Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Glitches

Any tournament and Character you want!!!
This cheat will let you do whatever tournament you want and any difficulty...

Go to Dragon World tour, and then tournament mode:

Choosing any tournament- Tournaments open based on the hour of the day in DWT... so go in and check the hour... to change the hour go in and then go out, then go in again. the hour moves up one... Keep repeating this to get the tournament you want open.

Yamcha Games open at 5:00
World Tounament opens at 7:00
Other world tournament opens at 00:00
Cell games open at 20:00
World Big Martial arts Tournament opens at 13:00

Choosing any Character at Yamcha games- To choose any character at the Yamcha games, do the hour change cheat to do the yamcha games, then go in them.It will preselect a character for you, then if you dont like it, go out of the character select and try again then back in, And try again! Cool thing is is that the hour doesn't change !!! :-D

Any difficulty- Do the hour change sheet over and over again till you get the tournament you want thengo in it. If its not the difficulty you want, then do another hour change so thats its the next day.