Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker User Reviews


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker; a new twist on the monster training formula

The good:

- Hundreds of creative and interesting monsters
- Innovative monster synthesizing system
- complex synthesis charts for the most powerful monsters
- synthesis makes boosting your monster's stats very easy
- The constant changing of monsters on your team keeps the combat fresh and exciting
- An interesting enough plot despite a very sad cast of characters
- Simple to learn, difficult to master combat
- endless customization of your monsters

The bad:

- No character customization paired with a ridiculous looking protagonist (even for a japanese game) ultimately takes away from the experience
- very lackluster characters
- Grinding required to overcome difficulty
- Synthesizing unnecessarily complicated with the necessity for monsters to have opposite charges
-Travel is annoyingly difficult


Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker is a spinoff title in the Popular RPG series Dragon Quest. While it did not receive much attention or popularity, DQM:J is a very underrated game with countless replay value for anyone willing to work around the game's rough edges.

The game has you start off in a prison cell, put there as punishment by your father. He runs a criminal organization known as CELL, and allows you to participate in the MSO Monster Scout Challenge as long as you follow any orders that are delivered to you. You agree and set off to Domus Isle to begin your Journey.

The land of Greenbay...

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