to be lured to you. You must fight them and 
before or
during the fight feed them treats. The more expensive the treat the better 
the monsters
will like it. The monster you fight and beat last might join your party.

What about Boss Monsters?
Each boss monster is pre-decided to join your group. Don't bother wasting 
your treats on
them. If you do defeat them they join your party. As the game gets harder, 
the bosses stop

Once you defeat a monster you will get transported to the King's Throne 
room. You get a
congratulations and a treat. Buy what you need from the Bazaar and enter the 
Night Tournament Qualifying battles. The more levels you beat the Starry 
Night and in
the Doors the more the tree grows opening new travel doors and new shops.

Once you get through a few levels the Shrine of Starry Night opens. Here you 
can breed
monsters and get new kinds. See Monster Breeding for more information and
combinations of monsters.

III.	Monster Farm
You can take only 3 with you. The rest must stay in the farm and rest. When 
the monsters
stay in the farm they do get some EXP. They get less than the active members 
of your
party, but they get some. The sleeping monsters do not receive EXPs. You 
should rotate
each gate with sleeping and not sleeping monsters. This will give everyone 
some EXP.

Monsters Level up just like the characters in the previous DW games. Some 
spells level
up in the game creating a more powerful effect then the previous one. There 
are a few
catches, they can only learn a certain amount of spells, so each time a 
monster develops a
new spell they must forget one. It is up to you to decide which spells get 
cut. They also
have a limit to the levels.

The other catch is some monsters can level up quickly. You can find them in 
the stats
next to their names. Here is a simple chart to explain

ML: Max Level
The Max Level of a wild-caught monster is this value +/- 2 (random)
The Max Level of a bred monster is this value + Plus * 2

XP: XP/Level table
This is a pointer to one of 32 different XP tables.
In general, the higher the number, the more XP the
monster needs per level:
00-07 = Fast      (2 XP for level 2)
08-15 = Normal    (5 XP for level 2)
16-23 = Slow      (10 XP for level 2)
24-31 = Very slow (100 XP for level 2)

IV.	Monster Families
Each monster is in their own family from one of the ten families that there 
are, each
family has special abilities. Look at the description below.

	a.	Devil Family -
		i.	This monster family has the following traits: High HP, Attack, and
			Defense. They can withstand strong Magic Attacks and some
			special skills.
	b.	Bug Family -
		i.	The Bug Family is very strong against poison attacks and have
			great capacity for increasing their attack and defense strengths.
	c.	Slime Family -
		i.	The Slime Family may seem weak, but is one of the better
			families. The Healer can support the other monsters while the High
			Defense of the Metal King and Gold Slime can come in handy,
			unfortunately these two suffer from low hp. Others in the family
			however grow rapidly and are quick.

	d.	Dragon Family -
		i.	High in all areas, especially defensively against fire and blizzard
			attacks, the Dragon Family is a force to be reckoned with.
			Unfortunately, they go quite slowly. Mini Dragon is a good one.
	e.	Beast Family -
		i.	The beast families specialty is to resist most special skills that
			lower level monsters can dish out. They are also good attackers
			and have high HP.
	f.	Bird Family -
		i.	These monsters are resistant to lightning and fly. Some have flame
	g.	Plant Family -
		i.	Plants are the smartest of the bunch, as they have the highest
			intelligence and MP of the families. But their agility is low, but
			then again they can grow to very high levels.
	h.	Zombie Family -
		i.	This group has strong HP levels, but on everything else are just
			average, and are weak against paralysis.
	i.	Materials Family -
		i.	Being made from mainly non-living things, the material family has
			high resistance against fire and ice and good defense overall.
	j.	Boss Family -
		i.	Most of the old bosses in the Dragon Warrior games are actually in
			the monster lists. Some you have to breed, you can even get the
			Dragon Lord from DWI, II.

V.	Monster Breeding

This is one of the most confusing and exciting part of the game. Make sure 
you know
what monsters you are breeding and that they are male and female. Once you 
breed two
monsters they will leave your party permanently.

Before you rush into breeding you must understand how the breeding works. 
When two
monsters create a egg their skills are passed on. If you mate a fire skilled 
monster with a
lightning type monster you create a monster that can develop fire and 
lightning magic. A
monster can only get skills that their parents have already learned.

Spells can also get combined. Which can make a more powerful spell with two 
Some of them need to be combined.

Here are the best spells for monsters:
Hell Blast
Multi Cut
K.O. Dance
Big Bang
Mega Magic
Gig Slash
If there are more send them to

Now another key is the pedigree of the monster. When you mate two monsters 
the first
one is the pedigree. The monster will most likely be born as a type of the 
monster. A bird
pedigree will most likely make a flying type monster.

Slime Family X Plant Family = Tree Slime
Wing Slime X Slime= Wing Slime

I will let you play with the breeding types of monsters to you. Cause and 
effect is a big
part of the game. For rare breeding see bottom.

Go to the Shrine of Starry Night and talk to the master he will save your 
game and charge
you a little.

In order for you to get more doors open to travel you need to fight in the 
tournament. You
don't have to go in order of the classes. You can skip classes, but you must 
make sure
you monsters are ready; if you die you lose half your items and your entry 
fee to the

VI.	Gates
	a.	Introduction Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Slime
			2.	Mini Drak (AKA Drakee)
			3.	Anteater
		ii.	Boss – Healer

	b.	Villager Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Anteater
			2.	Picky
			3.	Stubsuck
			4.	Gohopper
			5.	Gremlin
			6.	Pillow Rat
		ii.	Boss - Dragon (Joins)
			1.	HP - 90
			2.	MP – 60

	c.	Talisman Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Anteater
			2.	Mini Drak
			3.	Spooky
			4.	Goopi
			5.	Picky
		ii.	Boss - Golem (Joins)
			1.	HP - 100
			2.	MP - 20

	d.	Memories Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Goopi
			2.	Pillow Rat
			3.	Dragon Kid
			4.	Catapila
			5.	Picky
			6.	Fairy Rat
			7.	Spot Slim
		ii.	Boss - Mad Cat (Borongo from DQ5) (Joins)
			1.	HP - 200
			2.	MP - 30

	e.	Bewilder Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Mini Drak
			2.	Big Roost
			3.	Dragon Kid
			4.	Spot Slime
			5.	Evil Seed
			6.	Demonite
			7.	Hork
		ii.	Boss - Face Tree (Titan Tree from DW2) (Joins)
			1.	HP - 400
			2.	MP - 10

	f.	Peace Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Spot Slime
			2.	Coil Bird
			3.	Crestpnt
			4.	Dragon Kid
			5.	Bone Slave
			6.	Almiraj
			7.	Bull Bird
			8.	Hork
		ii.	Boss - Fang Slime (Joins)
			1.	HP - 400
			2.	MP - 40

	g.	Bravery Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Demonite
			2.	One-Eye Clown
			3.	Bean Man
			4.	Floraman
			5.	Sabreman
			6.	Giant Worm
			7.	Bull Bird
		ii.	Boss - Big Eye
			1.	HP - 500
			2.	MP - 40
	h.	Strength Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Mad Doll
			2.	Tree Slime
			3.	Skull Rider
			4.	Fairy Drak
			5.	Wing Tree
			6.	Drak Slime
		ii.	Boss - Stone Man (AKA Granite Titan)
			1.	HP - 800
			2.	MP - 36
	i.	Anger Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Giant Worm
			2.	Giant Slug
			3.	Poisongon
			4.	Cat Fly
			5.	Eyeder
			6.	Putrepup
			7.	Drak Slime
		ii.	Boss - Battle Rex (Joins)
			1.	HP - 1000
			2.	MP - 50
	j.	Joy Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Snaily
			2.	Gulpple
			3.	Saccer
			4.	Mad Pecker
			5.	Dark Eye
			6.	Babble
			7.	Mummy
		ii.	Boss - Funky Bird (Joins)
			1.	HP - 1200
			2.	MP - 160

	k.	Wisdom Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Facer
			2.	Tonguella
			3.	Florajay
			4.	Pteranod
			5.	Armorpede
		ii.	Boss - Sky Dragon
			1.	HP - 1200
			2.	MP - 150

	l.	Happiness Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Gasgon
			2.	Oniono
			3.	Pixy
			4.	Gophecada
			5.	Dead Nite
			6.	Stub Bird
			7.	Spiky Boy
		ii.	Boss - Jamira
			1.	HP - 1600
			2.	MP - 175

	m.	Temptation Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Spiky Boy
			2.	Mommonja
			3.	King Cobra
			4.	Slime Nite
			5.	Stag Bug
			6.	Misty Wing
			7.	Dark Eye
		ii.	Boss - Servant
			1.	HP - 1000
			2.	MP - 250

	n.	Labyrinth Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Chamelgon
			2.	Cactiball
			3.	Tail Eater
			4.	Rock Slime
			5.	Gismo
			6.	Duck Kite
			7.	Ag Devil
			8.	Wind Merge
		ii.	Boss - Dark Horn (Joins I think)
			1.	HP - 2000
			2.	MP - 130

	o.	Judgement Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Weed Bug
			2.	Tree Boy
			3.	Hammerman
			4.	Mad Goose
			5.	Spot King
			6.	Droll
			7.	Lizard Fly
			8.	Giant Moth
		ii.	Boss - Akubar
			1.	HP - 2000
			2.	MP - 400

	p.	Reflection Dungeon
		i.	Monsters in this dungeon -
			1.	Evil Wand
			2.	Evil Beast
			3.	Shadow
			4.	Slimeborg
			5.	Lizard Man
			6.	Grizzly
			7.	Wyvern
			8.	Fire Weed
			9.	Mad Hornet
			10.	Lionex
			11.	Rot Raven
			12.	Jewel Bag
		ii.	Boss - Durran
			1.	HP - 3000
			2.	MP – 330

VII.	Arena Fights
When you fight in the arena you can't use items.
	a.	F Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	3 SpotSlime
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	2 MudDolls
			2.	1 Almiraj
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	1 MadRaven
			2.	1 SkullRoo
			3.	1 Putrpup

	b.	E Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	1 Crestpent
			2.	1 Treeslime
			3.	1 Poisongon
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	1 Drakslime
			2.	1 Dragon
			3.	1 FairyDrak
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	2 Snailys
			2.	1 Armorpede
	c.	D Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	1 Saccer
			2.	1 Florajay
			3.	1 Madplant
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	2 MedusaEyes
			2.	1 MadGopher
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	2 MadCats
			2.	1 RogueNite
	e.	C Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	2 Spikyboys
			2.	1 StubBird
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	2 Healers
			2.	1 RogueNite
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	2 Boxslimes
			2.	1 Rockslime
	f.	B Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	3 Hammermen
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	1 AgDevil
			2.	1 Treeboy
			3.	1 WindMerge
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	2 ArmyCrabs
			2.	1 MadDragon
	g.	A Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	1 Fireweed
			2.	1 EvilBeast
			3.	1 Wyvern
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	2 Grizzlies
			2.	1 Lionex
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	2 Toadstools
			2.	1 Lipsy
	h.	S Class
		i.	Match 1
			1.	2 DanceVegi
			2.	1 VoodDoll
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	1 slime
			2.	1 dracky
			3.	1 armyant
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	1 metabble
			2.	1 robuster
			3.	1 metaldrak
	i.	Starry Night Tournament
		i.	Match 1
			1.	1 Centasaur
			2.	1 Orochi
			3.	1 Swordgon
		ii.	Match 2
			1.	1 Andreal
			2.	1 Unicorn
			3.	1 MadDragon
		iii.	Match 3
			1.	1 MetalKing
			2.	1 Coatal
			3.	1 Rainhawk
VIII.	Rare Breeds
There are plenty of Boss monsters and rare monsters that can only be created 
by breeding
monsters. Most you can get after you beat the game and enter more travel 
Here is a list with breeding monsters needed.

	a.	DracoLord1 Servant
		i.	Andreal
		ii.	GreatDrak
	b.	DracoLord2
		i.	DracoLord1
		ii.	Divinegon
	c.	Hargon
		i.	WhiteKing
		ii.	MetalKing
	d.	Sidoh
		i.	Jamirus
		ii.	Rosevine
	e.	Baramos
		i.	Hargon
		ii.	Orochi
	f.	Zoma
		i.	DracoLord
		ii.	Sidoh
			1.	Can use either DracoLord
	g.	Pizzaro
		i.	Durran
		ii.	Divinegon
	h.	Esterk
		i.	Pizzaro
		ii.	KingLeo
	i.	Mirudraas1
		i.	Esterk
		ii.	GoldSlime

	j.	Mudou
		i.	Baramos
		ii.	DarkHorn
	k.	DeathMore1
		i.	Zoma
		ii.	Mirudraas
			1.	Can use either Mirudraas
	l.	DeathMore2
		i.	DeathMore1
		ii.	Armorpion
	m.	DeathMore3
		i.	DeathMore2
		ii.	Mudou
	n.	DarkDrium
		i.	DeathMore3
		ii.	Watabou
			1.	Since there is only 1 Watabou you can only do this once.

Congradulation! Job Well Done!

The walkthrough was made by David Zabroski, and him only. I put a lot of 
hard work
and effort into this walkthrough as well as the game. I detest plagerism and 
will fight it
with full extent of the law. If you would like to post this on your web page 
please contact
me first. I will most likely have no problem with that.

If you need further help on any of the Dragon Warrior Games please do not 
hesitate to
contact me at Locke1978@hotmail.com