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The hits keep on coming for Bioware

The good:

Character Designs and graphics are great
Lenghty Game
Tactics system
No Morality meter
Dozens of ways to influence the plot
Character development is exceptional
Healthy amount of DLC out now
Fantastic soundtrack

The bad:

Presentation is dated even when compared to ME1
Combat can be overwhelming (on a game pad)
Voice acting while usually strong can suffer
Mage headware look ridiculous


Since releasing Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic (best star wars game ever), Bioware can seemingly do no wrong whether it's delivering cult hits like Jade Empire orcreating it's own epic space opera with Mass Effect everything Bioware touches seems to turn to gold. This hot streak continues with Dragon Age: Origins a game that may turn some players off with it's old school feel, but that is 100% worth the time of any RPG junkie.

Dragon Age has been out for a while now but it's only recently I've been able to put some time into it and I must say I'm fairly impressed. Bioware proves once...


Definitely worth a shot!

The good:

Character relationship building
Story freedom

The bad:

Main story is average at best
Characters need to be in your party if you wish to learn about them.


I'm more of a traditional RPG gamer. I'm a sucker for the old school turn based battle system and linear plot lines. I can't say I've played too many games of this style due to being mainly a console gamer over the past ten years. Dragon Age: Origins proved to be very addicting from start to finish and I believe it follows the path that most successful RPGs are going to take in the future.

The story really isn't anything special unfortunately. I could easily say it's one of the weakest points of the game. In a nutshell, an evil force called the Darkspawn are out to eliminate the surface dwe...

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