Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Goku FAQ v6.0
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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Goku FAQ

by APurpleCow   Updated to v6.0 on
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
Version 4.3
Started: 12-30-04
Nate Fralick, also known has APurpleCow.


Version History............1.0
About this guide...........2.0
Basic Controls.............3.1
Advanced Controls..........3.5
Capsule Set Ups............4.0
Dragon Universe Mode.......8.0
About Me...................10.0
Legal Stuff................12.0

1.0 Version Histroy

Version 1 Date: 12-30-04

Started the guide. I got all the things I am going to have in it started.

Version 1.1 Date: 1-2-05

Put the guide in the right format.

Version 2 Date: 1-4-05

Updated the guide with the help of Sprawler.

Version 3 Date: 1-6-05

Spralwers edited the guide.

Version 3.1 Date: 1-8-05

Reload2k fixed the grammer and spelling.

Version 4 Date: 1-10-05

Small updates to every section.

Version 4.1 Date: 1-11-05

Authorized www.neoseeker.com to use this guide.

Version 4.2 1-12-05

Fixed a few things.

4.3 Date: 1-16-05

Authorized gamerhelp.com to use this guide.

5.0 Date 2-16-05

Combined fusion and transformation sections, Added new stuff to the
move section. Added my dragon fist exploits.

5.1 Date 2-19-05

Added a better way of getting to the other side of opponents,
thanks to Celestial Avenger.

2.0 About this guide

This guide was made to teach you all the basics of Budokai 3 
and the advanced part of how to play has Goku. 
I picked Goku because I think
he is one of the best in this game.

3.0 Controls


square=punch                  p
triangle=kick                 k
x=guard                       g 
circle=small energy ball      e

Punching is fast, but weak.

Kicks are slow (yea right, this is dragon ball!) but strong.

Guards can block most attacks. When guarding, you get fatigued,
but you take less damage and you gain ki.

Energy balls do more damage then kicks and punches, but drain your ki.
You can link a few energy balls together.


Towards enemy and x when they attack: You teleport behind them 
and do a powerful punch. 
If you hold X, you can guard and not do the punch, 
allowing you to combo. This takes 3 ki gauges. I will call 
this a Teleport Counter, or TC.

Circle when you knock back enemy=You teleport behind 
them and punch. You can do this up to 3 times. 
This takes 1 ki gauge per teleport. I will refer to this has a Pursue, or P.

Square+Triangle+X: Transform.

Square+Triangle+X+Circle: Hyper Mode. You can not 
guard, but you are resistant to attacks. 
You can do a dragon rush by doing what you would do to teleport.

Using Ultimates: Push x when the bar is almost full. 
You have to do this 3 times.

4.0 Capsule Set Ups

Skilled Goku:


Normal Goku:

spirit bomb

Perfect defense and small offence:

Mysterious Vest
Saiyan Spirit
Dendeç—´ Recovery

Without Dende's Recovery, you have 170% defense and 135% attack.
You cannot block, but with that insane defense you don't really
need to. Dodging helps as well.

Perfect Attack Goku:

Saiyan Spirit

This capsule setup has a max attack of 199%. You should only do this
if you are good at combos, or else not having a kamehameha can hurt you.

All Around:

Training Vest
Saiyan Spirit
Dendeç—´ Recovery

Yet again, use this only if you are good at combos. You will have a max of
150% defense and 159% attack with 3 ki bars.

All Around Goku 2:

Super Saiyan
Dragon Fist

Go super sayajin at the start. Use dragon fist to start combos, and kamehameha
to top off combos.

Base Form Power:

Saiyan Spirit
General Vest

This is sort of like BKG.

Ki Master Goku:

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 3

This is great for dodging and teleporting.

Transformation Killer:
Sayajin Spirit
Z Sword

This allows you to easily out teleport them and deal good damage with
the Z Sword and your Spirit.

5.0 Combos

These are where I list cancel combos. What is a cancel combo? 
A cancel combo is when you push guard has you charge a move, 
allowing you to recover faster then they can recover, 
and you can do another combo. 
To do a cancel combo, hold the last button of the string and push guard. 
Steps are my short name for side step cancels, 
and in these you side step instead of guard. 
Stuns are when there are no cancels, 
but you still recover faster then them. 
Juggles are when the string sends them into the air. 
This is my controller set up that helps me do these combos:

L1=hyper mode


trans stst-Transformation sweet spot, the time during the reeling
animation where the opponent is almost recovered, but will not fall
down if you attack them.
@-under the opponent

Basic Combos:
These combos are weak, but are good practice.

>p,k,k cancel k,k,k,k cancel k,k,p stun >p,k,k step k,k,k,k cancel k,k,p stun >p,k,k cancel trans stst k,k,k,k cancel k,k,k,k cancel
transform >p,k,k cancel p,p,p,p,e

p,k,k cancel transform >p,k,k cancel transform >p,k,k cancel
transform >p,k,k cancel transform >p,p,p,p,







p,k,k step k,k,k,k cancel p,p,p,p,




p,k,k cancel p,p,p,p,e This is better in every way then the Goku Juggle. I have tried, and have not found a stronger variant to this combo. Every string is in there for a reason. The >p,k,k is in there so you can safely get to the back of your enemy. The step makes the juggles do more damge. The k,k,k,k cancel is in their to stun them long enough for you to put them in a juggle. The p,k,k is for you to get close enough to do a p,p,p,p,e. Dragon Fist Infinite >p,k,k step k,k,k,k cancel p,p,p,p,





e I invented the dragon fist infinite, and here it is. The so called "Most Damaging Goku Combo" involving a Super Dragon Fist pales when compared to this. I have done 3800 damage with 40 hits, and I could have continued. Perfect Dragon Juggle p,p,p,p,




e Same has the Dragon fist Infinite, but using the p,k,k step better. -------------------------------------------- 6.0 Moves -------------------------------------------- In this section I will put down all of Gokus moves and rate them out of 20. Kaoken: A weak transformation, but with a low minimum ki so you can start the match with it. 7/20 Super Sayajin A weak transformation. 9/20 Super Sayajin 2 A weak transformation. 9/20 Super Sayajin 3 An ok transformation. 11/20 Super Sayajin 4 An ok transformation. 12/20 Vegito: This fusion is ok if you don't have Super Sayajin 4. If you do though, this fusion is the worst ever. It adds only 1% power more then ss4. If you fail the fusion, and you only get one chance to do it right, then you are left with no transformations and no items or equipment. 14/20 ss2 Gogeta: Don't use this fusion. Ss4 is better then it, and ss3 is weaker, but overall better. 7/20 ss4 Gogeta: Again, not a good fusion. Your damage percentage is greatly increased when compared to ss4, and your big bang kamehameha is unmatched. These are the only pros. Ss4 Gogeta is hard to get, has if you go into hyper mode your opponent won't let you pull this off. If you do manage to pull this off, your opponent only has to dodge you for 10 seconds, then the fusion is off again. 5/20 Kamehameha: A weak level 1 death move, but when you are ss4 it becomes a 10x kamehameha, which is 10x has good. Base: 5/20 SS4: 17/20 Dragon Fist: This death move costs 2 ki bars, and is weaker then the kamehameha! However, I found out a secret. The p,p,p,p,

p,k,k can be dodged and counter attacked, which really hurts Goku. He does, however, have a good

p if you can. To use Goku, you need to have good capsule set ups and be able to do mind games. Use your transformations to their max. For instance, Once I had a breakthrough on, and I was fightning somebody with a better capsule set up then me and they were more skilled at this game then me. We were both Goku. He had turtle shell on, so at the begining he just shot a kamehameha at me. I used kaoken just has he did it so it didn't hurt me. Then when he was still firing the kamehameha, I did the base-ss4 combo and then I had the health advantage and was already super sayajin 4. Even though he was better then me, I won because of that kaoken. Goku on the defense: Goku has strong defense, in the sense of keeping himself from getting hit. His only lacking area in defense is his dodging+counterattacking, which is a part of playing defense. If you dodge and can counterattack, do a >p,k,k cancel, or p,p,p,p,e/p,>p,p,e or p,p,p,>p and then power up or taunt. Do not let enemies fight you at close quarters. Goku is simply going to get demolished. When enemies use nullifying starters, use >p+k.When enemies keep you in range, use >k+g. Counter attacks with your >p and follow it up with a juggle or an undodgeable, cancelable string like k,k,k,k. If you need to gather ki or tuant, use p,p,p,>p. Goku on the offence: Goku's offence is next to nothing. A strong defense player will intimidate any skilled Goku player. Make sure you always have the capsule meditation equipped, unless you want pure stats. This will give Goku a bigger boost to his offence. You should be able to land Goku's >p+k because using it at the right range puts you out of reach for many starters, including graps. If you happen to land it, power up. At 4 bars of ki, Goku will be able to TC twice, provided you have meditation on you. If your opponent does not have the ki to TC twice, simply let them land a combo. After the second hit, try TCing and coming in with a combo cancel. Try using the k,k,k,k cancel. The >p,k,k cancel can miss at times. When fighting opponents with a baseline ki or 6 or above, or can already TC twice, then keep your ki at 6, or taunt them. Goku does not have any 2 hit stuns. He cannot combo on opponents safely. Cancels come much later in a string for him, and leave time for the opponent to dodge and counter attack. Be obsessive with your k,k,k,k string use has it cannot be dodged and counter attacked. The >k,k,p is an ok stun, but the opponent ends up far away from you and the only move that will get them closer is the >p,k,k cancel. Use

p+k is good for this because you can avoid grabs. >p+k knocks back the opponent, allowing you to charge or tuant. It is good against the p,p,p,p,

>p. It almost always works. How to stop a dodger: Easy. k,k,k,k cancel spam! ---------------------------------------------------------- 8.0 Dragon Universe Mode ---------------------------------------------------------- How to Level Up Goku: 1) attack 2) guard 3) arts 4) ki 5) ability or com Location of dballs: Sayajin Saga Go to one of the mouths of the rivers on the middle east side of the mainland. The dragon radar is there. In the northeastern waters is a dragon ball and in the icy land in the northeast is another dragon ball. Frieza Saga On the south side of the northeastern island is the dragon radar. On the north northeast island is a dragon ball, and the other is south of the northwest island. Cell Saga Go under the compass for a dragon ball Buu Saga In the northeastern mountains of the mainland are the dragon radar. East of North City for one dragon ball, and east of the World Tournament for another. Kill fat buu and super buu. First Time Through: Sayajin Saga Raditz: Raditz can be hard to beat for the first time you have played this game. use the teleporting set up to beat him. The teleporting set up is this 1) ssj3 2) meditation Nappa: Use the teleporting set up again. Vegeta: Use the teleporting set up...again. Frieza Saga Recoome: Kill Recoome using the teleporting set up. In fact, just use it if I don't tell you to use another one. Go to the the city northeast of the red dot, then talk to Recoome. Then go to Guru's house which is in the upper right section of the map. Ginyu: He is just like the other fights. Frieza: Just like the other fights... Frieza(Second Time): Use the transformation killer to beat him quickly. 1) Yakon 2) Meditation 3) Sayajin Spirit 4) Z Sword 5) Kamehameha Cell Saga Use the set transformation killer set up. Buu Saga Fat Buu: Easy fight. Super Buu: This fight is somewhat hard, bu it is still pretty easy. Kid Buu: Equip this when fighting kid buu 1) Kaoken 2) ss 3) ss2 4) ss3 5) kamehameha 6) spirit bomb 7) anything Do this when fighting kid buu: Go Kaoken and do a combo for ki. When kid buu goes into hyper mode run from him. When he gets tired, use super spirit bomb. Then go ss3 and kill buu. Before going to the world tournament, go to the southeastern islands for ss4. Then go to the world tournament and kill uub. Second Time Through: The dragon balls are in the same place. Sayajin Saga: Kill Raditz and go north of the south eastern part of the mainland to Gokus grandfathers (Gohans) house. You can not miss it, it is surrounded by rock pillars. Then kill Nappa and Vegeta. Frieza Saga: Kill the Ginyu force. Kill Frieza the first time. Go to the bottom left red dot and follow the rest of the red dots for cooler. Cell Saga: Kill Cell. Buu Saga: After watching Gohan get absorbed by super buu, go up to super buu. Southwest of your position, in the desert right below you, is a place you can go. Go there and talk to Kibitoshin. Then kill Super Buu. If you don't have ss4 yet, go to the south eastern islands for it. Kill Brolly. Then go to West City and talk to Bulma. Then go to the world tournament. Beat Gotenks, and fight Omega Shenron. Brolly: Use the transformation killer set up to easily win. Gotenks: TELEPORT, TELEPORT, TELEPORT!!! If he hits you with his ghosts, just beat him at the bar. This can be very hard. Omega Shenron: Spam big bang kamehameha. When you defuse, try to get to ssj4. Third Time Though: This time the only different thing you should do is in the Frieza Saga. Frieza Saga: Kill Frieza for the first time. Go to the middle dot. Kill Cooler. Go north to the ???. It is Coolers spaceship. Kill metal Cooler. ---------------------------------------------------------- 9.0 FAQ ---------------------------------------------------------- No questions have been asked yet... ---------------------------------------------------------- 10.0 About me ---------------------------------------------------------- My email is apurplecow@hotmail.com Send any suggestions or questions. ---------------------------------------------------------- 11.0 Credits ---------------------------------------------------------- EVIL CAP AMERICA for his Combo Guide. Reload2k for some edits and for reviewing the guide and giving me feedback. Celestial Avenger for cominb up with the