Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Teen Gohan FAQ v1.0
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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Teen Gohan FAQ

by OmegaTerror   Updated to v1.0 on
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
Teeh Gohan Strategy Guide

By: Richard Oakes

Version 1.0

Ok people, I just felt like trying something new for once, so if there is 
anything you need that you might not get at all about this, hey, give me a 
buzz, I'm here to answer what you need some help with. Got me all AIM, YIM, 
and MSN. cerberus1572 for AIM, then deaths_valid_holder for YIM and 
deaths_valid_holder@hotmail.com for MSN. Like I said, give me a ring and I'll 
be happy to help with what is needed.

Table of Contents:

I. Reason for this FAQ
II. Intro
III. Configuration
IV. Capsule Setup
V. Move/Combo List
VI. Teen Gohan's Evaluation
VII. Legal and Stuff


I. Reason for this FAQ

Well, like all other games everyone has a certain character that they like 
from each saga or series, and well, who can deny Teen Gohan from the Cell 
Saga? I mean look at him. All that hair! XD Besides that, I'd hate to say 
it since Cell is one of my favs as well, Teen Gohan tosses Cell around like 
a rag doll. He is one of three saiyans to ever reach SSJ2, which is remarkable, 
but never can make it any higher than that for his age. But well enough, he 
is stronger than the other saiyans, let alone any other fighter, during the 
Cell Saga, and comes with his very own "Lets kick his @$$ daddy" attack. So 
further more, lets stop his praises for now ( ;-; ) and get on with the FAQ.

II. Intro

Teen Gohan sure has has been brought into the fighting universe as one of 
the greater characters, only because of his strength and height, which goes 
to say he can dodge some high range attacks, which gives him a boost. Yet 
from that his range is limited to close range combat, so his attacks are best 
effective when right in front of the opponent, not at any other interval. 
With his ability to go SSJ2, he has his strength boost, adding to his close 
range, to be utilized into great combos with some massive damage.

III. Configuration

Here is the key in which to follow for the combos.

P = Punch
K = Kick
G = Guard
E = Energy
P+K = Punch + Kick
P+G = Grab
K+G = Kick + Guard
P+K+G = Transform
~ = Cancel
^ = Juggle
* = Stun
dmg = Damage

Just to make it easier on ya'll so it don't get too confusing. >.>

IV. Capsule Setup

Super Saiyan = 4 ki bars to transform with a 10% attack increase.
Super Saiyan 2 = 5 ki bars to transform with a 5% attack increase.
Kamehameha				1 capsule	2 capsule
	1 ki bar
		->E			250dmg		312dmg
		P,P,P,P,E		398dmg		460dmg
		->K,P,P			402dmg		464dmg
Soaring Dragon Strike
	2 ki bars ( Super Saiyan 2 only )
		<-E			460dmg		574dmg
		K,K,->K,K,E		681dmg		795dmg
		->K,K,K,E		624dmg		738dmg
Father-Son Kamehameha
	5 ki bars ( Super Saiyan 2 only )
		Power Struggle
			Win		1610dmg		2012dmg
			Lose		920dmg		1150dmg


V. Move/Combo List

This is every single chain that I've found for Teen Gohan so that nobody misses 
anything. All moves are starting from baseline ki.

----Punch Starters----

P,P,P,P = 148dmg
P,P,P,->P = 179dmg
P,P,->P,P,P = 224dmg
P,P,<-P,P = 148dmg
P,P,<-P,K = 158dmg
P,P,K,K,K,K = 329dmg
P,P,K,K,->K = 271dmg
P,P,K,->K = 187dmg
->P,P,P,P,P = 185dmg
->P,P,P,P,->P = 194dmg
->P,P,<-P = 113dmg
->P,P,P,K = 217dmg
->P,K,K,K = 231dmg
->P+K = 48dmg
<-P,P = 84dmg
<-P,->P = 116dmg
<-P,<-P = 98dmg
<-P,K = 158dmg
<-P,<-K = 102dmg
<-P,->K = 139dmg
<-P+K = 62dmg
P+K = 62dmg
	In air = 67dmg
Dashing P = 57dmg
	In air = 62
Dashing P+K = 57dmg
	In air = 57dmg

----Kick Starters----

K,K,K,K = 217dmg
K,K,->K,->K = 201dmg
K,K,->K,K,K = 268dmg
K,K,<-K = 188dmg
K,<-K = 98dmg
K,->K = 103dmg
K,<-K,P = 156dmg
->K,K,K,K = 207dmg
->K,K,K,->K = 219dmg
->K,K,<-K,K = 231dmg
->K,P,P,K = 230dmg
->K+G = 86dmg
<-K,K = 130dmg
<-K,->K = 153dmg
<-K+G = 112dmg
K+G = 124
	In air = 95dmg
Dashing K = 71
	In air = 71dmg

----Ki Blast----

E = 50dmg
E, E = 100dmg
E, E, E = 150dmg
E, E, E, E = 200dmg


<-P,<-P^ ->P,P,P,P,->P = 280dmg 7 Hits
K,K,K,K~ P,P,P,->P = 322dmg 8 Hits
->K,K,K,->K~ P,P,P,P,E = 562dmg 9 Hits


K,K,K,K~ <-P,<-P^ P,P,P,P,E = 627dmg 11 Hits
K,K,K,K~ ->K,K,K,->K~ P,P,P,->P = 459dmg 12 Hits
->P,P,P,P~ ->K,K,K,->K~ K,K,K,K~ P,P,P,P,E = 793dmg 17 Hits


K,K,K,K~ <-P,<-P^ ->K,K,K,->K~ P+K+G ->P,P,P,P,P^
	->K,P,P,E = 917dmg 21 Hits OR K,K,->K,K,E = 1110dmg 23 Hits

	Either one of the finishing combos can work in damaging your opponent, 
this can be brought into Dragon Rush, and its either up to you depending on 
how much ki you have left to continue on.

->P,P,P,P~ ->K,K,K,->K~ K,K,K,K~ <-P,<-P^ P+K+G { Choose down below }
	a) K,K,->K,K,E = 
		DRa - 2000dmg = 50 Hits
	b) P,P,P,P,E = 887dmg 20 Hits
		DRb - 1788dmg 49 Hits
	c) ->K,P,P,E = 890dmg 19 Hits
		DRc - 1791dmg 48 Hits
	d) ->K,K,K,E = 1024dmg 20 Hits
		DRd - 1956dmg 49 Hits

	For this one combo, you can do any of the Deathmove finishers at the 
end to do damage, and for a kick all of these finishers can be brought into 
Dragon Rush as well. Start out at max ki and be in any form, if you're in 
normal or SSJ, then transform when it says to, if you're already SSJ2, then 
just after the <-P,<-P^, go into the next moves after it. The combos labeled 
a, b, c, and d, are the normal ones, the ones label, DRa, DRb, DRc, and DRd, 
are the Dragon Rush finishing with all three right. Even if you wish to, after 
the <-P,<-P^ you can try to use a Father-Son Kamehameha, if you do its an 
extra 534dmg added onto it, win or lose.


VI. 's Evaluation

Range: 5 / 10
Juggle Ability:  4 / 10
Damage Potential: 8  / 10
Cancel Ability: 8  / 10
Stun Ability: 7  / 10
Offense: 8  / 10
Defense:  7 / 10
Collness:  9 / 10

Evaluation:  Yes, because of his size Teen Gohan range is limited which kills 
his strength, but if you can quickly get in there and deal your damage, then 
hey, you got yourself a combo racker. Teen Gohan has almost no combos that 
will give a good juggle, so the ones that you have use the best you can for 
him, but his cancelling is great. A good amount of his combos can be cancelled 
and channeled into more, which gives points to his damage potential. His 
defense, its being SHORT! Its that simple! He can dodge some high attacks, 
but other than that, that is his greatest defense. And just because he goes 
SSJ2 and kicks Cell's @$$, that is what makes him cool. Given a great player 
with Teen Gohan, this could easily turn out to be your advantage.


Legal Stuff:

This FAQ is only been posted here in www.gamefaqs.com. If you see this
anywhere else at all and it has not been posted by me its plagiarism. You 
can distribute this just as long as you:

I. Ask me first before distributing.
II. Don't change my name or take it off.
III. Don't change anything around so that it would look like you did it.
IV. If you tell or speak of anything in this FAQ, make sure that you credit 
me for it.
V. If I made any mistakes at all, tell me and I'll fix them.

This document is Copyright 2005 Richard Oakes. All trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademarks and 
copyright holders.