Dragon Quest VI is a JRPG for the Super Famicom (SNES) where the player character discovers a dream world that lies parallel to his world, and that a powerful demon lord seeks to conquer both. Players must travel across both worlds and assemble a party of heroes to combat this threat, but first they must help the six heroes regain their memories of who they are.

Warps link both together, and progressing through one often entails making headway in another first. Like previous installments, the player's party battles enemies via random encounters throughout the entire game in turn-based combat.

Dragon Quest VI sees the return of the customizable class system (called vocations in the DS remakes) introduced in the third game in the series for the NES. Party members build tiers for several starting classes by winning battles, and mastering combinations of classes will help unlock new hybrid and advanced classes. Each class has unique abilities and spells which can prove helpful to the party in the tougher portions of the game.

This game is also known as Dragon Warrior VI in Europe.

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  • Publisher: Enix
  • Developer: Enix
  • Genre: Fantasy RPG
Release Dates
  • Japan: Dec 9, 1995
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