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A good story with a flawed game eninge.

The good:

Friendly Fire is Gone.
Added Character Depth.
Voiced Main Character.

The bad:

Terrible Damage Mechanics.
Trimming plot points in favor of moving the story.
Removing possible paths regarding Anders in favor of a quick antagonist for part III.
Limitation on the builds and skill points.
Re used maps.
Cutting down on Exploration.
Myriad of Unfixed glitches even with the latest patch.
Cosmetic use of the gender of the character.
The Death of Carver and Bethany based on your character class.


Dragon Age II is in a sense a step up from Origins and a large step down, while it tries to do many things better than origins it fails also.

Dragon Age II starts with a girl from an inquisitorial arm of the Templars hunting down Hawke but only find Varric who starts by exaggerating the start of Hawk's Journey, by making him/her a Juggernaut along Carver and Bethany, after Varric is called onto his exaggeration he starts the true story.

As soon as you pick the class for Hawke you already doomed either of the brothers, Carver more so than Bethany due to being a better... disposition for melee ...


One small step for fans, One giant leap (backwards) for some cash

The good:

Characters are half decent
Character customisation system

The bad:

Horrible main story
No Dragons
Confined to one city


It takes a genius to make a successful, award winning formula. I can’t even think of an appropriate word to describe the kind of person that it takes to ruin one. Whatever that word may be, it certainly applies to Dragon Age 2. The original was amazing. IGN and PC Gamer awarded it both the “PC Game of the Year” and “RPG of the Year”, and for good reason. With success like this, there would obviously be a lot of hype surrounding a sequel and of course, very high expectations. It seems, however, Bioware took a giant leap backwards in just about every area this time around. Dragon Age 2 is a s...


BioWare strike gold again?

The good:

  • Detailed story
  • Intelligent dialogue
  • Superb character design
  • Excellent combat
  • Exceptional voice acting
  • Wonderful soundtrack

The bad:

  • Reuse of environments
  • Infrequent glitches
  • Location of Ingredients


Following on from the success of Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare have yet again come through with another, frankly, remarkable game. Dragon Age II will take players through a 10 year journey with some of the most memorable moral and ethical decisions presented to gamers in the past few years. Rest assured, you are in for one wild ride.

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Hawke Family Theme


Dragon Age II sees player take on the role of Hawke, a refugee fleeing from Lothering after the spre...

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