Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 review
DBZ: BT2 review

The good:

- Gameplay
- Attacks
- Story
- Graphics
- Multiplayer
- Stages

The bad:

- Controls
- Difficulty


Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, from a series of 3 so far. The second game is very much similar to the first and third in terms of regular play, only a few extra characters, stages and little extras.

It features Dragon Adventure, which is the story mode. Ultimate Battle Z, where you start at the end of the list of characters and fight your way to the top. Dragon Tournament, where you battle your way to becoming champion. Duelling, which is where you battle against your friends or computer AI. There's also a feature called Ultimate Training, where you can practice your moves against a customizable computer opponent.


The gameplay is fantastic. It's very fun and uses the Wii controls well. There are tournaments you can compete in, which grow higher in difficulty, and if you win you're awarded with zen to buy different abilities which you can attach to your character to give them more strength.

What gives this game a lot of credit is the multiplayer. When you've done the tournaments and story mode there really isn't anything more fun to do than play your friends.

The gameplay and fmv graphics are very similar, as it's all cartoons. They're pleasing to the eye, since it's almost just like watching the anime, but playing it.

The gameplay itself is very fluent and I've experienced no bugs where a character is stuck in the stage or anything like that. Even for a fast paced game like Dragonball Z, the gameplay still holds up and remains amazing to sit back and watch.

The tournaments are possibly one of the most fun options in the game, from my perspective. They're very repetitive as they're very similar, just harder difficulties. However, on the tournament itself, you can KO opponents not only by depleting the whole life bar, but by smashing them out of the arena, and if they touch the floor it's your win. This can be very annoying on harder difficulties or if you have lack of control for your character, as you'll be the one on the floor. As for the life bars, after customizing your characters you can have more than one life bar, allowing you to survive a lot longer than before.


In this game, there are so many attacks you will recognise from the anime, if you're a big fan. Much like the anime, some of the characters position their hands to perform certain attacks, and if you're using the Wii Remote + Nunchuk, you can position them in the same way to perform the attack on the game, which pleases fans to no end.


The stages are an awesome part of the game. Each of them being huge in distance, with mountains, trees and spectacular looking graphics. One of the best parts is being able to knock or throw your opponent through objects. Say, there's a huge mountain, you can knock your opponent straight through it, causing it to crumble, leaving your opponent with a lot less health and lying in the wreck. Another cool thing is that when a certain character performs a devasting attack, like Goku's Spirit Bomb for example, you can blow up the planet, leaving lava spurting and the whole planet in ruins.


The story follows the story of the anime, but shortened, including all of the sagas, including some of the movies too. If you've watched the series, then it's nice to play through what you've watched on tv, as the Z fighters.


For anyone new to the Wii and it's controls, this game could be difficult. Some of them are hard to pull off, unless you do it completely correct. However, the use of a Classic Controller and Gamecube Controller is allowed, which makes things a lot more simple.


Well, for new players, it will be a struggle. Even on Easy mode (which can be found in options) some of the battles are stupidly hard.


Overall, I think this game is worth the buy. However, I would rather recommend the third one, as you'll have a few extras, but it will be worth it. This game is good, but it's hard and awkward in so many places, which new players don't like or want.

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