Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Walkthrough
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: : : : Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Walkthrough

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Walkthrough

by Tight686   Updated on

Walkthrough by AJ and Mike

>>Copyright Thingies<<

This is OUR Guide! This is sole property.I shall not allow you to
copy my guide for things unless private use or I say so.
We shall keep this updated as much as possible.
We can both be reached at Donttouchmyshrew*at*aol.com,or

>>Version History<<

24th December 2004: Began making walkthrough.

7th January 2005: Finished Basics and began Dragon Universe.

9th January 2005: Continuing Dragon Universe.


0: Intro

1: Explanation of Game, options, modes, and the Basics

1a: Basic Controls

1b: Hyper Mode

1c: Dragon Rush

1d: Ultimate Attack

1e: Game Menu

1f: General Hints and Tips

2: Story Mode (In the order I played them)

2a: Krillin
2a*: 2nd Story Parts
  2a**: Dragonball Locations

2b: Yamcha
  2b**: Dragonball Locations

2c: Tien
2c*: 2nd Story Parts
  2c**: Dragonball Locations

2d: Piccolo
2d*: 2nd Story Parts
  2d**: Dragonball Locations

2e: Kid Gohan
 2e*: 2nd Story Parts
  2e**: Dragonball Locations

2f: Teen Gohan
  2f**: Dragonball Locations

2g: Gohan (Coming soon)

2h: (All other characters coming soon)

2i:Capsule Guide(In progress)

3: Cheats ‘n’ codes
 3a: Unlockable Characters
 3b: Unlockable Arenas
 3c: Unlockable Levels of Play
 3d: Other Unlockable Stuff

>> 0: Introduction <<

Hi everyone! This is a guide to those who are stuck or too lazy to work out
things out on the PlayStation 2 game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. I have played
Budokai 1 and 2 as well, and have made a guide for Budokai 2. I plan to make
this guide just as good, if not better, than my Budokai 2 guide. Differences
from the two games are that this one has more characters, more modes, a bigger
story mode, and generally more stuff, which I suppose makes a better, or at
least more enjoyable game. One main difference anime-wise in Budokai’s previous
games is that this one also features stuff from Dragon Ball Z movies and Dragon
Ball GT, such as Cooler, Omega Shenron, and SSJ4 characters. I hope you enjoy it
as much as I have!

>> Explanation of Game, options, modes, and the Basics <<

1a: The basic controls of all the Budokai games are the same:

X = Guard

[] = Punch

<| = Kick

O = Ki-blast

These are the most basic controls that are all needed for success in the game.

R1 = Smash attack (Hold forward and back on d-pad for variations)

L2 = Smash attack (Use in hyper mode for combo attack)

R1 + <| = Transform

L2 + R2 = Enter hyper mode (limited time)

1b: WhAt Is HyPeR mOdE?

The physical appearance of Hyper Mode is that the character becomes bright red,
making it clear whenever a character is in Hyper Mode. When this happens, their
ki meter becomes orange and slowly decreases. When it has completely decreased,
the character is dazed until either hit or the player twirls their control stick
around for long enough.

1c: Smash attack (L2 or R2) or special attack (e.g. Kamehameha) to begin Rush
Mode, a special combination of attacks. First, the attacker and defender press
one of 4 buttons. If the defender presses a different button to the attacker,
then the attack is successful. If the defender presses the same button of the
attacker, then the combination attack is cancelled the defender will take
minimum damage. When this happens, both Rush and Hyper Mode will end. When an
attack is successful, it moves on to the next stage of the combination (there is
a total of 3 stages). When in the next stage, the button/s used by the attacker
in the previous stage/s cannot be used again, and so the defender being able to
defend goes from 50%, to 33%, to 25%.

1d: When still in hyper mode and you’re the defender’s fatigue is full (little
man on HUD is red) the attacker may launch an ‘Ultimate attack’. This also takes
place in 3 stages, but the stages are not the same as Rush Mode. In Ultimate
Attack mode, two meters with appear, one for each character, the players must
try and press a button as soon as their meter is full, and this happens 3 times.
If, out of the 3 stages, the attacker wins 2 or more rounds, the attack does
maximum damage. If the defender wins 2 or 3 rounds, the attack does less damage.
If in the unlikely event that both players get the 3 meters full at exactly the
same point, the win goes to the attacker.

1e: GaMe MeNu


Here is where the story mode takes place, and is the main reason for the
creation of this guide.


Here you can fight the computer or your friends, and are able to have your own


Here you participate in a tournament for money. There are 4 types of
tournaments: Novice, Adept, Advanced, and Cell Games. Make sure that ya don’t
fall out of the ring!


Here you can, well, practice! You can fight a computer and never die, and the
computer doesn’t even have to move! You can try out all your combinations.


Here you can customise your characters, but skills with your hard-earned (ha ha
ha) cash, and trade skills with your friends.

OPTIONS: Here you change the game settings, such as game difficulty, audio
settings, and more.

DRAGON ARENA: Only available after completion of Dragon Universe. Here you can
face the computer and continue levelling up your characters.

1f: HiNtS aNd TiPs

When in the air and just launched a death attack at your opponent (e.g.
Kamehameha), continue tapping O furiously to constantly teleport behind your
opponent and kick ‘em in the back for extra damage.

Opponent got you in a nasty fury of punches? Press the direction your opponent
is in (left or right) and X to teleport behind them and stop their dirty
fighting at once!


This is a guide to the story mode (in the order that I played them =P)...

>> 2a: KRILLIN <<

We begin our journey at Master Roshi’s house. Chi-chi is looking for Goku and
no-one wants to break the news of his death. Krillin quickly flies off!

Unlock: Kamehameha

North-West Forest: Here you meet Yamcha. He attempts to use his Girl Fang Fist
on you. Krillin corrects Yamcha that the move is ‘Wolf’ Fang Fist.

Southern Forest: Launch is in the forest, looking for Tien. Krillin honestly
tells her that he doesn’t know where Tien is, but she doesn’t buy it. Krillin
quickly runs away.

Western Area of Icy Island: Money.

Middle of West Desert: Money.

West City: Dragon Radar.

Centre of Island: Battle Point with Gohan.

Island near Dragonball #2: Membership Card

Northern Mountains: Krillin talks to himself about improving his Destructo

Mountains south of East Desert: Krillin ponders upon creating a new move similar
to the good ol’ Kamehameha.

Mountains in west Desert: Learn new ability: Destructo Disc.

Kame House: Bulma jokes that Krillin’s stress is making him bald, but Krillin
doesn’t laugh.

South of West Desert: Money.

Baba’s palace: Krillin asks Baba to look into the future and see if he ever has
a girlfriend. Baba does so and replies in the positive, but wonders why herself
isn’t good enough.

Northern of West Desert: Kamehameha.

Kami’s Lookout: Fight Mr Popo and gain 2 free levels!

Sea south of Icy Island: Money.

In the Sky, Krillin hears the Saiyans land on Earth. Better hurry!

Head over to the plains for your first battle.

B A T T L E 1

Enemy: Saibaman

Difficulty: 1/10

Of course, as this is your first opponent, it’s not hard at all. The only move
to watch out for is ‘Acid’, which really doesn’t do so much damage anyway! It’s
a very simple battle, the Saibaman knows no complicated techniques so it’s
wonderful for those new to Budokai.

After the battle, Krillin tells Master Roshi about his worries. Roshi comforts
Krillin that he should be more confident in his abilities. Head over to the
plains to continue the fight for the earth. “How can they be so strong?”

B A T T L E 2

Enemy: Nappa

Difficulty: 1/10

Not that much different to the saibamen, just bigger and therefore easier to
hit. Keep in mind he has more health though, and try to dodge his special blast,
‘Bomber DX’.

Even though you kicked his arse, the cut scene says you didn’t even make a
scratch. “Goku, hurry!”.


After this, the story moves onto Planet Namek and Krillin is now wearing a
saiyan suit. First you must head over to the Guru’s house so that he can awaken
your ‘sleeping powers’, YAY!

Unlock: Unlock Potential

Southern section of Northeast Island: Learn ability: Kamehameha

Battle point: Southern Section of Centre Island: Saibaman.

Centre of Centre Island: Find ability: Power Blitz.

Next to Guru House: Dragon Radar.

Head over to the red dot and see what’s up...
The Ginyu Force attack!

B A T T L E 3

Enemy: Recoome

Difficulty: 2/10

He is faster than he looks, but not too much. The main danger here is him
distracting you from playing the game properly with his odd phrases and
dance-move-like attacks which will either have you laughing or thinking ‘What
the hell?’!

Now, you and Gohan attempt to awaken the Namekian dragon, but fail. You then see
some people heading towards you, run for cover!

B A T T L E 4 (Ki is down to 0. Fight with 0 ki)

Enemy: Goku?

Difficulty: 2/10

That ain’t Goku with a scouter, that’s an imposter!... Oh yeah, like you knew
that before >_> <_< >_>, anywayz, it’s still a quick and easy battle. Surely you
need no advice.

After beating the imposter, it’s time to gather your strength and courage, and
go after the evil tyrant Freiza himself! Yep... Well, Krillin’s worried as
usual, but you ain’t of course ^_^ You may want to visit the Battle Point if you
do not feel confident enough.

B A T T L E 5

Enemy: Freiza (2nd Form)

Difficulty: 4/10

This battle is slightly challenging compared to previous ones, and those who are
inexperienced in the glorious world of Dragon Ball Z Budokai may need to try a
few times. For others, it should not be too much of a hassle. This guy likes to
go into Hyper Mode quite often, so watch out. Also, remember that when suffering
from a series of punches and/or kicks, press X and the direction your opponent
is compared to you to teleport behind them and turn the tables!

You are giving a bit of a break before you take on this next battle (Final
battle for 1st story), so you can use it to train up a bit more at the battle
point if you want, but you should not worry, the next battle isn’t too difficult
compared to what you have just done...

Near Freiza: You meet a frog that has the ability to change it’s power level.

When you come back, Krillin sees Gohan is in danger. “I’ll save you Gohan!” Jump
to the rescue!

Unlock: Fierce Destructo Disc

B A T T L E 6

Enemy: Freiza (Final Form)

Difficulty: 5/10

In my opinion, not much harder at all than the 2nd form to beat, you just have
to be a bit more aware because he has more dangerous, powerful attacks and
slightly higher health. If you had no trouble with the 2nd form, this battle
should not put up much of a fight either. Remember my hints and tips which
sometimes are more effective than Hyper Mode things! (Not more painful of course

>> 2a*: 2nd Story Parts <<

This is only one battle, however, it is a tough one battle, so be prepared!
Basically this is a continuation of the story, right after the Freiza saga. What
happened is that Android #18 (whom Krillin has a crush on) has been absorbed by
Cell, and Krillin wants revenge! REVENGE!

Plains near Tournament: Here you find Android #16. He wishes that you take him
to Bulma so he can be repaired. Trunks says that he should destroy the Android
but Krillin objects, saying that this one is different, and agrees to take him
to Bulma.

West City: You take Android #16 to Bulma and therefore unlock him.

Northern Mountains: Random item.

Mountains south of West Desert: Yajirobe talks to you about your ‘girl
troubles’, thinking that Krillin hasn’t got over Maron.

Something odd: Before your battle, head to South City and check out the
cut-scene. Time lapse, perhaps? Anyway, you get the item: Marron’s wish.

B A T T L E 7 (Alt)

Enemy: Cell (Perfect Form)

Difficulty: 6.5/10

As I said before, this battle is actually quite difficult, at least compared to
the previous Krillin battles. Notice that Cell goes into Hyper Mode. A LOT.
Don’t try and, so to speak, out Hyper-Mode him, j00 wi11 phail! Maybe. I found
that the best thing to do is constantly attack him with combinations and beams
(e.g. punch punch punch punch Kamehameha), this worked for me. Any other tips
will be appreciated. Just keep your wits, be aware of anything, and you should
be a-ok.

After the battle, Cells spits out Android #18 and Krillin promises to help her
out, but she says it’ll take more than that to win her heart over. And so,
Krillin dideth find his life love, Android #18, and thus the Krillin-fans
rejoiced verily.

>> 2a**: Dragon Ball Locations <<

On Earth:
Dragon Ball #2: East of Main Land, near Ocean
Dragon Ball #5: Mid West of map near edge, on a tiny island.
Dragon Ball #7: In the ocean just below the Tournament in the south.

On Namek:
Dragon Ball #1: In the ocean between the centre island and northeast island.
Dragon Ball #3: Small Island in the southeast area.
Dragon Ball #4: Small Island at the very edge of the map in the east.
Dragon Ball #6: On a small island in the south.

The Dragon will grant you any of these things:
 Breakthrough (Krillin)
  Memories of Krillin
   Mysterious Vest

>> 2b: Yamcha <<

I have noticed that many of the cut-scenes revolve around Yamcha being dumped by
Bulma, but that has nothing to do with my guide! So, moving onwards...

Unlock: Kamehameha

Northern Plains: Yamcha introduces Krillin to his, uh, Girl Fang Fist!! Krillin
asks that shouldn’t it be ‘Wolf’ Fang Fist. However, you gain 2 free levels!

South of West Desert: Money.

Northern Mountains: Membership Card.

Small Northern Island: Find ability: Photon wave.

Battle Point: Southern East Desert: Tien.

Plains near Centre: Here you speak to Tien about getting ready for the Saiyans
and that you should go to Kami’s Lookout. Unlock Ability: Wolf Fang Fist.

Next to West City: Bulma shouts at Yamcha for showing a girl in West City where
to go as she was lost, saying that you were being a flirt.

West City: Here you talk to Bulma, asking if she’s got the vest ready. She
replies in the affirmative, but negatively. Unlock Item: Sturdy Vest.

Ocean east of Kami Lookout: Money.

West Plains near Goku’s House: Dragon Radar.

First you must go to Kami’s Lookout Point and train with Mr Popo, automatically
giving you an am extra level no matter what level you are at the time. Now, head
to the plains and fight!

B A T T L E 1 (Can’t guard, keep attacking)

Enemy: Saibaman

Difficulty: 2/10

This battle, of course, is very easy. I would have given it 1/10 if it were not
for its use of ‘Self-Destruct’ which turns the tables. Well, turns the tables
halfway to be more precise, as it is a double K.O. even though you lose. This is
kind of pointless considering how Yamcha is killed by a Saibaman
self-destructing anyway...

Oh noes! The Saibaman destroyed Yamcha! Boy, I didn’t see THAT coming >_> <_<

Unlock (2nd Story Part): Puar’s Wish


-_-; several cut-scenes later... Yamcha is ready to kick some metallic android
butt! Head towards South City to let the metal smashing commence!

Northern Mountains: Unlock item: Nanomachine.

Kami Lookout: Yamcha wishes to speak to Kami, but Mr Popo says he is busy. When
Yamcha leaves, Kami tells Mr Popo that he senses something evil upon the Earth.

Korin’s Tower: Yamcha asks Korin if he has any senzu beans. Korin says that they
haven’t been growing well recently, and shares that he has very bad feelings
about the future.

Goku’s House: Yamcha talks to Chi-chi, who says that she wonders how he is
handling life since he and Bulma broke up. Yamcha demands to know that they
broke up. Chi-chi says she keeps her sources secret, and that it would be safer
if they were still secret.

Forest near Goku’s house: The Z fighters also consult Yamcha about his
Bulma-less life, telling him that Bulma had a baby that’s also Vegeta’s.

East Ocean near Goku’s house: Money.

Northwest Forest: Unlock Item: Power Amplification System.

Battle Point: east Desert: Tien.

Centre mainland near ocean: Dragon Radar.

Here you shall meet someone who looks both suspicious and stupid. Yep, Android
#20, also known as Dr Gero.

B A T T L E 2

Enemy: Dr Gero

Difficulty: 2/10

Simple, there is nothing to watch out for except for his ki-blast absorption
which makes your ki attacks pointless. Have fun!

Unlock: Dr Gero

>> BUU SAGA <<

We are now in the Buu Saga. It’s a shame that Yamcha only gets 3 fights in his
Story Mode. Well, this takes place in the tournament after Buu has been

Central City: Here you meet Oolong. You talk to him about training for the
Martial Arts Tournament.

Mainland near Icy Island: Unlock Item: Universal Power.

Centre Mainland: Dragon Radar.

Goku tells you to let Hercule win because the people believe in him and would be
heart-broken if he lost a martial arts tournament.

B A T T L E 3

Enemy: Tien

Difficulty: 3/10

Bah, theses battles are so easy I can’t give advice! Sorry guys... Oh, don’t get
knocked out of the ring. And remember that if your opponent is near the edge,
you try a running smash attack, and they teleport behind you, you’re screwed ^_^

“Just as promised, Yamcha threw the final against the ‘champion’, Hercule” What
a nice guy!

>> 2b**: Dragon Ball Locations <<

Saiyan Saga:
Dragon Ball #5: Western section of East Desert.
Dragon Ball #7: Eastern section of Icy Island.

Cell Saga:
Dragon Ball #2: East Northern Mountains.
Dragon Ball #3: Very edge of map, North West.

Buu Saga:
Dragon Ball #1: Near Tournament.
Dragon Ball #4: Centre section of mainland.
Dragon Ball #6: East Section of mainland.

The wish that can be granted is one of these:
 Breakthrough (Yamcha)
  Memories of Yamcha
   Mysterious Vest

>> 2c: Tien <<

After a fight with Yamcha, both he and Tien decide that to prepare for the
arrival of the Saiyans they should go to Kami’s lookout and train.

Northwest Forest: Here Tien has a conversation with Krillin and Chiaoutzu about
the Saiyans and training. You gain a free level!

Northwest Plains:  Tien and Chiaoutzu sense someone spying on them and get him
out with a Dodompa ray. It turns out to be Yajirobe! Unlock ability: Dodompa.

East Plains: Here you talk to Chiaoutzu about training for the saiyan.

East mainland: Unlock ability: Ki Blast Cannon

Big South Island: Money.

Northern Mountains: Membership Card.

Kame House: Tien talks to Master Roshi about Launch trying to look for him.
Launch appears just as soon as Tien flies off.

Ocean gap between mainland in east: Money.

Small Southeast Island: Unlock ability: Ki Blast Cannon.

Go to Kami’s Lookout and train with Mr Popo, who gives you advice about your
fighting style. You also earn a free level! Now you must go to the plains and
fight a...

B A T T L E 1

Enemy: Saibaman

Difficulty: 1/10

Simple, just remember he is small and so very high attacks will not hit him, he
also rarely uses self-destruct, but you may need to watch out for it anyway.

Now you have a conversation with Chiaoutzu about beating the Saiyans. Unlock
Ability: Chiaoutzu’s Wish.

Battle Point: Large South Island: Saibaman.

Go to the mountains and talk to Nappa, and then you must go to the plains to
fight him.

B A T T L E 2 (Can’t guard, keep attacking)

Enemy: Nappa

Difficulty: 2/10

Just watch out for when he is in Hyper Mode as very little amount of attacks
harm him, just like everyone else... so when he is in Hyper Mode, just use ki
moves against him.


Tien wants to try and slow down Cell, so he heads over there to cause as much
delay as possible...

Kami’s Lookout: Here you talk to Goku about going into the Hyperbolic Time
Chamber. You don’t think it’ll be a good idea to use it as Cell is way out of
your league, but you tell Goku you’ll do you best. Unlock ability: Neo Ki Blast

Centre of Mainland: Super Holy Water

Big South Island: Money

Urban Area in Mid-east: Here Launch catches Tien and demands to know when he is
coming back to Kame house. He tells Launch that it’ll be as soon as peace is

Kame House: Tien talks to Master Roshi about how Tien has improved impeccably in
his strength, Master Roshi now knows he is no match for anyone and decides to
give Tien a present. Unlock Item: Mysterious Vest.

Near Goku’s House: Unlock ability: Dodompa.

Centre Plains: You meet Krillin who wants to try and protect #18.

Plains northeast of east Desert: Chiaoutzu wants to fight alongside you against
Cell, but you refuse saying it is far too dangerous and you won’t stand much of
a chance anyway.

Plains near Cell: Here you find Yamcha who is hiding from Cell and ‘waiting for
the right moment to strike’.

So, you have to keep Cell from reaching perfect form. As Yamcha is hiding, it is
all up to you.

B A T T L E 3

Enemy: Cell (Imperfect form)

Difficulty: 5/10

Just on the verge of toughness, sometimes he goes into Hyper Mode constantly
which is annoying, use mostly teleporting, pursuing, and dodging techniques.

Tien manages to slow cell down, but it is not enough to stop him from reaching
perfection, you decide to go to the Cell Games to watch Goku and Gohan fight

Small island in Centre: Yamcha is training alone in a forest, but has decided
not to go to the Cell Games, as he know he will only get in the way, not
listening to Tien’s positive remarks: “The more the merrier”.

Now at the Cell games, Cell is trying to anger Gohan. He does so by having some
babies of his attack the Z fighters!

B A T T L E 4

Enemy: Cell Jr

Difficulty: 4/10

The main difficulty is trying to hit the small bugger, so get him into the air
for more of an advantage.

Gohan’s constant pleads of “Stop it!” fall on deaf ears as the Cell Jr’s attack
the Z fighters, and I’ll leave the rest up to you for when you play Teen Gohan’s
story =)

>> BUU SAGA <<

Tien senses a power level that is stronger than Goku. “Gohan?” It’s time to head
over to Buu and see if he can do anything.

Battle Point: Northwest mainland: Saibaman

South City: Launch wants you to go on a bank robbing with her but you refuse,
and suddenly an earthquake occurs, meaning you have to save her from a falling

Baba’s Palace: Baba is not in, and many people have been wiped out by Buu’s
reign of terror. Tien talks to Chiaoutzu about wishing everyone back to life and
the future being at stake.

North City: Just like everywhere else, this place is empty. Chiaoutzu realises
that with no-one around, you can eat whatever you want. They wonder if
starvation tactics would work on Buu.

Head over to the desert and confront the mighty Buu.

B A T T L E 5

Enemy: Super Buu

Difficulty: 5/10

This battle can be very difficult unless you get an early advantage. So in the
beginning stay close, dodge his attacks, and punch like crazy!

>> 2c*: 2nd Story Parts <<

>> UUB SAGA <<

Now that peace is upon the Earth, Tien decides that he’s going to join the
Martial Arts Tournament like the good old days.

Goku’s house: You speak to Goku about the World’s Martial Arts Tournament. As
soon as you leave, Goku wonders why Tien was looking at him as if HE was going
to join the tournament.

Head over to the tournament and face...

B A T T L E 6

Enemy: Yamcha

Difficulty: 3/10

As a final fight you would expect it to be tough. As it’s Yamcha and at a
tournament you wouldn’t >_> <_< >_> Just make sure you don’t get knocked out of
the ring and it’ll be easy.

As you beat Yamcha, he admits that you are the 2nd most powerful human upon the
planet. Of course, Krillin is the greatest!

“Tien received the title of number 2 n the Earth from Yamcha” Hahahaha.

>> 2c**: Dragon Ball Locations <<

In Saiyan Saga:
Dragon Ball #1: Just south of the icy island.
Dragon Ball #6: Near the Kami Lookout Point.

In Cell Saga:
Dragon Ball #3: Edge of mainland near icy island.
Dragon Ball #4: Edge of map near rocky island.
Dragon Ball #5: In the map’s compass (southeast).

In Buu Saga:
Dragon Ball #2: In the Northern Mountains.
Dragon Ball #7: East section of the west Desert.

>> 2d: Piccolo

After a brief encounter with Raditz, Piccolo decides that he will need Goku’s
help to defeat the might warrior. To go so, head over to the forest.

Korin’s Tower: Piccolo meets Korin, and Korin quickly pretends to be a normal
cat. “Meow, meow, nothing here but us cats!” Piccolo doesn’t fall for it and
demands what he wants. Unlock Item: Senzu Seedling.

Battle Point: Near West City: Goku.

Small Island in northwest: Membership card.

South of Korin Tower: Unlock Item: Rage!!!

South of west Desert: Dragon Radar

Eastern edge of mainland: Money

Forest: You talk to Goku about your special technique which should kill Raditz.
“Shame though, I was saving it for you” Unlock ability: Special Beam Cannon.

Head over to the plains to see if your technique works.

B A T T L E 1

Enemy: Raditz

Difficulty: 1/10

Easy stuff...

Now that both Raditz and Goku are, Piccolo decides that he should train Gohan
for the arrival of the two Saiyans that are coming in a year, and NOT because
he’s going to eat him, as Krillin thought.

Battle point: Mountains south of west desert: Piccolo.

B A T T L E 2

Enemy: Gohan

Difficulty: 2/10

The kid is stronger than thought, but should not display any trouble at all;
high kicks may not hit him though.

Now that is done, the Saiyans have arrived upon the earth.

Baba’s palace: Piccolo mistakes Baba for a monster, to which she is not too
flattered. However, he agrees to tell him his fortune. His grim fortune is that
his end is near. Piccolo senses it too.

Battle Point: Western mainland: Gohan.

B A T T L E 3

Enemy: Saibaman

Difficulty: 1/10

Just use my advice from the other character’s story modes, but I doubt you’ll
need advice anyway.

After this, you will have the chance to search around the Earth a bit more if
you don’t think you’re quite ready to face Nappa yet, but I’m sure you are.

B A T T L E 4

Enemy: Nappa

Difficulty: 2/10

He’s big so just watch out for big attacks.


In the first few cut-scenes, you meet Nail who wishes to fuse with you so that
you can become strong enough to defeat Freiza. Unlock ability: Sync with Nail.

Guru’s House: Guru is running out of life fast, and decides to give Piccolo his
remaining to help in the fight against Freiza. You gain 1 level!

Namek Village: Piccolo looks upon the devastation that Freiza has brought upon
the Namekians, destroying them all. Piccolo gets very angry! You gain 2 levels!!

B A T T L E 5

Enemy: Freiza (2nd form)

Difficulty: 3/10

Not difficult, but sometimes he may use Hyper Mode quite often.

Unlock: Planet Namek.

Freiza tells you that it was not his best effort.

You can now explore more of Namek if you don’t yet want to face Freiza again,
but if you did well in the battle you shouldn’t have too much of a problem in
the next.

B A T T L E 6

Enemy: Freiza (3rd form)

Difficulty: 3/10

Very similar to the last battle, except now he’s just a big uglier =)


The story now switches to the Cell Saga, where Piccolo makes quite an attribute
towards helping the Z fighters. For your first battle you’ll want to go to the
mountains to fight Dr Gero.

Battle Point: Grandpa Gohan’s house: Gohan.

Land of Korin: Here you speak to Gohan about the androids and defeating him, and
if you really have a chance.

West City: Bulma talks to Piccolo, saying that he is one of the ‘good guys’ now.
Piccolo is disgusted by this remark.

Plains near West City: Unlock Item: Supreme Kai Water.

Central City: Yajirobe is still frightened of ‘King’ Piccolo, which he hasn’t be
called for a very long time.

B A T T L E 7

Enemy: Dr Gero

Difficulty: 3/10

Simple battle, just remember to watch out for his Ki Blast Absorption and Life

Afterwards, Piccolo decides that to become strong enough to defeat Cell, he must
fuse with Kami so that “two halves may become a whole” again. Head over to...

Kami’s Lookout: Unlock ability: Fuse with Kami.

Now head over to the small southern islands and fight...

B A T T L E 8

Enemy: Cell

Difficulty: 5/10

This fight can be hard if you’re not properly prepared. You have to keep on your
guard if you want to safely defeat this guy.

Shortly afterwards, you realise that Cell is after the androids. At the same
point, you must slow them all down to protect Goku. The best option is to
destroy the androids, so head over to the Kame House.

B A T T L E 9

Enemy: Android #17

Difficulty: 5/10

Similar to the battle with Cell but with different techniques. When in close
range to him watch out for his Energy Field attack, but otherwise you should be

Now with that fight out of the way, you move onto the...

>> BUU SAGA <<

Super Buu is trying to find his strong opponent, but Goten and Trunks (the
strong opponent) are still resting, so you will have to stall him for a while.

Battle Point: Near Baba’s palace: Meta Cooler.

Rocky Island: On the island to the northwest, you find Dende, who was saved by
Mr Popo from dieing. Piccolo tells him to keep safe. Unlock item: Dende’s Wish.

Plains on Large Southern Island: Once again you find Yajirobe, who blatantly
lies about going to beat up Super Buu. Hmm...

West Desert: Here you meet Hercule, who is desperately in need of a water or
cappuccino. You give him the water, and he thanks you. Unlock item:
Chicken-fried 7-seasoned Toad.

After meeting Hercule in the desert, go to...

Central City: You meet Videl, who is looking for her father (Hercule). You say
that he is safe in the desert and how he tried to befriend Buu, and tell Videl
that she should stay safe too. Unlock: Hercule.

Now go to Kami’s Lookout.

B A T T L E 10

Enemy: Super Buu

Difficulty: 6/10

Buu has quite a lot of health, so you will need to do many combinations to
defeat him, and possible a couple of Hyper Mode Techniques. When he’s in Hyper
Mode, just keep dodging him and keeping him back with blasts.

So thanks to Piccolo, the Gotenks fusion was a success, oh goodie!

>> 2d*: 2nd Story Parts <<

At the beginning, after talking to the Goku in the forest, there will be 2 red
markers. Go to the southern one to activate the 2nd type of story.

Kame House: Goku is surprised to see you at the Kame House, and realises that
the power of both you and him may be enough to win the fight against Raditz.

B A T T L E 1:1 (Raditz)

After this, you must go to the forest and talk to Goku who wonders how the
training is going. Piccolo reminds him that he was born strong.

Now go to Goku’s house. He wants to have a little sparring match with you.

B A T T L E 2:2

Enemy: Goku

Difficulty: 1/10

This battle is similar to the one with Raditz and just as easy too. Surely you
need no help.

Now it’s time to prepare for an attack from the Saiyans! Head over to the plains
to duke it out with...

B A T T L E 3:2

Enemy: Vegeta

Difficulty: 2/10

Bwahaha. O_o o_O Yeah.


Here just do all the stuff that you do on the first story, including...

B A T T L E 4:1 (Freiza (2nd form))

After this, two markers will appear on the map, VERY close to each other so
watch out. The most southern one will make you fight Freiza’s 3rd form and go
back to story #1; the top one will be where you find Dende. You tell him to find
somewhere safe. Unlock item: Dende’s wish.

Now the 2 markers are clearly apart, go to the top one again to meet another
huge power level! Freiza’s brother.

B A T T L E 5:2

Enemy: Cooler.

Difficulty: 3/10

Not too hard compared to his brother, just watch out for teleporting techniques
and you will be fine.

Now there’ll only be one marker on the map. Go to it to find Meta Cooler, the
metal version of Cooler. I wonder how he did that...

B A T T L E 6:2

Enemy: Meta Cooler

Difficulty: 4/10

This version of him is slightly harder, but still not that tough. He uses more
teleporting stuff, so just be aware of what’s going on around you and the enemy
will be defeated by this “worthless Namekian”.


B A T T L E 7:1 (Dr Gero)

B A T T L E 8:1 (Cell)

Now everything has been the same in this Cell Saga until an odd twist in the
Saga. On your way to face Android #17, it turns out you were too late! BOTH
androids have already been absorbed! Head over to the islands quick.

B A T T L E 9:2

Enemy: Cell (Perfect form)

Difficulty: 7/10

Due to the high amount of health this guy has, it may take a while to defeat
him, and it’ll take even longer if you keep dieing. Just be very careful of what
is happening in the battle, stay well away when you need to etc. and you should

>> BUU SAGA <<

Everything else is the same as it was with the first story.

B A T T L E 10:1 (Super Buu)

>> 2d**: Dragon Ball Locations <<

In the Saiyan Saga:
Dragon Ball #5: Northeast of East desert.
Dragon Ball #6: Rocky Island.

On Namek:
Dragon Ball #1: Centre of Southwest Island.
Dragon Ball #7: Top of Northeast Island.

In Cell Saga:
Dragon Ball #2: Ocean in the centre of the map.
Dragon Ball #3: South of the East desert.

In Buu Saga:
Dragon Ball #4: Island in Southeast.

>> 2e: Kid Gohan <<

Our young hero’s story begins as he senses a huge power level. Presumably the
Saiyans, he decides to train before investigating.

Ocean near West City: Dragon Radar

In the Mountains, Gohan talk to Piccolo about his father being wished back by
the Dragonballs, and about the Saiyans getting stronger. He also proves that
Gohan is strong enough to fight them, and proves it in a way I would rather not
consider XD

B A T T L E 1

Enemy: Piccolo

Difficulty: 2/10

For a first battle, this guy could’ve been easier. Of course, he IS easy.

Afterwards, Gohan tells Piccolo about how he thinks he is one of the good guys
now. All Piccolo says is “Little Brat” until they sense 2 huge powers and go to
see what’s up.

Centre mainland: Money.

South City: Yajirobe is out, shopping for Korin as his errand boy.

West City: Bulma is surprised by how much Gohan has grown and gives him a gift.
Unlock Item: Normal Tribe Uniform.

East City: This part is unclear to me. Oolong sees Gohan, says something about
girls, and then runs off. Anyway, you get an item for your troubles. Unlock
Item: Rage!

Kame House: At the Kame House, Roshi thinks Gohan is a ghost because he was
taken away by Piccolo, and says he would’ve done something if he was stronger.
But he quickly realizes his mistake.

World Tournament: Gohan examines the place where Piccolo and his father fought,
wanting to become as strong as them.

Near World Tournament: Money.

East Desert Mountains: “Wolf Fang Fist!” Gohan spots Yamcha training for the
Saiyans, and decides to leave him at it.

Battle Point: East of East Desert: Krillin.

Plains: The sky turns dark. Piccolo realizes that Shenron is wishing Goku back
to life.

Mountains: Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan fight the Saibaman that came with the

B A T T L E 2

Enemy: Saibaman

Difficulty: 1/10

Yeah yeah...

The Z fighters are struggling, wanting to know when Goku will arrive, as they
can’t sense his power. Piccolo reassures them that he will be there soon.

Vegeta hears the conversation and wants to know if this ‘Goku’ they speak of is
Kakarot. He then laughs because Goku had a bad enough with Raditz, however he
and Nappa decide to wait for this ‘hero’.

Northern Mountains: Membership Card.

Back at the Mountains: Time is up, Nappa can’t take any more waiting, so he
decides to attack the Z fighters!

B A T T L E 2

Enemy: Nappa

Difficulty: 2/10

In this battle Nappa sometimes uses his ultimate attack. Just watch out for that
and the battle will be very easy.

It seems that Gohan’s retaliation upon Vegeta did no damage at all! Goku, hurry!


This saga also begins by Gohan sensing a huge power, off to find it what it is!

Battle Point: East of Northwest island: Saibaman.

Namek Village: Here Gohan spots Dende, and the other Namekians are being
attacked by an enemy. Gohan tells the bully to stop it at once!

On the way back to the Capsule House, Krillin and Gohan see Vegeta, and hide
immediately, narrowly escaping Vegeta’s keen eye.

Capsule House: Bulma has received good news from her father; Goku is training
and coming to Namek! Yay! The Z fighters rejoice.

Later on in the Capsule House: Krillin and Gohan sense something bad. Another
Namek Village is being attacked!

West part of Southeast Island: Dragon Radar.

Namek Village: The village and all its residents have been wiped out by Vegeta.
“That monster!”

Go to the Guru’s house. He tells that you have a dormant power within you, which
he can bring out. Unlock ability: Unlock Potential.

Across the Island, Vegeta finds you. This cut-scene is followed by very strange
noises, such as “Guwafaaah!!!” Don’t ask me o_o

The Ginyu Force appears and takes away your precious balls! Vegeta is mad that
his wish for immortality has been ruined.

Krillin, Vegeta, and Gohan all take on Recoome, but none of their attacks will
work. With Vegeta and Krillin down, it is up to Gohan!

B A T T L E 4

Enemy: Recoome

Difficulty: 3/10

He has quite a bit of health. Yep.

Although Gohan is no match for Recoome, he doesn’t give up, as his Dad would
never give up. Recoome reminds him that he really hasn’t got a choice as he is
so weak. Unlock: Planet Namek.

Gohan’s father beat the Ginyu Force. Hoorah! Now that the battle is over, let’s
prepare for a harder one!

Gohan realizes Freiza is becoming more powerful by the minute, and that his dad
is hurt. It is up to him to hold off Freiza for as long as possible.

Battle Point: East part of Northwest Island: Piccolo.

Freiza informs the Z fighters that they have ruined his dreams and that they
will pay for what they have done. Vegeta dares Freiza to transform for them. He
does so.

B A T T L E 5

Enemy: Freiza (3rd form)

Difficulty: 4/10

This guy has a lot of health too, and is quite hard unless you get an early
advantage. A bit of luck might help too.

Freiza wonders how this brat has such a high power level, but it is no matter as
he is stronger anyway. Gohan calls for his dad. Unlock: Teen Gohan.

Will Goku be able to defeat Freiza? Well, duh.

>> 2e*: 2nd Story Parts <<

Activate the 2nd Story by going to the forest, north of the mountains. Goku is
grateful for Gohan in the battle, otherwise he would have been a goner for sure.
He insists that he and Gohan train for the Saiyans that will be arriving in one
year. They decide to train at Grandpa Gohan’s house.

B A T T L E 1:2

Enemy: Goku

Difficulty: 2/10

Is there any point for me putting advice to the early battles? I think not.

Goku compliments on how Gohan is getting so strong, and tells him to train some
more before the Saiyans arrive. Unlock: Grandpa Gohan’s house.

Plains near Grandpa Gohan’s house: Gohan and Goku train. Goku says that Gohan
actually hurt him this time. He then runs off to get some medicine from Chi-chi.

Forest near Kami’s Lookout: Launch’s bike is broken and is looking for Tien.
Gohan tells her that the forest is not a safe place, but she questions him
knowledge by asking what he, a kid, was doing there. A dinosaur is heard in the

B A T T L E 2:1 (Saibaman)

B A T T L E 3:1 (Nappa)


B A T T L E 4:1 (Recoome)

Krillin and Gohan sense that the Ginyu Force are coming and hide. However, it is
Goku that appears before them. Gohan quickly realizes that this is not his dad.

B A T T L E 5:2

Enemy: Goku?

Difficulty: 3/10

Well, even though you’re fighting Captain Ginyu, it is Goku’s body and therefore
Goku’s attacks. Keep this in mind and the battle will be very easy, as if it
wouldn’t already be.

Ginyu thinks that the body should have more power than it does. Only the true
owner of the body can take it to its full potential. Gohan tells Ginyu to get
out of his father’s body.

Soon, Gohan senses ANOTHER huge power level, and decides to check it out. It
turns out to be Freiza’s deadly brother Cooler. Prepare for a long battle.

B A T T L E 6:2

Enemy: Cooler

Difficulty: 5/10

The toughest thing about this battle is the amount of health the guy has, which
takes a while to get it all down. A cool thing is seeing him transform into his
final form. Have fun!

Cooler is furious that he has been beaten by a child. But Gohan is no ordinary

>> 2e**: Dragonball Locations <<

In Saiyan Saga:
Dragon Ball #2: Ocean at the bottom-middle part of map.
Dragon Ball #4: Northern part of East desert.
Dragon Ball #5: Northwest forest.
Dragon Ball #7: Northern Mountains.

In Namek Saga:
Dragon Ball #1: East of Northeast Island.
Dragon Ball #3: Top of Northeast Island.
Dragon Ball #6: West edge of map.

>> 2f: Teen Gohan <<

Gohan, who is now a teenager (10 years old actually) wants to know how to get
stronger for the future fight against Cell. He decides to visit Piccolo to
discuss the matter further.

Central City: Here Gohan talks to Oolong about the androids, as Oolong is hiding
from then. Unlock: Urban Area.

Centre East Desert: Gohan asks Piccolo why he didn’t go to New Namek with all
the Namekians. Piccolo replies that he needed some ‘excitement’ in his life. I
hope he’s talking about fighting.

Ocean near West City: Money.

Just above West City: Money.

Northern Island: Membership Card.

Rocky Island: It instantly switches to a cut-scene where King Kai is talking to
you telepathically about the things that are happening on the earth. Unlock
item: Spirit!!

West City: You go to Bulma’s house, but she is not home. Too bad...

Kame House: Gohan asks Master Roshi if he knows where Bulma is, coz she ain’t at
home. Roshi finds this strange as he was talking to Bulma on the phone a minute
ago, and tells Gohan to check again.

West City (Again): After yelling for Bulma, she finally appears. She had been
hiding because she had a new baby, and wanted to tell everybody at the same
time. To shut you up she gives you a present. Unlock item: Centipede Eel Soup.

Battle Point: Mainland near Icy Island: Meta Cooler.

Head to the Plains to have a friendly match with Piccolo.

B A T T L E 1

Enemy: Piccolo

Difficulty: 1/10

As this is technically a continuation of one of the stories, I expected the
beginning fight to be a bit tougher, oh well.

After this fight, Gohan realizes he has got as far as he can training on his
own, and decides to train with some of his friends, so head over to the
southeast islands.

B A T T L E 2

Enemy: Krillin

Difficulty: 2/10

Be careful of Krillin’s Destructo Disc. That is all...

Gohan asks Krillin why he looks so blue. Krillin replies that all these recent
battles with monsters and stuff are too tough for him.

Southeast of east Desert: Evil Mystery Uniform.

Southeast of West Desert: Unlock ability: Soaring Dragon Strike.

Northeast mainland: Unlock ability: Kamehameha.

Battle Point: near West City: Vegeta.

At Kami’s Lookout, Goku tells Gohan about his new-found ability, and they decide
to go into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get strong enough to defeat Cell.
Unlock Ability: Super Saiyan

B A T T L E 3 (Ki doesn’t auto-recover)

Enemy: Goku

Difficulty: 3/10

Yeah, of course, beat him with your super saiyan PWNAGE!

Afterwards, Gohan asks Goku if it is a good idea to currently stop training.
Goku replies in the positive, saying that they need their rest. Later he asks if
they really have a chance of beating Cell. Goku once again says so and comforts

At Korin’s Tower Gohan talks to the cat of holiness. Korin says that both he and
Goku are strong; however, Cell is stronger, so they should not stop training
just yet. He gives you an item for your troubles. Unlock Item: World’s

Goku’s House: Goku asks if Gohan is having fun playing with Dende. Once again
Gohan asks if it’s REALLY ok that they aren’t training. Goku replies that things
will be best if they have their rest.

Battle Point: Near West City: Vegeta.

At the Cell Games, Goku has just given up fighting Cell, and tells Gohan to
fight him instead, knowing he can defeat him. Gohan doesn’t believe his father,
but goes to fight anyway.

B A T T L E 4

Enemy: Cell (Perfect Form)

Difficulty: 4/10

This Cell really isn’t too hard, just stay on your guard and you’ll get through
with ease.

Gohan tells Cell that Goku is relying on the power that Gohan receives when he
gets extremely angry. Cell is curious and attempts to get Gohan angry.

After Cell destroys Android #16, Gohan cannot take it anymore and goes Super
Saiyan 2! “AARGH!” Bwahaha, Unlock ability: Super Saiyan 2.

Cell attempts to win nevertheless by blowing up the whole planet. However, Goku
is quick enough to transport him into space, sacrificing his own life. The Z
fighters mourn.

Bah, Cell has returned! Gohan has had enough of him! Unlock ability: Father-Son

B A T T L E 5

Enemy: Cell (Perfect Form)

Difficulty: 5/10

The Father-Son Kamehameha is a very useful technique for this battle. If the
attack wins, it does devastating damage. Otherwise, try and keep a fair distance
away from Cell until you can charge the attack.

In a cry of “I am perfect!” Cell is finally defeated. “I did it, dad.” Everyone
is happy. Hoorah. Unlock: Super Perfect Form & Gohan.

>> 2f**: Dragonball Locations <<

Dragon Ball #1: Ocean near centre of map.
Dragon Ball #2: Island in centre of map.
Dragon Ball #3: Bottom-Middle in Ocean near edge of map.
Dragon Ball #4: Northern part of Icy Island.
Dragon Ball #5: Centre of West Desert.
Dragon Ball #6: Village near centre of map.
Dragon Ball #7: Small Southeast Island.

>> 2g: Gohan <<

>>2h:Other Characters <<

2i:Capsule Guide

apsule info: <Skill Icons>
There are a total of 5 types of skill icons:-

(P) Power-Up Capsule  It's  possible to
power-up the capsule
by setting 2 of such capsules

(() Trade Possible   Its possible to
trade the skill with another player. *

(/) Trade Not Possible  You can't
trade this skill with another player. *

(Z) Once Only: You can only use this
capsule ability once
every battle.

(#)Number of Capsules: It goes from 1 to 7.
If it is 1, this means the
capsule takes up 1 slot on the
custom tray.
Extra= Any Character Can go into Hyper Mode
To enter hyper mode,press X,(triangle),O,(square)

~These great Bio's are from www.myfavoritegames.com
(some are mine,I will mark each one written by the
above address.

(1)Goku's Capsule
Taught martial arts by his adoptive grandfather, Gohan,
 who raised him out in the wilderness. He is extremely strong,
agile, and virtually fearless. He'll take on
any fight no matter what the odds are if he thinks that
someone has been wronged, and he'll usually win. When
the Saiyans arrive on Earth, Goku learns the mysterious
secret of his own past: he is a Saiyan named Kakarot.

Goku was sent to Earth as a baby to grow up and destroy
the planet, but a head injury as a child scrambled Goku's
programming. Instead of growing up to
 become a destructive super-warrior, he became innocent
and pure of heart, fighting for good. Goku is peaceful,
 good natured, honest, loving to his family and friends, loyal,
trustworthy, and brave. If he has a weakness,
it is his trusting nature.

He always finds the "good" in people when others
don't see it, though Goku's enemies sometimes take
advantage of his naive trust. He trained under Master
Roshi and wears his symbol until he trains under King Kai,
whose symbol he wears on the back but keeps
 Roshi's on the front.

Goku marries Chi-Chi, and Together they have two
sons: Gohan and Goten. When Cell blows himself up in
hopes to destroy Earth Goku uses his instant transmision
 tecnique to transport them both to King Kai's place killing
Goku along with King Kai but unfortunetly not Cell.

Gohan eventauly kills Cell but Goku decides to stay
 in Other World and train. There Goku surpasses Super Saiyan 2
and reaches Super Saiyan 3. He one day
visits Earth for a tournament but is told by Supreme Kai
about Buu who he then battles.

 When Goku's 1 day limit is up he is forced to return to
Other World but to his great surprise finds Gohan is infact
alive and training in secret with Supreme Kai.
Eventaly Goku beats Buu and comes back to live on Earth
and in GT he reaches the great level of SSJ4.

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 3
Super Saiyan 4
Warp Kamehameha
Dragon fist
Spirit Bomb
Potara (Vegito)
Fusion (Gogeta)
Fusion (SS4 Gogeta)
Breakthrough (All moves availible)

(2)Kid Gohan
Kid Gohan: Son of gohan,he is very shy.
Even though he cannot harness it at will,
he is a very powerful child that can only
use his power's in situations of extreme

Unlock potential

(3)Teen Gohan
Teen Gohan: See Kid Gohan,
later on in Gohan's life he is a tough warrior,
with such power that is said to rival or surpass
even Goku's power,becoming the second person to
go Super Saiyan,later surpassing even that.-Mine

Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Soaring Dragon Strike
Father/Son Kamehameha

(4)Adult Gohan
Adult Gohan: See Other gohans(not much to say)
Super Saiyan 1
Super Saiyan 2
Elder Kai's Unlock ability
Soaring Dragon Strike
Super Kamehameha

(5)Gt. Saiyaman
During high school Gohan adopts a secret identity when
fighting bad guys. He calls himself The Great Saiyaman.
 He transforms into Saiyaman with a simple push
of a button on his Transformation watch band. Initially Great
wears a helmet, but Gohan eliminates
 this from his wardrobe when entering the World Martial Arts
Tournament. Any type of armor is not allowed.
His identity eventually get's revealed at the World Martial Arts

 Justice Punch
Justice Kick
Justice pose

  The son of King Vegeta, Vegeta started out as an evil
character but when he learned Frieza had killed his father
and all of the Saiyans except for a small hand full he
tried to gather the Dragon Balls on Namek to with for immortality.
 Vegeta didn't get his wish but he did
 help a lot in destroying Frieza. He was eventualy killed by
Frieza but only in his final form.

  Vegeta was wished back soon after and saw the very
end of the fight between Goku and Frieza. Vegeta saw Goku
had become much stronger than him and gone
Super Saiyan and Vegeta hasn't stopped training since.

   After Frieza is beaten he waits for Goku's return from
Namek on Earth and slowly becomes one of he good guys.
He starts a calm life with Bulma and his son
Trunks and later his daughter Bulla. As Vegeta's years go by,
 he get's older but still trains and fights when needed.

  Vegeta marvels at how powerful Goku has become,
not to be out done Vegeta survives the process of becoming
Super Saiyan 4. Vegeta and Goku also fuse
several times in the series.

Super Saiyan 1
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 4
Galick Gun
Final impact
Big bang attack
Final Flash
Big Bang Attack
Potaro -vegito-
Fusion Dance -Gogeta-
Fusion Dance-Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta-

  The son of Bulma and Vegeta He is around 18 when he
 first appears in DBZ to stop Frieza from destroying Earth.
He is from the future and has witnessed
a threat to Earth which cannot be stopped in that time.
He has come back in time to try to save the Earth of his
time, only to find our heroes in Earth facing their own peril.

Much to the amazement of our friends,Trunks immediately
turns Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza and King Cold. He
gives Goku medicine to prevent his death
from heart disease and tells them of Earth's coming predicament.

  The Z Fighters immediately go into training, and Trunks
returns to his own time. Trunks returns to our timeline again
in the Android Saga to ensure that the Androids
do arrive on Earth and are stopped.

 He is also born during this saga, so we have the opportunity
 to see him both as a teenager and a baby at the same time.
He continues to exist as a boy and a teen
until the end of the Cell Saga, when the older Trunks returns to
his original timeline and we see the baby
grow up in DBGT.

-Provided by www.myfavoritegames.com
Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Final Cannon
Buster Cannon
Finish Buster
Burning Attack

Krillin is Goku's best friend & was born a year before Goku.
He received the 6 dots on his forehead when he joined the
monks of the Orinji Temple. Small scars are burned
 into the foreheads of each member. Krillin first meets Goku in
Dragonball, where they are rivals who both
seek the training of Master Roshi. They eventually learn to work
 together & become best friends.

His fav. attacks are Destructo Disk, Tri-form, Kamehameha,
and Solar Flare. Krillin is killed by one of King Piccolo's spawns
in DB. But is later brought back to life with
a wish using the Dragon Balls.

  In DBZ, Krillin ventures with Bulma and Gohan to Namek
so they can make a wish with the Namekian Dragon Balls.
Once there, he receives a power-up from Guru,
and manages to survive until the late Frieza Saga when he is
blown up by Frieza. Krillin's death triggers
Goku to go Super Saiyan.

 At the end of the Frieza Saga, he is again wished back to life,
 this time with the Namekian Dragon Balls. Years later, Krillin
marries Android 18, and together they
have a daughter named Marron.

Found On-www.myfavoritegames.com

Unlock Potential
Fierce Destructo Disk
Destructo Disk

The son of King Piccolo, Piccolo followed his father's plans,
 until the beginning of DBZ. During the Saiyan Saga, he means
only to join the side of good, for the time being,
but ends up on their side for good. Gohan helped him to become
 the Piccolo we now see.

  Even Goku helped. He later fuses with Nail and Kami,
which makes him the strongest fighter on Earth. (For the time being.)
Though he is a strong fighter and
helps out in every series a lot, he can not match a Super Saiyan's

Sync with Nail
Fuse with Kami
Destructive Wave
Special Beam Cannon
Hellzone Grenade

One of the few humans to ever master his ki and perhaps
the strongest human ever to exist.  Tien trained under Crane
Hermit when he was young.  Tien trained hard until
he became an incredibly powerful warrior not to be reckoned
 with by any on Earth.  His past is never
fully revealed, but through the course of several adventures
he becomes best friends with Chiaotzu.

   He faces off against Goku in the finals of the 22nd
Tenkaichi Budoukai, Tien wins but only but only barely and
sort of by luck. Tien stays loyally by the side of Chiaotzu,
 his travel companion and sparring partner, and his closest friend.
He has many moves that the others
picked up from him and used in battle.  Some examples
of these are Solar Flare and the Tri-Form technique. 


Ki Blast Cannon

A longtime friend and ally of Goku's, though he was
once a notorious bandit. He is sometimes accompanied by
Puar, his devoted cat companion.
In the heat of battle against the Saiyans, Yamcha volunteers
to fight the Saibamen instead of Krillin but is killed.

 He and Bulma were once together, and often illicit sparks
fly for each other. Eventually Bulma moves
on to Vegeta. Later in the series he quits fighting and can
usually be seen at hanging out at
Capsule Corp.

Spirit Ball attack

Goku's brother that was sent to Earth to find out why
it hadn't been destroyed yet. Being the weaker of the three
Saiyan's still under Furiza's control, his power was
three times his brothers. Raditz kidnaps Gohan and trys to
force Goku to join him. Piccolo & Goku team
up and Goku manages to get a hold of Raditz while Piccolo
 shoots them both with his Special Beam Cannon.

Double Sunday
Saturday Crush

(13)Captain Ginyu
With purple skin and black horns, Captain Ginyu is the
strongest of the Ginyu Force, and its leader. He has the
powerful ability to switch bodies with his opponents.
He switches bodies with Goku giving Captain Ginyu the
advantage of fighting with Goku's powerful body
and also of confusing the team of good guys. This capability
does lead to his ultimate demise as he
accidentally and forever changes bodies with a frog.

Milky Cannon
Body Change

As the strongest being in the universe during his time,
Frieza is solely responsible for the destruction of Planet
Vegeta along with almost all of the Saiyan race.
He and his armies purge planets of life, and sell them to
the highest bidders, or he may just blow it up.

   Frieza sees himself as the most powerful being in the
universe, with no equal. Frieza's greatest fear was the Saiyan
race, not only because they were the strongest
species he had ever encountered by far in all the universe,
but he also feared them because of an ancient
legend among their people.

  Because the Saiyan race was already so powerful and
great in number, Frieza could not believe how powerful a
 Super Saiyan might be, and so this is why he
decides to destroy their planet. It was said that every few
thousand years or so, a super-powerful Saiyan
was born to their people, the legendary Super Saiyan.

   After he hears about the dragonballs, he travels to
Planet Namek in order to wish for imortality. When he is on
Namek he encounters Vegeta, Goku, Gohan,
Piccolo, and Krillin. He has several forms in order to conserve
energy, and rarely uses his true form.

  We see all of Frieza's transformations and he is forced to go
to his highest level in order to beat the Saiyans. After a long
 battle, he is defeated, but not killed, by Goku.
His father (King Cold) finds him, nearly dead, floating near
the remains of Planet Namek and takes
him back to his planet in order to save him.

  After being restored with robotic parts, Frieza and his
 father travel to earth to exact revenge on the Saiyan that beat
 him and it is there that Frieza finally meets his
end by the blade of Trunk's sword. After Frieza is killed
King Cold trys to recruit Trunks to work alongside
King Cold as partners. Trunks obviously refuses and
kills King Cold easily.


Second Form
Third Form
Final Form

The most dangerous of all Dr. Gero's creations, Cell,
 was created in Dr. Gero's lab as a genetic experiment.
 He comes complete with a self-destruct
 feature, a scorpion-like tail that opens up to absorb the
energy of his opponents, and instructions to wreak revenge
on the Androids which caused Dr. Gero's downfall.

   Cell contains the DNA of the mightiest warriors of the
universe including Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta.
Possessing the DNA of these great warriors,
Cell is able to fight with their attacks. With these great forces
combined Cell is an almost invincible being.

  One of his greatest advantages is being able to regenerate
himself at any given time from even the smallest
component of himself.
We discover this in Dragon Ball Z when the good guys
believe Cell is destroyed, only to find out that a brain cell
has survived.

   From this cell, Cell regenerates himself and appears
out of nowhere once again threatening Earth. One of
Cell's only weak points is that his energy is finite.
He gains power by draining the energy of his enemies
using his scorpion-like tail to do so.

 Cell has three forms: the imperfect form in which we
first see him,
the second stage of Cell, and the final or Perfect Cell.
He reaches Cell Stage Two after absorbing Android 17.
When Android 18 is consumed, Cell changes into his third
and most powerful form: Perfect Cell.
Cell can and does create smaller versions of himself. Cell
eventually dies from a one handed Kamehameha
done by a very injured Gohan, and a little help from Vegeta.


Super Perfect Form
Spirit Bomb(I'm not sure about this one,can someone verify)

(16)Super Buu
The form of Majin Buu resulting after Evil Buu absorbs Fat Buu.
Like all the Buu's, he is rubbery. Among Super Buu's many
new powers is the ability to sense energy levels.
With this ability, Super Buu instantly locates Kami's Lookout
and goes there to fight.
Super Buu launches the most powerful attack in Dragon Ball Z
causing all life on Earth to be killed but the
 people in the Lookout and Hercule.

III Ball
III Flash

The father of Goku and Radditz. He gains the ability to see
into the future,
and witnesses the destruction of his planet by Frieza. He tries
to stop Frieza, but is destroyed along with
Planet Vegeta. As he dies, he has a vision of Super Saiyan Goku
 destroying Frieza.


Heat Phalanx

Brolly is the original Super Saiyan. He has a power level
of 10,000 when just a baby.
When a baby, he sleeps in the same room as Goku, who's
crying gives Brolly a hatred of Goku. He is thought to be
 killed in Movie #8
but he travels to Earth in Movie #10 where he is killed
by Son Goku,
Son Gohan and Son Goten. He is the cloned in Movie #11,
 appearing as Bio Brolly.

Uub is the reincarnated, human form of Buu. Uub's
qualities are the opposite of everything that Kid Buu was.
 Uub is kind and friendly.
At the end of Dragonball Z, Goku leaves his friends and
family behind to train Uub. 10 years later at the beginning
of Dragonball GT, we see Goku and Uub just finishing up
their training on Kami's lookout.
 Later in the series he gets to put
his power to the test against the terrible Baby, eventually
joining with Majin Buu to realize more power
that he could ever imagine. He is then known as Majuub.


One of the most powerful characters in all of Dragonball/Z/GT,
Gogeta is the result of the fusion between Goku and Vegeta.
 Gogeta appears only in DBZ Movie 12, and in GT.
Done by the fusion dance Gogeta is many times more
powerful than either Goku or Vegeta alone.
Gogeta is a totally different person, and so his personality
is completely different than either of the two Saiyan's
that fused to become him.

Gogeta's power is simply enormous as he takes out
Janemba effortlessly in DBZ Movie 12 after reaching
Super Saiyan 2.

By GT, his power is almost beyond
comprehension as Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta fuse
to create Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, probably the most
powerful character in the entire history of the series.
His special attack is Big Bang Kamehameha.

The only reason that Gogeta does not completely obliterate
 Omega Shenronis because of his own cockiness.
Gogeta toys with the Dragon but happens to defuse early
 because of his enormous power.

Green Capsule(X)

General Vest
Sturdy Vest
Myserious Vest
Supreme Kai Outfit
Battle Jacket (prototype)
Moon Light
Toxic Chocolate
Piccolo's Regeneration
Saiyan Spirit
Babidi's Mind Control
Viral Heart Disease
Chiatzu's Wish
King Kai's Wish
Freiza's Spaceship
Cell's Regeneration
Majin buu's Regeneration
Vegito -goku-
Vegito -vegeta-

Yellow Capsule(XI)

Tempura Bowl
King Kai's water
Hercule Drink
Portable Sheild (prototype)
Portable Barrier System
Bibidi's Pot


Kid Goku
Kid Gohan
Teen Gohan
Kid Trunks
captain Ginyu
Android #16
Android #17
Android #18
Dr. Gero
Majin Buu
Super Buu
Kid Buu
Omega Shenron


2.-'Fighting basics'
3-'Ki Control'
4-'Death Moves'
5-Ki Control 2
8-High Level Fighting
9- Ultimate Moves
10-Dragon Rush
11-Item Skills
12-Final Secrets


Green Membership Card(you start out with it
no special capsules are accessable through
the shop)

Silver Membership Card(More special capsules
to be unlocked)

Gold Membership Card(Lot's of rare capsule's
are now avaiable when you have this card)

Black Membership Card(EXTREMELY good capsules
are now avaliable to buy.
World Tournament(XV)-567

World Tounament Novice-It consist of 3 rounds,
only 8 participant's.

World Tounament Adept-It has 4 rounds,
16 particpant's in this mode.

World Tounament Advanced-It has 5 round with
32 participant in the tournament.
World Tournament Stage0-Classic Tounament ring,
Tournement rules apply.
HyperBolic Time Chamber-The Hyperbolic time
chamber,you cant fall off of it this time though.
Archpelago-Beach Like Arena.
Mountain's-Mountain with humourous little
distructable enviorments.
Plain's-Empty field,nothing special.
Planet Namek-The name explain's himself.
Cell Ring-The Ring that cell made during
the tournament he hosted.
Supreme Kai's world-Supreme Kai's world that Goku had
the final battle with Kid Buu.
Inside Buu-The best stage in My opinion,you are
attually fighting inside of buu's stomach,complete
with stomach acid,although it doesn't hurt you.