Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Tips

Beware The Falcon!
Potentially the most powerful weapon in the game is the amazing Über Falcon Blade. This blade has the potential to hit massive damage four times in one turn!

So, here's how you obtain it:

First, make sure you have a Gladiator who knows Falcon Slash- a move learnt very early on in the sword skill tree. You will also need the Ultimate Key, which you obtain once you have defeated Goreham-Hogg in the Gortress, towards the end of the game. Then go to bottom of the ship you acquired in Bloomingdale, and unlock the cage on the lowest floor. Open the treasure chest, and you will find a Falcon Blade! This will work fine, but if you don't have a Meteorite Bracer (they are a reward from Captin' Max Meddlin' for reaching a certain milestone of Mini Medals) to alchemise it into an Über Falcon Blade. If you do however, I strongly recommend you do alchemise it, because it becomes much more powerful.

So once you've equipped your Gladiator with it, find a tough battle, maybe a grotto boss. Egg On your Gladiator to maximum (100) tension (the hero learns it as a Minstrel quite early on) , and then get him to use Falcon Slash. It should hit four times in one turn. The damage will depend on your levels, but I can guarantee that it will be higher than normal. Rinse and repeat to send any enemy falling to the ground!

<font size=1>EXTRA TIP: For even more damage, get a Mage to use Oomph on your Gladiator. It will do up to 2x as much damage!</font>