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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Guide

by Sintaku   Updated to v0.1 on
  ________                                       __________        .__  .__   
  \______ \____________     ____   ____   ____   \______   \_____  |  | |  |  
   |    |  \_  __ \__  \   / ___\ /  _ \ /    \   |    |  _/\__  \ |  | |  |  
   |    `   \  | \// __ \_/ /_/  >  <_> )   |  \  |    |   \ / __ \|  |_|  |__
  /_______  /__|  (____  /\___  / \____/|___|  /  |______  /(____  /____/____/
          \/           \//_____/             \/          \/      \/           
                                   \____    /
                                     /     / 
                                    /     /_ 
                                   /_______ \
           __________          .___      __           .__  ________  
           \______   \__ __  __| _/____ |  | _______  |__| \_____  \ 
            |    |  _/  |  \/ __ |/  _ \|  |/ /\__  \ |  |   _(__  < 
            |    |   \  |  / /_/ (  <_> )    <  / __ \|  |  /       \
            |______  /____/\____ |\____/|__|_ \(____  /__| /______  /
                   \/           \/           \/     \/            \/ 

  __      __        .__   __      __  .__                              .__     
 /  \    /  \_____  |  | |  | ___/  |_|  |_________  ____  __ __  ____ |  |__  
 \   \/\/   /\__  \ |  | |  |/ /\   __\  |  \_  __ \/  _ \|  |  \/ ___\|  |  \ 
  \        /  / __ \|  |_|    <  |  | |   Y  \  | \(  <_> )  |  / /_/  >   Y  \
   \__/\  /  (____  /____/__|_ \ |__| |___|  /__|   \____/|____/\___  /|___|  /
        \/        \/          \/           \/                  /_____/      \/ 
                         ________      .__    .___      
                        /  _____/ __ __|__| __| _/____  
                       /   \  ___|  |  \  |/ __ |/ __ \ 
                       \    \_\  \  |  /  / /_/ \  ___/ 
                        \______  /____/|__\____ |\___  >
                               \/              \/    \/ 

|                           Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3                            |
|                              Walkthrough/Guide                               |
|                             Created By: Sintaku                              |
|                     Created Date: 21:24 20 December 2004                     |
|                     Last Updated: 14:08 21 December 2004                     |
|                                Version: 0.1                                  |

=-| [1] C O N T E N T S [C111T] |-==============================================
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1. Contents [C111T] 
2. Information [I1256]
3. Version Information [V12I5] 
4. Dragon Universe [EL198]   
5. Skills [UA879]
6. Character Unlock [LE198]
7. Passwords [PA879]
8. Credit [CRA13] 
9. Copyright [CO67P] 

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=-| [3] I T E M S [V12I5] |-====================================================

Version 0.1 (18:31 21 December 2004):
     - Dragon Universe
       * Yamcha (Semi-Complete)
     - Skillz
       * Goku
       * Super Buu
     - Unlock Characters
       * All
     - Passwords
       * Yamcha (Level 1,2,5)

=-| [4] D R A G O N  U N I V E R S E [EL198] |-=================================

   Okay now the huge explaination:
   This is how the Guide works, all things in which have "   " (3 Spaces) at the
start of the sentence are what you have to do and explainations. All things 
which have "       " (7 Spaces) are normally conversations betweek two or more 
characters, these conversations are directed at you.


--------------------------------Story [Part 1]----------------------------------

Long, long ago&

Goku had many adventures while searching for the seven magic Dragon Balls.

With his trusted friends by his side Goku successfully battled many powerful 
foes. Until&

The Earth was attacked by a mysterious warrior race. And so, a new battle 

-------------------------------End Story [Part 1]-------------------------------

   Then the game starts:

       Yamcha: Master Roshi! Long time no see!

       Bulma: Yamcha, were have you been? Off flirting with girls again?!

       Yamcha: Wha..? N-No, of cause not! I just decided I'd take a little 
training trip.

       Bulma: Was that before or after I kicked you out? Anyway, Yajirobe came 
by and said Kami's agreed to train you guys.

       Yamcha: What& Seriously?! Well, then I can't let Krillin get a head 
start.. I've got to go! Good seeing you, Master Roshi!

       Master Roshi: Last time I come by for a visit&

   Then you get a skill, the Kamehameha skill. It is very useful. You will 
definitely need it for later, so get ready to now. Now you will see your Custom 
Tray, Press X and Press X again to set Kamehameha. After setting it press 
triangle twice.

   Now you have entered the true dragon world, and yes its true what you see in 
front of you. You can fly, I do mean fly. Practise about, move Yamcha backwards 
and forwards. And you will see. Now on with the walkthrough.
   Press triangle to reveal a Map, and that map shows where you are. The red dot
is where you have to go. So I advise you to go to the red dot. Fly there. 

   You will come to Kami's Lookout. Now you talk to Black Fat guy, he is your 

       Black Fat Warrior: If you wish to train with Kami, you must get past me. 
Whenever you're ready&

       Yamcha: Alright, then. You asked for it!

   Then there is a small unseen fighting noise which lasts not much time.

       Yamcha: Huh? I can't hit him! Why& Why&?

       Black Fat Warrior: Your swings are too wild. Try to focus your attacks in
a tighter area.

   And you level up. Now to tell you some interesting information, when you 
level up you get points which can be used to strengthen yourself. I advise you 
to increase health or attack right now. But it is up to you as you are the 
player. Every time you gain a level you get a point, levelling gets harder as 
you have a higher level. Ah, now you get a password. You are probably wondering 
what it is for? Well its very useful when you want to battle your friends, you 
don't need to take it down now though.

   Now that you have done that, you will see an old green man much like Piccolo.

       Old Green Man: You have long surpassed my teachings. I have nothing more 
to offer you& Continue to hone your skills, and you will be ready when the day 
of battle arrives. Yamcha, you have a tendancy to be reckless at times. Think 
twice before the act.

   Now your back, well no battles up to now and I think you are saddened. But 
the Dragon Ball Z spirit will be ripening round the corner.

   Now fly to the next red dot. The red dot is in the plains. You see Krillin.

       Krillin: I'll handle this!
       Yamcha: No Krillin! You've already been wished back once. It won't work a
second time& Leave it to me! I've got a couple special moves that will fry these
guys in no time.

   Now you get a skill, the skill is the Spirit Ball Attack. You will need it in
your next battle. But now you go up to the flying view again, did you wonder 
why? Its so you can equip yourself with your new skill. Don't go into battle 
without equipping it, or you are in trouble.

   Now go into battle.

       Yamcha: Stand Back, guys. I got this one. I'll show them we mean 
business! Come on!

       Green Creature: Gi-gi!

       You can't be defensive here! Keep attacking!

|------------------------------ Battle Strategy -------------------------------|
|It's an easy battle, just do a few punches and kicks and Kamehameha and he    |
|should be dead in no time. Just don't let him do any special moves.           |

   Now the battle is over, you get experience. And most probably a level up too.
How nice? Now be wise on your choice for using your points.

   Now your with Vegeta.

       Yamcha: Your little monster wasn't as strong as you though, huh.
       Vegeta: Ha ha ha I'd say your celebration is still a bit premature&
Green Creature: Gi!!

   And that's that, now the next Story telling section.

--------------------------------Story [Part 2]----------------------------------
Having successfully fended off the Saiyan onslaught, Goku opts to spare Vegeta's

"Mark my words! Yo'll pay for this, Kakarot! You and all your friends!"

Killin, Gohan, and Bulma travel to Namek in the hopes of reviving their fallen 

Once there, they confront the evil Frieza, who is also searching for the Dragon 

Helpless against Frieza's might, thy have no choice but to join forces with 

Meanwhile, Goku has healed and is headed for Namek in a ship built by Bulma's 

His efforts to recover the Dragon Balls frustrated, Frieza summons the Ginyu 

Can young Gohan survve against the Ginyu force and Frieza? Will Goku make it in 

Gohan and the others return safely to Earth, thanks to the Namekian Dragon 

However, Goku remains on Namek to resolve things with Frieza&

The battle is so intense that the planet itself begins to crumble&

Thinking there was no way Goku could have survived Bulma tries to wish him back 
to life.

However, the wish is refused&

Goku survived! And he relays a message that he will return by himself.

With everyone alive again Gohan waits impatiently for his father's return&

Almost a year has passed since Goku's friends learned of his survival&

Suddenly, a terrible power is felt approaching earth& Frieza!

And without Goku to save it, the earth appears to be doomed&

However, a mysterious youth appears and makes short work of Frieza.

When Goku returns, the youth claims to be the son of Bulma and Vegeta, from the 

He warns them of a looming threat: deadly androids that will appear in 3 years 

-------------------------------End Story [Part 1]-------------------------------

       Yamcha: These evil androids& I'm not even sure they really exist. But if 
they do, I'm gonna find them

   Damn, you didn't get to play much. Anyway your back to playing again. Now go 
to the red spot which is on South City this time.

       Yamcha: No! Where did he go?! Excuse me, have you seen anyone suspicious 
around here?

       Android (Dr Gero): Is this Goku? No, he does not match the data& Even so,
this may be a good chance to absorb some energy& Haaa!

|------------------------------ Battle Strategy -------------------------------|
|Very easy battle, you will make short work of him. Just punch and do lots of  |
|Kamehameha's and you will be safe. Don't allow him to have distance between   |
|you or he will outwit you.                                                    |

   You will level up after the battle, buy use wisely the points.

       Goku: Y.. Yamcha?! Let him go. Android!

       Android (Dr Gero): Interesting& How did you know we were Androids? Or 
where to find us, for that matter?

   Now you get the Dr Gero skill. Back to the story.

--------------------------------Story [Part 3]----------------------------------

Story 3:
Thus, in the shocking conclusion of the Cell Games, Cell is destroyed and peace 

However, the price of victory was high. Gohan tries to wish his father back to 
life, but..

"I think the Earth will be safer without me."

"So, thanks for trying everyone but please don't wish me back."

Trunks returned to the future& And a new age began.

Years have passed since the battle with cell&

Now a student in High School, Gohan fights crime in Hercule City as Great 

Hercule's daughter Videl threatens to expose him if he does not enter the World 

Hisitent at first, Gohan changes his mind when he learns that Goku will also 

Vegeta, Gohan's brother Goten, Trunks, Piccolo and Krillin all sign up as well.

But little do they know, the wizaed Babidi is about to launch a plan to revive 
Majin Buu&

-------------------------------End Story [Part 1]-------------------------------

   Now you have gotten out, not much hard work yet? Was it? No.

   Now go to the plains, where the red dot is.

       Yamcha: The years sure have flown by since the battle with Majin Buu& 
It's been nice not having a fight for so long. But today, I'm back in battle 
mode. For once, I can actually win the World Tournament! There's only one guy I 
have to beat&

   Now go to the red dot south of you. It's the World Tournament.

       Goku: Ah, Yamcha! I was looking for you. I have heard you're competing in
the World Martial Arts Tournamnet.

       Yamcha: Yu knew about it? What's u Goku? Don't tell me I'm gonna have to
fight you&

       Goku: No, it's not that& But I wanted to ask you a favour. If you make it
to the final, do you think you could let Hercule win? I mean, its just seems 
right to have him as the Champ. Know what I mean&? Please, for me?

       Yamcha: Ummmmm& I guess I see your point& Ok. I'll do as you ask&

       Goku: Sorry Yamcha& But thanks. I'm counting on you! And good luck in the
matches before that!

   Now your in battle mode.

       3 Eyes Guy: Come on, Yamcha! I'll show you what a World Martial Art 
Champion can do!

       Yamcha: Chapion? Hey, you're talking about ancient history, pal.

Now battle it is battle time.
=-| [5] S K I L L S [UA879] |-==================================================


This is the main layout:
<Insert Skill Name>:
   Starting/Doing ? How to initiate the move/status
   Effect ? Any looks/strength/damage effects
   Requires ? Items or Ki required
   Ki Usage ? How much Ki is used by the status/move

Ok here goes:


   Starting/Doing - Press and hold P,K,G all down (also known as X, Square and 
Triangle on the Game Pad)
   Effect - Transforms into Goku with a read aurora flame surrounding him, you 
are a bit stronger now
   Requires ? Minimum 2 Ki
   Ki Usage ? No usage


Super Saiyan:
   Starting/Doing ? Press and hold P,K,G all down (also known as X, Square and 
Triangle on the Game Pad)
   Effect ? Transforms into Goku with a yellow aurora flame surrounding him, 
you are a bit stronger than Kaloken
   Requires ? Minimum 4 Ki; Kaloken Skill
   Ki Usage ? No usage


Super Saiyan 2:
   Starting/Doing ? Press and hold P,K,G all down (also known as X, Square and 
Triangle on the Game Pad)
   Effect ? Transforms into Goku with a yellow aurora flame surrounding him, 
are a bit stronger than Super Saiyan
   Requires ? Minimum 5 Ki; Super Saiyan and Kaloken Skill
   Ki Usage ? No usage


Super Saiyan 3:
   Starting/Doing ? Press and hold P,K,G all down (also known as X, Square and 
Triangle on the Game Pad)
   Effect ? Transforms into Goku with a yellow aurora flame surrounding him, 
you are a bit stronger than Super Saiyan 2; also has a lot more hair
   Requires ? Minimum 6 Ki; Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan and Kaloken Skill
   Ki Usage ? No usage


   Starting/Doing ? Tap in one of the following (do not hold down):
   Effect ? Goku summons a ball of energy and releases it on his enemy
   Requires ? 1 Ki
   Ki Usage ? 1 Ki


Spirit Bomb:
   Starting/Doing ? Hold down P, K, G and E to go into hyper mode, then hold 
down again next to you opponent
   Effect ? Goku does a killer move that is determined by which ?status? he is 
in, the stronger the status the stronger the moves
   Requires ? 5 Ki
   Ki Usage ? 5 Ki


   Starting/Doing ? You just join with Vegeta when the story decides. Hold down
 P, K, G and E to go into hyper mode.
   Effect ? Goku and Vegeta fuse into a Super Being which has the strength of 
them two put together
   Requires ? 3 Ki
   Ki Usage ? 3 Ki

                                  Super Buu

This is the main layout:
<Insert Skill Name>:
   Starting/Doing ? How to initiate the move/status
   Effect ? Any looks/strength/damage effects
   Requires ? Items or Ki required
   Ki Usage ? How much Ki is used by the status/move

Ok here goes:


   Starting/Doing - Press and hold P, K, G and E all down 
   Effect ? Buu absorbs the nearest person, and becomes stronger and possibly 
changes looks
   Requires ? 3 Ki
   Ki Usage ? 3 Ki

=-| [6] C H A R A C T E R  U N L O C K  G U I D E [LE198] |-====================

Android 16: 
You can find Android 16 at Plain among the south island. Bring him to Bulma 
in West City (Krillin's Dragon Universe mode the second time). 

Android 17: 
Defeat Android 17 as Piccolo in Dragon Universe mode. 

Android 18: 
Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Krillin. 

At the start of Dragon Universe mode, fly over to Raditz's spaceship. You 
should see a "???". Enter it, and you should get him. 

Alternately, keep checking the Saiyan Space Pod, and at one point you will 
be able to go to it and find Bardock. This was found near the end of story 
mode when playing the first time. 

As Goku, complete Dragon Universe mode at least three times. On the third 
time, you will fight Brolly. Defeat him to unlock him. 

Go to the Desert/Mountains and speak to Kibito southwest of the next 
marker. After you fight Buu inside himself, Goku and Vegeta will sense a 
different energy. Then, go to the next marker to face Broly. Defeat him to 
unlock him. 

Captain Ginyu: 
Defeat Captain Ginyu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Defeat Cell as Teen Gohan in Dragon Universe mode. 

Cell Jr.: 
Defeat Piccolo in Dragon Arena when he broken in. Note: You must be at level 
20 to 40. 

Defeat Frieza. SS Vegeta will appear under the location where he was 
defeated. After defeating SS Vegeta, go to Cooler's red dot. Defeat Cooler 
to unlock him. 

Defeat Dabura as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode. 

Dr. Gero: 
Defeat Dr. Gero as Yamcha in Dragon Universe mode. 

Defeat Frieza as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Gogeta (Vegeta): 
Bought from Skill Shops (random) when you have the Black Membership Card. 

Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Teen Gohan. 

Defeat Goten as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode. 

Bought in the Capsule Shop. 

Great Saiyaman: 
Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Gohan. 

Hercule/Mr. Satan: 
Help him out in Piccolo's Dragon Universe mode (Majin Saga) at the desert, 
and talk to Videl at Central City. 

Kid Buu: 
Defeat Kid Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Kid Goku: 
As Goku in Dragon Universe mode, at the beginning look for someplace that 
reads "Grandpa Gohan's house". After you go to it and Goku talks to his 
grandpa, you will unlock Kid Goku. 

Kid Trunks: 
Defeat Majin Buu as Vegeta in Dragon Universe mode. 

Majin Buu: 
Defeat Majin Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Omega Shenron: 
Once invited to fight against Gotenks at the tournament in Dragon Universe 
mode, visit Bulma in West City. Defeat Gotenks to unlock Omega Shenron. 

Defeat Recoome as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Defeat Nappa in Dragon Arena when he broken is in. Note: Your level must be 
between 10 to 20. 

SSJ2 Gogeta: 
After defeating Broly in Dragon Universe mode, defeat Gotenks at the World 
Tournament Arena. 

Super Buu: 
Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Supreme Kai/Kaioshin: 
You can find him at the plain before you go to the last battle in Gohan's 
Dragon Universe mode. 

Teen Gohan: 
Successfully complete Dragon Universe mode as Kid Gohan. 

Successfully complete Dragon Universe as Vegeta. 

Trunks (young): 
Defeat Majin Buu in Dragon Universe mode as Vegeta. 

When fighting Kid Buu, use the Spirit Bomb technique when not a Super Saiyan 
as the finishing blow. 

Defeat Vegeta as Goku in Dragon Universe mode. 

Vegito (Goku): 
Defeat Super Buu as Goku in Buu's Body in Dragon Universe mode. 

Vegito (Vegeta): 
Defeat Super Buu as Vegeta in Buu's Body in Dragon Universe mode. 

Go to the Plains as Gohan in Dragon Universe mode. 

This is done during your second time through Gohan's Dragon Universe mode. 
When you start with adult Gohan in Dragon Universe mode, go directly to 
Master Roshi's house (Kame house). As soon as you get there, go to one of 
the large islands in the south. It should say "Plains". Once there, 
Yajirobe, Goten, and Videl should say something. After the talk with the 
three of them, go to Goku's house, which is near by Grandpa Gohan's house. 
A short distance away from Goku's house, it should say "Plains". Go there 
and you will talk to Videl. After you are done, you will have unlocked her. 

Dragon Radar: 
Keep looking all around the map as soon as you start. Pick a point and go 
in a small angle so that you move out just a little bit at a time. You will 
see a marker appear with "?????". This may take some time, and you may find 
some money or capsules, but you will find the Dragon Radar along with two 
Dragon Balls in the first area. Do the same type of search pattern on each 
area to find everything; even places to fight and level up, along with 
friends who will give you skills and even a level up or two. 

Gogeta capsule: 
Play Dragon Universe mode as Goku or Vegeta. Continue until you will get an 
invitation from Goten and Trunks to fight in a fusion battle instead 
instead of fighting Buu or Brolly. Win the fusion battle to get the Gogeta 

SSJ4 Gogeta Fusion: 
On the Majin Buu map, defeat Omega Shenron as Goku. 

SSJ4 Gogeta Fusion: 
On the Majin Buu map as Vegeta, enter all the red dots and other areas 
beside the red dots after every red dot event. 

SS4 Goku: 
Have 30,000 Zeni and go to the Skill Shop It will rarely appear. If you win 
the Adept or Advanced Tournament first, it may appear sooner. 

After defeating Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb, and before you go to 
fight in the World Tournament, go to one of the islands just north of where 
the compass is on the map. You will see a "???". Land there and you will get 
SSJ4 for Goku. Note: You may have to complete Dragon Universe mode a few 
times before you do this. 

After defeating Brolly, do not go to Vegeta or Bulm. Instead, first go to 
where the World Tournament area is found in Dragon Universe mode. Search 
around those islands and you should find a "???". Goku will begin saying 
things like his head is throbbing. He will turn Super Sayian, then back to 
regular Goku. You can then go to Bulma or Vegeta. 

SSJ4 Goku: 
On second time through in Dragon Universe mode, defeat Kid Buu with the 
Super Sprit Bomb. There will a continuation of Dragon Universe mode. Do not 
go to the red dot. Instead. look around the small islands next to it. You 
should find "???". Go to it. and you should get Goku's SSJ4 capsule. 

SS4 Vegeta: 
Buy it at the Skill Shop for 30,000 Zeni (randomly), after you get the Black 
Membership Card. 

=-| [7] P A S S W O R D S [PA879] |-============================================

   You can use these to deul with.


Level 1:
@ncsvM k$kXpk XgBqzo

Level 2:
RxP?eQ !XIMwf M!qJFL

Level 5:
RRM&)B (qcImn zo!LXg
HRD)rM cm!UIF W#M!Z-

=-| [8] C R E D I T [CRA13] |-==================================================

   Thanks to the following:

      CJayC - 
For putting up the guide, and you're the person who got me into this hobby by 
creating GameFAQs and making it FREE

      ASCII Generator (http://www.network-science.de/ascii/) - 
For the excellent ASCII

      omg the faq page (http://losmonos.netfirms.com/faqs/) - 
For the excellent table creation program and centring

      Metapad -
Cool Notepad type thingy, much better than Word (I think), forgot the website 
though, but you will find it by searching Metapad in google
   If you have helped me and are not on the list please contact me and I will 
add you, I am extremely sorry if this is the case, the reason is most likely 
that I have forgotten. I always will update the faq if a person has been added 
to the credits, as it is the golden rule of faq writing.

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