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Fight Slimes With Slimes!

The good:

- In addition to a selection of human allies, you can also recruit monsters to your team both to bolster your roster!
- Boomerang fans from Dragon Quest VIII will also be pleased to find that this is when that (the boomerang, and whips) all started!
- A number of mini-games included inside the game.
- There are tactics you can set for your teammates to save you some button-presses (and save you forgetting to use an ability!)
- The Shawshank's Redemption and Planescape: Torment's story writers would have been proud of a few plot twists in here.

The bad:

The game starts out in an understated atmosphere. You are following your father who is clearly pushing himself hard on some mission, but you are too small to understand what's going on and the experience of this early part can be quite underwhelming in terms of both gameplay and story. The game must have lost some players who didn't have enough patience to see it grow to epic proportions and you can't blame them.


As always, Dragon Quest V uses the traditional Dragon Quest formula. You start out as the "hero", a character who can generally fight very well and will later acquire a few important spells like healing and travel spells. The game is 3rd person bird's eye perspective. The map and objects are grid-based, although this game has camera-angel movement in most places and movement is free-ranged. When you encounter monsters, you engage them in turn-based combat in a battle screen.

The first part of the game is rather scripted. You usually have exactly 1 dungeon to beat at a time, and you go in wit...

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