Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Tips

soloing the final boss
if you want to solo the final boss get this equips:

dragon warrior set and the light shield (go to the academy after you get the fyg, and seek one of the blond guys with the blue bubble, his name is buckler, get his quest and finish it, he gives as a reward the shield) now with that a dragon bane weapon and a paladin class (revocation is optional), that is at level 99, you also should have gone trough the warrior, martial artist and mage classes, and max them, their skills will prove usefull later on.

the paladin is a tank, it will allow you to hold on most of the end boss attacks with little damage, unless he criticals, in that case you will want a medicine in bag

all you need to do is hack away with falcon slash, until he falls, in case you get damaged badly use any of your healing spells