Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Brolly FAQ v1.3
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: : : : Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Brolly FAQ

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Brolly FAQ

by Blader   Updated to v1.3 on

Broly FAQ

Author of FAQ:  Brandon Dzioba (Blader)

Game:  DragonBall Z: Budokai 3

System/Platform:  Playstation 2

Copyright 2004 Brandon Dzioba

Version 1.0

Version 1.1:  blazindjr e-mailed me, and gave me some more combos for 

Read the following before reading my FAQ:

You cannot copy the information from this FAQ.  Doing so is a violation 
of copyright.

Table of Contents:

I. Intro

II. Broly's Pros and Cons

III. Basic Moves and Combos

IV. Advanced combos

V.  Capsules:
1. Ability Capsules
2. Support Capsules
3. Item Capsules

VI.  Location of all 7 DragonBalls

VII. Conclusion

I.  Intro:

Unlike the other two Budokai games, Budokai 3 has a lot more depth and 
strategy to it's fighting system.  The new fighting system is called 
"The Saiyan Overdrive Fighting System."  The new additions to the new 
fighitng system is being able to dodge your opponents attacks, able to 
teleport, and being able to fly in the air anytime you want.  This FAQ 
is to show you how Broly is one of the greatest fighters in Budokai 3.  
I will also tell you about Broly's combos, all of his capsules, and 
where to find the 7 dragonballs in Broly's DU.

II.  Broly's Pros and Cons:

1.Baseline Ki starts at 4
2.Builds Ki at a fast rate
3.Broly's transformation gives you 20% attack power, instead of just 
the average 5% or 10% boost that other characters get from a 
4.He is an offensive fighter, rather than a defensive fighter.
5.Takes out more damage than most other fighters.

1.Kind of slow.
2.Broly is a big target.  This is a con, because other characters can 
combo off of Broly easily.

III.  Basic Moves and Combos:

The damage done by these combos is Broly in base form, not LSSJ form.
Some of the combination of moves change if you are in LSSJ form.  For 
example, the >PKK changes.

Punching Combos:
1.PPPP: 255 dmg
2.P>PPP: 216 dmg
3.>PPPP: 205 dmg
4.>PPP>P: 205 dmg
5.PPP>P: 264 dmg
6.PP: 187 dmg
8.K: 185 dmg
3.KK>K>K: 357 dmg
4.KKK: 158 dmg

Combinations of Punching and Kicking Combos:
1.PPKKK: 423
2.PK: 117
3.PKK: 218
5.>PPPKK: 396

K: 149 7.KKKP: 292 8.>KPP: 197 9.PPP>P*PPPPE(Blaster Shell)=13 hits, 1059 dmg 2.KKKK-sidestep>PPP>P*>KPPE(Blaster Shell)=12 hits, 1008 dmg 3.>PPP>P*PPPPE(Blaster Shell)=9 hits, 686 dmg 4.PPP>PE(Gigantic Press)=9 hits, 1195 dmg 2.KKKK->PKK-PPPPE=(Blaster Shell)=12 hits, 1021 dmg The combos here were invented by "blazindjr": 3.KKKK-

K->PPP>P*PPPPE(Blaster Shell)=15 hits 4.>PKK-KKKK-PKK-KKKK-