Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

  • Released in Q4 1995
  • By Acclaim for GENESIS, SNES, SEGAMS, GAMEGEAR, Movie

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (SNES) Cheats

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Defeating the last Boss.
The last Boss is the demon Samurai. To finish him, beat him senseless until all his health is gone. Then, switch to nunchuck mode and repeatedly press Forward + Y while standing in front of him. Bruce will swing around his head and begon to choke him with his nunchucks, finishing him off.
Defeating the Sailor.
When the sailor whips out his chain, just stand there and let him wrap it around your neck. Then, proceed to throw him using the normal Back + Punch technique! Good luck!


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Level Select
Highlight the "Test Music" option,. then quickly press B,A,R.
Unlimited Chi
Enter the options screen, set the sound to "Monaural" then quickly press Select, A, L, A,R, Y.
Unlimited Lives!
Press B, A, R, B, A, R, A at the options screen to get the level select screen. Then press the screen select+ A, L, A, R, Y.
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