Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Tips

Mighty Metal Mayhem!
There are some Slimes out in the world made of Metal. Such as in the Quarantomb and The Bad Cave. These are the monsters that will boost your level so easily you'll be a level 100 way before the final boss.

If your a level from 10-20 then you should definetly go to the Quarantomb(Where you fought the Ragin' Contagion) and search for little silver Slimes on the ground. These Slimes are made of Metal and worth 4096 experience.

If you are from level 20-35 you should go to The Bad Cave(where you fought the Tyrantula) and look for Metal Slime Stacks. These are called Metal Medley`s and are worth 12288 experience.

And at the Tower of Nod, there are Metal King Slimes. They are great for players of any levels. Worth 1,200,000 experience.

PS: I do not recommend searching the Tower of Nod for Metal Kind Slimes. They are extremely rare and you would be better off searching Treasure Grotto`s.