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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Kid Buu FAQ

by HolyDragonCloud   Updated to v4.0 on
Dragon Ball Z  Budokai 3
The Kid Buu Character FAQ
4:34 PM 1/24/05
By: Jon Silvestri, also known as HolyDragonCloud

Hello one and all!  Welcome to the Kid Buu Character Guide!  This is my first ever
contribution to GameFAQs  Before I begin, I will give you Kid Buu's backstory from the

Kid Buu was the original Buu created by Bibidi.  After absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai,
He turned into Fat Buu.
While Goku and Vegeta were flying around inside Super Buu, they came across the
'People Pods'  where Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, Gohan, and Mr. Buu were.  Vegeta and Goku
decided to remove all the people that Buu absorbed.  It was only until after Mr. Buu's
removal that Super Buu began to undergo change.  Upon escaping Super Buu, Goku and
Vegeta witnessed him transform into Kid Buu.  KibitoShin watched in horror as the
original Buu had returned!  Buu proceeded to destroy Earth, but Goku, Vegeta, Hercule,
Dende, and the Puppy Bee escaped to the Planet of the Kai's.  Buu soon found them, and
the final fight for the universe ensued there.  During the fight, the Namekian Dragon
was summoned, the first wish being to revive Earth, the second being to revive all
those killed by Buu and Majin Vegeta.  As the battle dragged on, Goku needed time to
gather power, and Vegeta stepped in to fight.  Upon gathering a Chou Genki Dama (Super
Spirit Bomb), Goku launched his final attack.  A quick final wish from the dragon
restored Goku's power enough to finish off the Sinister Kid Buu.  Thanks to Vegeta's
vailiant efforts, Hercule's popularity with the people of Earth, and Goku's Chou Genki
Dama, Buu was dead!

Now, to the real guide!

Table of Contents:
I:  Copyrights
II: Version History
III: Basic Controls
IV:  Complex Controls
V: Special Controls
VI:  Kid Buu's Basic Moves and Strategies
VII: Basic Combos
VIII: Intermidiate Combos
IX:  Advanced Combos
X:  Kid Buu's capsule setups
XI: Credits
XII:  Contact Info


This guide is copyrighted to me, Jon Silvestri aka HolyDragonCloud.  Illegal
distribution of this guide is strictly prohibited.  Intended for Private use only.
You may only post this guide on a site, yours or another, by asking for my
permission and also sending a link to your website so I can have a look at the
site.  My email is listed in the Contact Info section.  Should I grant distribution of
this guide to another, no one is allowed to change any word, character, etc. of this
guide.  Any further violation of copyrights shall result in immediate action.
Thank you for your cooperation.

II:Version History

3/31/05: Added a new advanced combo, and correct as many spelling and grammatical
errors I found.

3/4/05:  Added 4 new combos to Advanced section, one being a combo for his Ultimate.
Fixed the messiness up.

2/4/05:  Added numerous combos, strategies to section VI, and setups.

1/24/05: Creation of Guide

III: Basic Controls

square-Punch (P)
Triangle-Kick (K)
Circle-Ki Blast (E)
L1: Throw (P+G)
L2: Hyper Mode (P+K+G+E)
R1: transformation(P+K+G), or power attack(P+K, ->P+K, <-P+K)
R2: Power attack(P+K, ->P+K, <-P+K)

D-pad: Move Character
Left Analog Stick: Move Character

IV: Complex Controls
To charge Ki, hold down X and press back twice
To dodge, press X just an opponent attacks you with a physical attack.  Costs about
1/2 Ki bar.
To quickly get up from the ground, hit the X button when you hit the ground.
Hitting X as you go flying backward also stops you from flying into stage damage
trap, a wall, or from being eliminated from a World Martial Arts Tournament.
To teleport behind your opponent, Hit forward and X as they attack you.  Continue to
hold X in order to keep from attacking them instantly, thus allowing you to do your own
To pursue an enemy after knocking them into the air, press the circle button (E)
To dash, simply double tap either left or right.  If you press both the left/right and
up on the d-pad, you will fly diagonally upward.
To perform power attacks, press the R2 button or the R1 button (providing you have no
available transformations at the time)
And finally, to taunt, hold X and press down twice

V: Special Controls
If both you and your opponent guard crash at the same time, Burst mode shall be
entered, and the person who spins the analog more wins the struggle and attacks
with a Power Attack.
If two people fire certain death moves at the same time, a power struggle will
ensue.  Both players must spin the analog, and the person who spins more wins the
To enter Hyper Mode, press L2.  While in Hyper Mode, you can either perform an
ultimate (if the character has one), or initiate Dragon Rush.  To use your
ultimate, simply press L2 again.  Then, two separate bars will show, one larger and one
smaller.  The smaller will start filling with a certain color bar: blue is slow, green
is medium, red is fast.  Press X at any point to fill up the larger bar.  The person
who fills the larger bar the most wins.  In the event of a tie, the attacker
automatically wins the struggle.
To initiate Dragon Rush, simply start a pursue attack in hyper mode.  This mode
consists of three 'rounds' of button pressing.  If two players press the same
button, the defense wins, and stops the rush.  Each time an attack is successful, that
button used is no longer usable.  So from the first round to the 3rd, chances of
winning the Rush lessen from 1/4-1/3-1/2

VI: Kid Buu's Basic Moves and Strategies

Finally, the Kid Buu stuff, first I shall list his pro's and con's, cancels, stuns,
and juggles.
Thanks to Tier List made by Nmanz and uber_newber for sending me the contributions (all
original contributors, thank you as well!!!!) to this section.

High damage
Good Ki building
Base Ki Line of 6
Good Combo Resistance
Infinite Juggle (PKK^)
Begins with the ability to teleport counter twice
Many Combo starters are chargeable, making them easier to land.
Has a ranged attack

->P is slightly slower than others do to its chargeability
Several combo chains don't work against high combo resistance characters
-No transformation
- lacking reach
-Because his base ki is 6, he doesn't get alot of stat upgrade from ki.

I have decided to save some trouble, and include a Legend Key, containing all his
cancels, stuns, and juggles I have found.

Cancel: -
Juggle: ^


PPPP->P*(Only a stun on the ground and in front of opponent)
PP<-PPPP* (the <-P screws up the combo, but is chargeable, my advice is to charge

PKK (infinite)*

Ranged Attack:
KP-it has range, but knocks your opponent back far.

*: PKK has been tested and proven to be an Infinite, not Semi.  Refer to the advance
combo section to see.

now, I shall list his variants of death moves
PPPPE is the standard Kamehameha combo.  1 ki gauges
->KKK->KKE is his second Kamehameha combo.  1 ki gauges
->PPPPE is his standard Vanishing Ball combo. 2 ki gauges
P->PPPPE is his second Vanishing Ball combo.  2 ki gauges

His ultimate is Warp Kamehameha, which costs 5 Ki gauges, at breakthrough level,
causes 1949 points of damage when winning the struggle

Characters to avoid:
- Piccolo

They're able to keep Kid Buu away from them, making it hard to win agaist them.  His
ranged KP is a good attack to get them off of you.  Thanks to his 6 baseline, he can TC
twice to close the gap in the beginning of the match.

Kid buu strategies
- Always try to have higher ki then your opponent, kid buu's combos build
good ki so this shouldn't be a problem, plus he has a base ki of 6.
- Never go into hyper mode, and if you do. Always make sure of the following things:
- Your opponent can't TC
- You're absolutely sure that you can combo into your ultimate/DR
- You have minimum amount of Ki for your ultimate.

- When your opponent goes into hyper mode, always runs away. Back dash + dodging >
hyper mode.

- Turtle shell is one of kid buu's best friend. Since he starts with 6 ki bars you can
teleport anything at the beginning of the match, and do major damage. Forcing your
opponent to stay on the defensive in the beginning (If your opponent has less then 6
base ki).
Abuse kid buu's pppp>p like this, because it charges and if you even land one hit you
can follow up with a combo that does over 1300 damage.

- If you can't dodge your opponent death move, just block it. It reduces a lot of
damage and builds Ki for you (about 1/2 bar)

VII: Basic Combos

You now know Kid Buu's basic controls.  But now, I shall give you some combos I
have come up with.  These are in no way his only combos, and I have categorized
them by level of difficulty to do.

For the this section and the next two, these combos were done with Breakthrough

<-P<-P^ PPPPE 7 hits 719 damage.

<-P+K^ P->PPPPE 7 hits 931 damage.

<-P<-P^ ->P+K* PPPPE 11 hits 922 damage.

VIII:  Intermediate Combos

Now on to combos that incorporate cancels and stuns.  These are medium difficulty
combos to pull off, since there is no need to worry about juggles yet.

KKKK-  ->PKK- PPPPE 12 hits 1002 damage.

->P+K*  ->PKK-  ->KKK->KKE 13 hits 1058 damage.

KKKK- ->P+K*  ->PKK- ->KKK->KKE 17 hits 1252 damage

KKKK-  ->P+K*  ->PKK-   P->PPPPE  17 hits 1412 damage.

IX: Advanced Combos

Now on to the hard stuff.  Credit to all who have created these combos (TOO MANY TO
LIST!!!! >_<) created some of the following combos

super_sayen_91 (gs)

PPPPP^ >PPPPP E (Vanishing Ball) 1780 Damage

1750 Damage

>P+K* >PKK- (SIDESTEP) KKKK- <P+K^ PPPPP^ >PPPPP E (Vanishing Ball)
1720 Damage

->p,k,k-  ->p+k*   k,k,k,k- ->k,k,k,>k,k* p,p,p,p,->p* <p,<p^  <p,<p^ >p,p,p,p,e
1800 damage


>PKK-(sidestep), KKKK-, >P+K*, PPPP>P*, >KKK>KK*, PPPPP^, >PPPPE [Vanishing Ball] 1900

Goryu and Mike D's

(>p,k,k-)*(>p+k)* (walk a little bit foward) (k,k,k,k-
)^(p,p,p,p,>p)*(>k,k,k,>k,k)*(<p,>k)^(>p,p,>p,p,p,p)^(>p,p,p,p,e) 1750 damage

Combo finishers from uber newber
(pppp>p)*(>pkk-sidestep)*(kkkk-)*(>p+k)*(>kkk>kkk) (taunt) 1250 damage

(pppp>p)*(>pkk-sidestep)*(kkkk-)*(>p+k)*(>kkk>kk)*(<p<p)^(ppppe) Kamehameha 1550 damage

(pppp>p)*(>pkk-sidestep)*(kkkk-)*(>p+k)*(>kkk>kk)*(<p+k)^(>pppe) Vanishing ball 1750

1) The taunt combo lowers one of your opponent's ki bars, and doesn't cost anything.
Allowing you to rush into another combo after this. It would be able to do more damage
if you put attack upgrade capsules instead of death moves.

2)Kamehameha does 300 more damage then the taunt combo, but cost 1 ki bar. Allowing you
to rush into your opponent after the combo.

3)Vanishing ball does 200 more damage then the kamehameha combo, but takes 2 ki bars.
Which doesn't allow you to rush into your opponent after this combo. But Kid buu's ki
will only go up till six, you'll be able to start a combo again after this. Because if
he teleport counters. You will be able too, seeing as you have 5 ki bars, and him
having only 4 (max) ki bars when you start your combo again.

And plank's, but he has told me he didn't original come up with it, so credit to the
person who made this, and to plank for showing this to me:

Combo Used: >PKK-(sidestep), KKKK-, >P+K*, >KKK>KK*, PPPPP^, >PP>PPPP^, >PPPPE
[Vanishing Ball] 2016dmg.

and now my own combos:

KKKK- ->P+K* ->PKK-  ->KKK->KK*  P->PPPPE 22 hits 1606 damage.

KKKK- ->P+K*  ->PKK- P->PPPP*  ->KKK->KKE 22 hits for a lesser 1309 damage

<-P<-P^   PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PPPPE 25 hits 1545 damage

KKKK-   ->P+K*  ->PKK-  PPPP->P*   ->KKK->KK*   <-P->K^ PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PPPPE 39 hits
for 1617 damage

and now, combos that requires GREAT timing:

KKKK-  ->P+K*  ->PKK  PPPP->P*  ->KKK->KK*  ->PP->PPPP^  ->PPPPE 40 hits for 1759

<-P+K PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PKK^ PKK^  ->PPPPE  21 hits 1730

KKKK- (sidestep) ->PKK-  ->P+K*  ->KKK->KK*  PPPPP^  ->PPPPE 27 hits 1886 damage.

KKKK- ->P+K*  ->PKK-  PPPP->P*  ->KKK->KK*  P->PPPPE 30 hits 1732 damage (you must
input the P->PPPPE VERY fast, and it'll work)

KKKK- (sidestep)  ->PKK-  ->P+K*  ->KKK->KK*  PPPPP^  ->PP->PPPP^  ->PPPPE 38 hits 1978

Now a DR combo.  I will note that you must be in Hyper Mode to do this combo before you
even start it, making it very unreliable.  However, should you manage to land it, the
damage it can do is quite large.

(Initiate Hyper Mode) ->PKK-  ->P+K* (WALK A LITTLE BIT FOWARD)  KKKK-  PPPP->P*   -
>KKK->KK*  PKK^ PKK^ PKK^  PPPPE INITITATE DRAGON RUSH ( before DR: 37 hits for 1519
1st hit: 42 hits 1789 damage
2nd hit: 50 hits 2059 damage
3rd hit: 66 hits for 2269 damage

and lastly, an unreliable Ultiamte combo since you must begin in Hyper Mode:

begin in Hyper Mode-  KKKK- (sidestep) P->PPPP*  ->KKK->KK* ->P+K*  ->PKK-  P+K+G+E,
win the struggle and get a grand total of 21 hits for 3089 damage.

X: Kid Buu's Capsule Setups

Some setups i use.  Credit to all those who created the last 3 setups.

Tournament Buu (7 Tournament Wins!)
Mage Guard
Majin Buu's Regenration
Babidi's Scope

Total Stats: 128% atk at max Ki, 120% defense

This is a well balanced setup.  The Potential and Kamehameha are there to do
damage.  Mage Guard and Majin Buu's regeneration reduced damage, and i mean they
REDUCE damage.  For example, I was fighting my friend who seems to always win when he
goes SSj4 Goku.  I used this setup, and his 10x Kamehameha did only 400-500 damage
instead of 903.  That 400 saves you.  Trust me.  And Babidi's Scope helps ith your Ki.

Demon Realm Flames
Babadi's Scope
Vanishing Ball 2x
Chicken Fried 7 Seasoned Toad

Total stats: 168% attack at max Ki, 75% defense.

This setup is used for pure offence, dishing out insane amounts of damage when
using some combos.  for example, a combo that does 1400 damage would do around 2100
damage from a 68% boost.

Majin Buu's Regeneration
Bibidi's Guard
Babidi's scope

Total Stats:  100% attack, 140% defense.

A defensive setup for Kid Buu.  The Regeneration+Guard SEVERLY reduces the damage you
take.  Babidi's Scope makes up for the Ki loss, and Concentration allows you to
teleport more often, to keep on the defense.

Set-up 4

Vanishing Ball
Vanishing Ball
Turtle Shell
Babidi's Scope

Set-up 5
Demon Realm flames (1)
Potential (2)
Majin Buu regeneration (1)
Chicken-F 7-S Toad (1)
Yakon/demon realm guard/vanishing ball (1)

Set-up 6
Vanishing Ball (1)
Turtle Shell(1)
Majin Buu's regeneration(+ Chicken-fried 7-seasoned toad)(1+1)
Babidi's Scope (1)
Potential (2)

XI: Credits
I like to thank Nnamz and everyone else who contributed to this guide (TOO MANY TO
LIST!!!! >_<).  I'd especially like to thank uber_newber for all his help, and
inspiring me to make this Guide.

Thanks to Atari and Dimps for creating such a great game.

And of course, thank you GameFAQs for putting together such a great site!

XII:  Contact Info

My email is Jin Slayer@ aol.com, and so is my I/M, and I sometimes use AIM if AOL isn't
working, with the same s/n of course
Email me with addition info such as more cancels, stuns, juggles, combos, and
Or you can email me for questions if any!