Dragon Age: Origins Trophies

Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Last of Your Line (Bronze)Completed the Human Noble origin story
Corrupted (Bronze)Completed the Dalish Elf origin story
Conscripted (Bronze)Completed the City Elf origin story
Harrowed (Bronze)Completed the Magi origin story
Casteless (Bronze)Completed the Dwarf Commoner origin story
Kinslayer (Bronze)Completed the Dwarf Noble origin story
Last of the Wardens (Bronze)Completed Ostagar
Standard-Bearer (Bronze)Used the Grey Warden treaties to recruit all possible allies
Mercenary (Bronze)Complete 15 job-board quests
Recruiter (Bronze)Across all playthroughs, recruited all party members
Hopelessly Romantic (Bronze)Across all playthroughs, experienced all possible romances
Perfectionist (Bronze)Across all playthroughs, discovered all possible endings
Educated (Bronze)Used a tome to improve the main character's attributes, talents, spells, or skills
Liberator (Bronze)Destroyed the Anvil of the Void
Pragmatist (Bronze)Preserved the Anvil of the Void
Heavy Hitter (Bronze)Main character inflicted 250 damage with a single hit
Bloodied (Bronze)Completed an origin story without the main character ever falling in battle
Traveler (Bronze)Set foot in every area in the game
Pilgrim (Bronze)Completed a Chanter's Board quest
Grey Warden (Bronze)Killed 100 darkspawn
Tinkerer (Bronze)Crafted an item
Persuasive (Bronze)Succeeded at five difficult Persuasion attempts
Silver Tongued (Bronze)Succeeded at 25 difficult Persuasion attempts
Bully (Bronze)Succeeded at five difficult Intimidate attempts
Menacing (Bronze)Succeeded at 10 difficult Intimidate attempts
First Knight (Bronze)Experienced the thrill of romance with Alistair
Witch Gone Wild (Bronze)Experienced the thrill of romance with Morrigan
Easy Lover (Bronze)Experienced the thrill of romance with Zevran
Wine, Woman, and Song (Bronze)Experienced the thrill of romance with Leliana
Veteran (Bronze)Main character learned a specialization
Elite (Bronze)Main character learned two specializations
Hero of Redcliffe (Bronze)Completed 'The Arl of Redcliffe'
Rabble-Rouser (Bronze)Completed 'The Landsmeet'
Magic Sympathizer (Bronze)Sided with the Mages in 'Broken Circle'
Annulment Invoker (Bronze)Sided with the Templars in 'Broken Circle'
Slayer (Bronze)Sided with the werewolves in 'Nature of the Beast'
Poacher (Bronze)Sided with the elves in 'Nature of the Beast'
Sacrilegious (Bronze)Sided with the Cult of Andraste in 'The Urn of Sacred Ashes'
Ceremonialist (Bronze)Defied the Cult of Andraste in 'The Urn of Sacred Ashes'
Bhelen's Ally (Bronze)Sided with Bhelen in 'A Paragon of Her Kind'
Harrowmont's Ally (Bronze)Sided with Harrowmont in 'A Paragon of Her Kind'
Master of the Peak (Bronze)Completed 'Soldier's Peak' ('Warden's Keep' downloadable content)
Diabolist (Bronze)Took advantage of Avernus's research ('Warden's Keep downloadable content)
Rock and a Hard Place (Bronze)Completed 'The Golem of Honnleath' ('The Stone Prisoner' downloadable content)
Stone's Lament (Bronze)Completed 'A Golem's Memories' ('The Stone Prisoner' downloadable content)
Master of Arms (Silver)Main character achieved level 20 as a warrior
Shadow (Silver)Main character achieved level 20 as a rogue
Archmage (Silver)Main character achieved level 20 as a mage
Master Warden (Silver)Killed 500 darkspawn
Blight-Queller (Gold)Killed 1000 darkspawn
The Ultimate Reward (Platinum)Completed all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies
Secret Trophies-
Defender (Bronze)Preserved the lives of half the troops at Denerim's Gates in 'The Final Battle'
Dragonslayer (Silver)Defeated the dragon guarding the Urn of Sacred Ashes
The Ultimate Sacrifice (Gold)The ultimate sacrifice was made in defense of Ferelden
A Dark Promise (Gold)Defeated the Archdemon and, through a dark ritual with Morrigan, spared your own life
Savior of Kal'Hirol (Bronze)Destroyed the broodmothers in Kal'Hirol
Blind Vengeance (Bronze)Escaped the silverite mines
Pride Before The Fall (Bronze)Defeated the baroness
Amaranthine's Last Hope (Bronze)Saved the city of Amaranthine
Keeper of the Vigil (Bronze)Saved Vigil's Keep
DLC TrophiesReturn to Ostagar
In War, Victory (Bronze)Defeated the ogre that killed King Cailan
DLC TrophiesDarkspawn Chronicles
Enthralling (Bronze)Earned maximum approval from all thrall types.
Bane of Thedas (Bronze)Handed victory to the archdemon by killing Fereldan's last Grey Warden.
Ogre's Keeper (Silver)Keep the initial ogre as your thrall throughout the entire module.
DLC TrophiesLeliana's Song
Provocateur (Bronze) Collected and assembled the Battledress of the Provocateur
Turning Point (Bronze) Heard Lelian's version of her betrayal.
Vendetta (Bronze) Destroyed the career of Guard Captain Eams.