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[edit] Game Info

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies lets players enjoy an adventure that is entirely their own, yet can be shared with others anywhere, anytime. Players begin their adventure as an angel-like guardian who is sent to retrieve a sacred tree’s magical fruits, which have the power to grant wishes. Players then set off on an incredible quest with three other companions.

[edit] Customization

  • Players can create their own heroes, deciding how they would like their face, hair and clothing to look. As the story unfolds, players become stronger, smarter and more powerful, and can create custom companions to join their group as well.
  • Players will have fun discovering more than 1000 pieces of clothing, armor, weapons and other items that will provide them with a unique appearance and special abilities. Even occupations can be customized and changed at any time. Players can take on one of a dozen different jobs with varying strengths, weaknesses, spells and skills.

[edit] Battle

  • Fast-paced battles unfold as players decide what to do and then view cinematic action scenes. This format rewards careful thinking and strategy over quick reflexes. The more foes players defeat, the stronger their characters become.

[edit] Social Features

  • Special multiplayer modes let players share their adventure with others, allowing up to four players to team up via a local wireless connection and experience the fun of tackling challenging monsters and dungeons cooperatively with their own characters. Players can even leave the game active in their backpacks or purses and still interact with other players via an interactive “Tag Mode.” Fun information about players’ characters can be wirelessly transmitted to others.
  • Treasure maps allow players to find otherwise inaccessible special dungeons called grottoes, which can contain rare items or enemies. In Tag Mode, treasure maps and customized greetings can be exchanged automatically by players who come within range of one another.
  • Players with wireless broadband Internet access can visit an online shop to find new items or download additional quests. The selection of items changes daily. Some downloadable quests will continue the main storyline of the game, while others offer standalone missions or quests themed to a particular time of year.

[edit] Story Elements

  • Talking with different characters will unfold the story and point players toward their next mission. All quests come with a reward, which might be anything from a rare item to a new, unlocked occupation.

This game is also known as Dragon Quest IX: Hoshizora no Mamoribito in Japan.

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Can someone plz help I'm looking for a sunstone and how to beat the king plz help DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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Hey I need help I'm trying to find a sunstone and some info on how to beat the king pl help if you can DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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I have this game, awesome. DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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i need help, this game is addicting. DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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you will love it if you like RPG DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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This is a great game. Would really like to get into it again some time. DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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Fantastic game, spent many hours on this. (: DragonQuest9SentinelsOfTheStarrySkies
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  • North America: Jul 11, 2010
  • Japan: Jul 11, 2009
  • Europe: Jul 23, 2010
  • Australia: Aug 19, 2010
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