Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Tips

Easy wins in World Tournaments with Uub
Play as Uub in the Cell Games Tournament. Uub cannot teleport. To counter this, use a Turtle Shell so your opponent will have to use six Ki bars to teleport, making it just about impossible. Even if they teleport, their Ki will be so low that you can hit them easily. His Ki-cannon shoots so quickly that most of the time you can hit anybody in mid range without having to set it up with a combo. Fierce Flurry is also a very powerful death move. Once you launch it, keep pressing Circle repeatedly to add on to the combo. Eventually you will have so many hits from the combo that it makes up for the two bars you had to use. This is what your skill setup should be:

1. Ki Cannon
2. Fierce Flurry
3. Turtle Shell
4-7. Sparkling!!!!

Since Uub starts with a base Kii level of 5, this makes it a lot easier. The Ki Cannon and Fierce Flurry together are powerful because they come out so quickly. For this to work well, you must equip Turtle Shell or else your opponents will keep teleporting.