Dragon Age: Origins Tips

A kind-of easier way to get by!
At the start, to make it a very little bit easier, choose any race. For me I became an elf, and I lived in an alienage. Then you should (if you want easy money)choose 'Rogue'. This way you can be stealthly and steal. Then TRY and be rich/er. but don't be a Human Noble. Well, you can if you want!
Then the next bit with appearence just, well, make it pretty/handsome and ta-da. The next bits, well make sure you can use any of the Dual-Weapons and pick locks. Ensure your strength is high and then go off and do the start quest. Each difrentates in a way, so there is no cheat but if you are a female elf who lives in an alienage, DONT accept Vaghans offer and kill him instead. Then pursuade and kill whomever you can then you should cost along and be off killing dark spawn in no time! Remember to keep the assassin and evryone who offers to join you.
P.S: Sell everthing you encounter and keep the gifts. Give he gifts to your whole party! Change the chantrys out fit for nice armour, then make sure you keep rogues and warriers in your party. DO NOT KILL THE DOG!